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Ethiopia: Abdullahi Hussein holds Seminar in Support of Ogaden Human Rights

By Ahmed Abdi The Ogaden whistle-blower, Abdullahi Hussein, has held a seminar addressing the current human rights abuses in the occupied Ogaden region, Southeastern of Ethiopia.   Hussein held the seminar at Folkhogskola school in Västerås, Sweden, after being invited to update the human rights atrocities being committed against the Ogadeni civilians by the Ethiopian Security […]

Ethiopia: Separatist rebels step up the fight for Independence

By Ahmed Abdi Ogaden National Liberation Front or ONLF, a movement that fights the return of the Independence of Ogaden region, Southeast of Ethiopia near Somalia launched an attack on a military base in the remote Ogaden city of Dagah Madow in the Jarar Province, Saturday, June 13, 2015, according to residents and ONLF portal. […]

Ethiopian Paramilitary Militia Genocide

(Mareeg) — Between May 24, 2015 a nd June 5, 2015, The Ethiopian paramilitary militia known as the Liyu Police crossed the border between the Galgaduud Region of Somalia and the Somali Eastern region in Ethiopia. During that period, hundreds of the Liyu Police guerrillas raided 18 villages at the border and demanded unconditional levy, bribery […]

Ethiopia government finally releases ONLF officials adducted in Nairobi 

By Kasembeli Albert Ethiopia government has finally released two Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF) negotiators abducted from Nairobi last year during the third round of peace talks brokered by the Kenya government. The move follows spiralling security tension along the two countries’ border in the wake of a stream of incursions on the Kenyan side by […]

The Release of the ONLF Negotiators Abducted by the Ethiopian Government

(ONLF) — The Ethiopian government has released the two ONLF negotiators Mr Sulub Ahmed and Ali Hussein who were abducted in Nairobi by the Ethiopian government and were freed on June 1, 2015. Ethiopian security official brought the two delegates to Moyale town, at Ethiopian-Kenyan border. The two delegates are now in Nairobi and have been reunited […]

Ethiopian Destruction of communities along the Somalia Border

May 31, 2015 The Special killing squads of the Ethiopian Regional Administration in Ogaden called the Liyu police, which is funded, trained and armed by the Ethiopian government has committed genocide in the villages near Shilaabo district of Ogaden along the Somali border, killing hundreds of civilians and burning several villages. Among the dead are […]

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