Ayyaantuu website has been very popular in Ethiopia. It had thousands hit a day. The large traffic from Ethiopia forced us to expand our main web server capacity to accommodate large traffic. Moreover, we deployed two dozens of content delivery servers in different parts of the world close to our followers. That means the traffic is distributed to more than twenty-three servers. The main server is no longer over loaded.

But our big challenge is, now, the Ethiopian government. As of March 2nd, yesterday morning, Ayyaantuu website has been effectively blocked in Ethiopia from general public. In other words, no more traffic is coming to the web server.  Only about 20 hits reached our servers today. All of them are from Finfinne. We assume that this small number of hits came from government security agents. Ayyaantuu is not the only website that has been blocked.

As we try to resolve this issue, we urge our followers from Ethiopia to follow us through Facebook and Twitter. At the same time we would like to work with all other website administrators whose traffic has been blocked.  Our contact is oromia@ayyaantuu.com

The following page is similar to what our followers experience in Ethiopia. Please do not try to reload the webpage.

9 thoughts on “Ayyaantuu website blocked in Ethiopia

  1. Let them do whatever they can do but they should understand that Oromo issue is beyond ignorant Abyssinian usual control.

  2. I appreciate the role that Ayyaantuu website played in the current #OromoProtests. We deeply regret the interference of the Ethiopian government in this public website that delivers current voices of the voiceless people living under dictatorship.
    The future solution will be to buy a new domain name and continuing the service.

  3. Thank you ayyaantuu team for letting us know that ayyaantuu.com is blocked from reaching our people in TPLF’s empire.

    State of war exists between Oromians/Oromos and the TPLF goons. Like was, by extension the same state of war exists between Oromo organisation, be it political, civil or media organisation such as ayyaanttuuu.com who are fighting for the Oromians cause.

    Therefore, right now, when TPLF doesn’t know whether it’s on foot or horseback or has no clue whether it is coming or going, it’s bound to took such frantic/desperate action. Hence, no surprise.

    I say to Ayyaantuu, you have to utilise everything at your disposal and defeat this evil TPLF plan which is aim at stopping our people get the critical information they need at this perilous time for our people.

    I also plea to all Oromians around the world who have knowledge of IT, to contact ayyaantuu and share whatever knowledge they have so that TPLF couldn’t block ayyaanttu again from reaching Oromia.

    In future, ayyaantuu has to do risk assessment and prepare different option for different scenarios so that you can easily overcome any eventuality that comes your way from the enemy of our people without mili-second of interruption of your service to our people.. I’m also sure that ayyaantuu have done this risk assessment before.

    Could I also say ayyaantuu’s trust-capital among Oromian nationalist has just skyrocketed to stratosphere by the action of TPLF. TPLF is a hostile witness to ayyaantuu.com genuine service to Oromians.

  4. Please use “http://www.ninja.com/”. This website can not be blocked and it can be used as a mask for any blocked websites to be viewed within the frame of “ninja.com”.

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  5. Please use “http://www.ninja.com/” to by pass the blockade and access any blocked websites. This website can not be blocked and it can be used as a mask for any blocked websites to be viewed within the frame of “ninja.com”.

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  6. Ayyaantuu.com and Ayyaantuu.net have perfectly accomplished their mission. Although donors of the Marxist-Leninist League of Tigray a.k.a. Tigrean People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) ignored the deep concerns of a highly credible report that was written by the International Crisis Group (ICG) in September 2009, we have tried our best in disseminating their concerns to the Oromo people and the rest of the world. Other major human rights organizations such as Amnesty International and the Human Rights Watch have also joined the whistle blowers such as Oromia Support Group, The Human Rights League of Horn of Africa and the International Crisis Group. Ayyaantuu.com and Ayyaantuu.net have been echoing the reports of these whistle blowers and playing a major role in creating awareness and disseminating educational articles that were written by our scholars and activists.

    The other major contributions of this Website is exposing the evil system of socialist control mechanism called Gox-garee. Disseminating the dangers of this control mechanism to the general public was very detrimental to the TPLF regime but it became the daily languages of the Oromo and other marginalized nations and nationalities in the Ethiopian Empire.

    In addition to providing current news and information to its audience, the other major accomplishment of Ayyaantuu News Online is exposing the barbaric torture techniques of the Fascist regime of the TPLF to the international community.

  7. TPLF thugs fear the flow of information more than anything else. Gladly, information flows in a number of channels in 21st century. TPLF cannot stop the flow of information.

    Ayyaantuu.com should find a proxy that TPLF thugs cannot block.

  8. Those who fear the truth have no life in this world. So, Ethiopia is on the verge of demise thanks to God. They fear Oromo voice because they do not have truth to stand before it. Thanks God for reducing our enemy to that low level.

  9. TPLF can oppresse the Oromo as much as they like but it will never last just like the Amharas were oppressin Tigrayans yesterday but when Oromos turn comes they will not oppresse either the Amharas or Tigrayans but will declare full independence that will be your punishment, Allah has bless the land of Oromo with fertile land rich oil resources, coffee, flowers etc unlike Amhara and Tigray which dry and poverty.

    Viva OLF

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