Dear All,

As you all aware, the protest ignited a month ago by the Oromo students at different level (University, High School, and Elementary School) against the implementation of the Evil plan which expands the city of Addis Ababa into the neighboring Oromo farmer’s land and displaces millions of Oromo farmers from their ancestral land is currently at its critical stage.

More than 122 Oromo Nationals have already been brutally gunned down, hundreds wounded and currently suffering in different Hospitals for lack of adequate medical supplies or getting no treatment, and thousands thrown into most notorious Jails in Ethiopia by Government’s Federal Police and Agazi forces.

The Killing, beating, imprisoning, and torturing of the peaceful Oromo protestors has continued in aggressive way. It is clear that the current wave of violence by this regime is part of the long-term plan of systematic destruction and elimination of Oromo identity

Despite the recent declaration of War by Ethiopian Government officials, the Oromo People have determined to continue their Peaceful straggle. As a result, more brutal actions of Government’s Federal Police and Agazi forces on peaceful Oromo protestors will also be expected.

Realizing these critical situations, the Oromo Community Organization of Washington DC has cancelled the scheduled Annual New Year Party Program for 2016 in order to organize Oromo Community Public Forum & Financial support for the victims and their Family:

Date:   January 2, 2016 from 4:00 – 8:00 PM.
Venue: Washington Ethical Society, 7750 16th St NW, Washington, DC  20012.

The purpose of this Public forum is to

  1.  Discuss the current critical situation of Oromo People in Oromia
  2.  Discuss the next   steps we need to take in addition to what have been done
  3.  Provide financial support for victims and their families to show Solidarity

Therefore, we call up on all Oromo Nationals and friends living in Washington DC and Metropolitan Area to participate in this mandatory forum and donate your contribution to show solidarity with Oromo people in general and Oromo students in particular who scarified  and still scarifying their lives to defend the right of Oromo People.

Solidarity with Oromo Students and People!

United We Stand Divided We Fall!!

Best regards,

The Oromo Community Organization (OCO)
6212 3rd St NW Washington DC 20011
Telephone: 202- 234- 1151

4 thoughts on “Call for Oromo Community Public Forum and Solidarity with Oromo Students and People – January 2, 2016

  1. Dear all,

    Out of many things the current “Oromo students protest” thought me are the followings:

    1. Woyanes/TPLF is not unmovable as some of might think. It is shaken to its core and its foundation is wobbly and its collapse is inevitable no matter how long it might take.

    2. To accelerate its collapse and demise, our COLLECTIVE ACTION is absolutely essential. One reason why the collapse is not happening right now is because Woynes/TPLF have been crushing peaceful or non-peaceful struggle of our people ethnic group by ethnic group, religion by religion, region by region etc, etc. based on their divide/conquer policy. Weather that policy was imposed on us or we allowed it to happen, it is one of the factors that is in our way to get rid of the brutal regime.

    3. The third lesson learned is this: The meaningless and dysfunctional “federal system” imposed on us. People of federal states/regions are not practicing home rule/governance, but trapped in a fake system that feed people with non-ending lies and deception. That is what is dividing our stand and weaken us not to fight with whole heart. That is what is instrumental to woyanes/TPLF to crush at their will. We must admit without any doubt that our weakness is woyanes/TPLF strength.

    My fellow country men/women: What lesson did you learn from our current struggle/movement? Are we ready to learn from mistakes we made? Are we ready to learn the enemies strength and weakness and act COLLECTIVELY or leave out fate to woyanes/TPLF and prolong our own suffering and detriment?

    May God give us the wisdom and courage to do the right thing for our people and country!!!

    Long live the peoples’ power!!! We shall overcome!!!

  2. Just stop the Eritrean drama. The worst dictators in the region are Tigreans organized under TPLF. Their hands are soaked with blood.

    1. I am not an Oromo but I consider TPLF as the worst enemy of the Ethiopian people and the region. TPLF is also the best friend of Arabs. They sell Ethiopia’s land and even people to the Arabs as modern day slaves. You may be one of the TPLF mafias.

      1. Ewnetu,

        You heed your advice TPLF thug. Be honest. No Ethiopian government sold Ethiopia to the service of the Arabs more the TPLF regime. Just one Arab dude named Almoudin owns 20-30% of Ethiopia’s GDP. TPLF people cannot play the Arab card. Don’t forget your people even agreed to give part of Ethiopia to an Arab Sudan.

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