OPDO 25th Anniversary Celebration in Finfinnee
OPDO 25th Anniversary Celebration in Finfinnee, Abay Tsehaye and Azem Mesfin included

(Oromo Community in Sweden) OPDO – the TPLF creation in Tigray out of POW’s amongst Dergue’s soldiers have been ordered by their masters to claim the Oromo area of Darraa as their place of foundation until this year, 2015. This year, they are once again ordered by their masters to shift their place of birth to Tigray. The same procedure as in the case of Shaggar/Finfinnee the capital of Oromia.

OPDO had never organized oromo supporters or sympathizers in Sweden during the past 25 years. Every Oromo nationalist dwelling in Stockholm/Sweden was surprised and furious when the TPLF propaganda TV programme announced an OPDO 25th anniversary celebration plan on 4/4 in Stockholm without giving the time or the venue of the event as usual to avoid imminent protest from Oromo nationals and other democratic forces.

We members of Oromo community in Stockholm and other Oromos living in Sweden will express our vehement rejection of this arrangement and consider it as once more a malicious attempt by TPLF to create mistrust amongst Oromo nationals and an utter contempt against the Oromo nation by the TPLF thugs such as Abay Tsehaye. Trying to gather some non-oromo TPLF supporters and to make propaganda in the name of Oromo nationals is a nonsense attempt.

Dear Oromos and friends of Oromoo, we do not need to dwell on narrating all the atrocities and inhuman treatment the minority ethnic regime of TPLF has been inflicting not only on our innocent compatriots but also on our environment, nationhood, etc through OPDO as its envoy the last 25 years. We cannot have any moral or national issue to celebrate the “anniversary” of this appendage of the diabolical TPLF regime which turns our people landless, destitute, prisoners, refugees, etc. The TPLF killing spree which left thousands of Oromo nationals dead in connection with the malicious “Addis Abeba Masterplan” is the most recent vivid example of what the TPLF is doing against the Oromo people. OPDO has been very instrumental in all these ill-deeds.

We plead with all Oromo nationals’ moral and Oromummaa in Sweden and elsewhere to boycott the announced celebration and similar arrangements by OPDO.

Oromo Community in Sweden

5 thoughts on “Boycotting the secretive 25th Anniversary plan of OPDO

    1. @Axumit, TPLF and OPDO will die and disappear like your Axum kingdom. We are sure for that. The only question is when. Your parasitic TPLF has created chaos in the entire Ethiopian social fabrique and all major ethnic groups, including Oromo and Amhara have realized that the only means to remove the mafia Tigre parasitic from Finfinne is through armed struggle. That is already causing panic in the brainless TPLF leadership. The armed insurgency against TPLF will be very fast as almost every Ethiopian is horrified by he deeds of a minority regime. TPLF, like the Axum kingdom, will be thrown into the dirt bin of history, never ever to come back again.

      1. funny, Ameheras don’t like you forget to cooperate with you. if it wasn’t for EPDRF you could have been silenced and taking classes in Amharic.

  1. What this two dam do b/w Oromo. They are master killer who forget that. When the time comes they will pay price. Go to hell. Do not associate with our people. You are fascist Nazism. You committed genocide to Oromo people. Your day is numbered. Whether Amhara like, us or not that is their problem. Oromo people want nothing from you or Amhara. The only thing they must know is tplf will go soon from that country. You will pay heavy price

  2. Whenever, Oromo’s thirsty is not united with any nations in political aspect,but respecting the right of other was known in former when with its own ruling system(Gadaa system)

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