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TPLF is Dead and Buried with Meles Zenawi

By Amanuel Biedemariam (Tesfanews) — In 1998-2000, the Tigrayan People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) unleashed a deadly war against the people of Eritrea under the pretext of a boarder dispute. Soon thereafter it was evident that the agenda was and remains regime change and access to sea for greater (Abay) Tigray. However, after over 120,000 Ethiopian and […]

UAE and Saudi asked TPLF to stay away from Asab Front

By Tazabi (Durame) — SAUDI worried about the recent incident and also mobilization of heavy Ethiopian weaponry along ethio-eritrean border, asked ethiopia not to engage with Eritrean army along ASSAB front and Ethiopia complied. The situation on other front’s namely Zalmbesa and Tserona and badme is very tense and both sides are mobilizing heavy weaponry […]

Has Eritrea’s migration problem been exaggerated?

(BBC News) — The migration crisis in Europe has thrust Eritrea under the spotlight. Last year, more people fled to Europe from this small, secretive nation than from any other African country. The BBC’s Mary Harper has gained rare access. One of the first people I meet in Eritrea is a young woman who tells […]

Eritrea claims it killed 200 in Ethiopia clash

(AFP) — ritrea claimed Thursday to have killed “more than 200” Ethiopians in a battle last week, one of the fiercest border clashes since a 1998-2000 war, while giving no mention of its own casualties. Each side blames the other for starting the two-day battle which broke out on Sunday, saying also that their rival […]


FB: Ferhan Abdulselam Wayyaaneen maqaa ittisa biyyaa jedhuun, baajata Waraanaaf birrii bilyoona 15 baafti kan ifatti beekamu. Kan lafa jalaan dhoksaan kennamu yoo xiqqaate harka dachaa birrii bilyoona 7 olitti shallagama. Baajatni kun dhibbeentaan/harki 80 Tigraay keessatti basii ta’a. Kunis, wantootni waraanaaf barbaachisan warshaalee uffataa, qorichaa, … meeshaalee biroo dabalatee Tigraayitti waan oomishamuufi. Sababa kanaaf, […]

Eritrea accuses Ethiopia of being behind UN crimes report

(Citizen TV) — Eritrea accused Ethiopia on Tuesday of having orchestrated evidence in a landmark United Nations report last week that accused Eritrean leaders of committing crimes against humanity including torture, murder and enslavement. Foreign Minister Osman Saleh told the U.N. Human Rights Council that information had been gathered from “witnesses organised by Ethiopia” and […]

Ethiopia says will not escalate border clash with Eritrea

By Aaron Maasho ADDIS ABABA, June 14 (Reuters) – Ethiopia and Eritrea both suffered casualties during weekend skirmishes along their border but Addis Ababa will not escalate the dispute on its own, an Ethiopian official said on Tuesday. The Horn of Africa rivals accused each other of triggering clashes that took place along the central […]

Ethio-Eritrea News, June 14, 2016

ሰበር ዜና… ዛሬም ቁስለኞች ወደ ትግራይ እየተጋዙ ነዉ!! በትግራይ ነጻ አዉጪዉ ቡድን የተለኮሰዉን የጦር ጸብ አጫሪነት ኤርትራ በቀላሉ አልተመለከተችዉም! በመሆኑም በኢትዮ ኤርትራ አዋሳኝ ድንበሮች ዙሪያ ከፍተኛ መጠን ያለዉና ዘመናዊ የሆነ ሰራዊት ማለትም የአየር ወለድና ባሕር ሐይል አጠቃላይ ፊቱን ወደ ትግራይ ነጻ አዉጪዉ ጦር በማዞር ለግዳጅ ዝግጅት እያደረገ መሆኑን መረጃዎቻችን ተናግረዋል። ወያኔ ጦርነቱ ጋብ ብሏል የሚል […]

Why Eritrea’s Border with Ethiopia is a Conflict Zone

(Newsweek) — Throughout the country’s 25-year history, Eritrea’s border with Ethiopia has been a hotly-disputed region. Eritrea shares a 640-mile boundary with its Horn of Africa neighbor, from whom it only gained independence in 1991. The two countries fought a bloody two-year war over border boundaries between 1998 and 2000, since which bilateral relations have […]

Eritrea accuses Ethiopia of launching military attack

(BBC News) — Eritrea has accused Ethiopia of launching an attack at the countries’ heavily-militarised border. Ethiopia has not commented on the reported fighting in the Tsorona area, about half-way along the frontier. Residents on the Ethiopian side of the border reported hearing gunfire and seeing a large movement of troops and artillery towards the […]

 For the triumph of their struggle over its unjust decision of 1950, United Nation has never forgiven the Eritrean people: The policy of arrogance and domination

By Leelloo Sabaa On June 8, 2016, we have heard the United Nation’s human right commission report recommending to United Nation’s Security Council to take Eritrean leaders to International Crime Court for crime against humanity. A lot of excitement we see from   Ethiopian government and all Ethiopian opposition political parties is understandable. Notwithstanding the double […]

“Somalis, Ethiopians, Sudanese … all became the ransom fodder”

France (Telerama) — A year and a half after its release, “Voyage in Barbary,” has lost none of its strength and relevance. On the contrary. The torture camps that the film highlighted were scattered and the European policy on migration does not help. Combative interview with one of the directors, Cécile Allegra. In these times […]

Refugee deal with East African rulers?

Message: Nikolaus Steiner, Stephan Stuchlik (WDR) – Georg Restle: “The refugee deal with Turkey has raised primarily a question: How much are the EU and the federal government human rights actually worth? Obviously little. And apparently nothing more, if you look at the next deals that are now to be negotiated. Ironically, one of the […]

What has Eritrea got to do with the crisis in Yemen?

By Yemane Ngaish (The Ethiopian Reporter) — Recent reports show that Eritrea is officially involved in the Yemeni crisis allowing the Saudi-led Arab coalition to use its Assab port, airspace and territorial waters in fighting the Houthi rebels. A high official from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia, who wants to remain anonymous, told […]

40 Percent of Eritrean Migrants in Europe are Ethiopians: Austrian Ambassador

(TesfaNews) — Austrian ambassador in Ethiopia, Andreas Melan, in an interview with APA explained that as thousands of Ethiopians continue to illegally migrate to Saudi Arabia and South Africa, those who fled to Europe usually claim they are from Eritrea as that have better chance of recognition for asylum. The “mass exodus” of Ethiopians that […]

Ethiopia bars Eritrea from African football tournament

CECAFA competition host excludes its neighbour Eritrea from competition over rising political tensions (Aljazeera) — Ethiopia has barred Eritrean footballers from playing in East Africa’s premier football tournament this month because of political tensions between the neighbouring nations that fought a bloody war from 1998-2000. Nicholas Musonye, secretary-general of the Council for East and Central African […]

EU Appears Poised to Resume Development Aid to Eritrea

(VOA news) — Eritrea reserves some of its harshest criticism for Western nations and often has strained or hostile relationships with its neighbors.  So it may come as a surprise that Eritrea is improving its ties with the European Union. Evidence of this is in a program known as the 11th European Development Fund, which may […]

EU plans 1.8 billion-euro migrant, border fund for Africa

BRUSSELS (AP) — The European Union is planning to set up a 1.8 billion euro ($2 billion) fund to help Africa nations better manage their borders and help reduce the number of migrants heading for Europe. The EU’s executive Commission is also expected to publish on Wednesday a list of “safe countries” including Albania and […]

Why is Eritrea Thriving While Ethiopia is Starving?

By Alem Fisshatzion, (Tesfa News) — It was with dismay that we read today alarming reports that warn of catastrophic food insufficiency in Ethiopia. The grim picture shows that Ethiopia will need an extra $230 million from donors to secure aid for4.5 million people this year alone. How come this is possible must be a […]

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