#OromoRevolution Australian MP Andrew Wilkie addresses the parliament speaking about the plight of Oromo people
“On Tuesday 15th of November 2016. We the Australian Oromo Community of Tasmania invited our independent MP Honourable Andrew Wilkie & expressed the shocking truth of human rights abuse, massacre and mass incarceration & today he is standing in Solidarity with the Oromo people in the parliament of Australia we deeply appreciate for becoming avoic for the voiceless”

5 thoughts on “Australian MP Andrew Wilkie addresses the parliament speaking about the of Oromo people

  1. Thank you Mr Andrew . Please keep up advocating for this dying and neglected Oromo people . You are such a wonderful leader to pay attention and listen to millions of oromo people being touched, harassed, imprisoned , dying on daily basis for years and now in closed door. Great job the Australian Oromo community.

  2. Honorable MP, Mr. Andrew,
    We have no words to express our thanks. Only that the history of the Oromo people will praise you for this unreserved and heartfelt support you are giving us, thousands of miles away from Australia. There are great minds and selfless personalities around the people. You are such a personality. We hope your voice will be heard.
    As you mentioned in your historic speech, the Oromo have great culture, marvelous land and natural resources, are great and peace-loving people. Unfortunately, in the 21 Century when humanity praises the value of human life and human rights, the Oromian are dying and suffering torture in the hands of the brutal Ethiopian government’s forces.

    Salute to you and the Australian Government!

  3. Dear Mr Andrew, we are eternal grateful for standing for the voiceless , the disposed and marginalised Oromo people in Ethiopian empire. After a quarter of century percussion and repression , the TPLF government responded with gun fire the peaceful gesture of Oromo youth, elder, children and women to say enough is enough to century old repression. For many people the world around the name Oromo is novelty they have not hear before, We are the third largest linguistic groups in Africa and second largest ethnic groups with a well established history of egalitarian democratic self-governance for over 300 years. Unfortunately we fall pray to Abyssinians rule at the turn of 19th century because of the overwhelming fire arms they have been offered from European empire builders, The same mechanism was a t play in 1991 and expelled the Oromo Liberation Front from participating in democratic process. Ever since, our people have been subjected to repression of magnitude the world had never witnessed before. Since 2005, the TPLF has started systematically disposing Oromos of their land. As you are well aware TLPF has been committing genocide similar to what has happened in Rwanda while the western media deliberately turning blind eye sometimes providing tacit approval. We hope to continue our collective effort to work with other nations and nationalities in Ethiopia to bring to an end this apartheid regime and we hope yours and other peace loving Australian politician will be with us in the this treacherous journey .

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