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Deadly car bomb attacks hit Mogadishu hotels

(Aljazeera) — Car bombings have struck two hotels in the Somali capital Mogadishu before gunmen entered one of the hotels and started shooting, sources told Al Jazeera. At least five people were killed at Hotel Weheliye in central Mogadishu on Friday, the sources said. Three gunmen wearing government army uniforms entered the building as guest […]

3,000 Ethiopia troops cross into Somalia

Nairobi (Daily Nation) — A large contingent of Ethiopian troops has crossed into Somalia, reports from Gedo region indicated Wednesday. Eyewitnesses in Dolo town, 450 kilometres southwest of Mogadishu, told the media that the troops proceeded to Luq, about 100 kilometres away. “A force about 3,000-strong armed with heavy weaponry crossed the border into Somalia […]

Somali Militants Carry Out Deadly Attach in Northeast Kenya

NAIROBI, Kenya (The New York Times) — Shabab militants killed 14 people and wounded 11 in the northeastern Kenyan town of Mandera on Tuesday, a government official said, the latest attack in the region by the Somali Islamist group. The attack took place around 2 a.m. at a camel market, according to residents, and most of the […]

Al-Shabab militants capture 3 Somali towns: Officials

(Press TV) — Al-Shabab militants have overrun three Somali towns recently abandoned by the soldiers of the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM), officials say. “Mubarak, Tortorow and Awdheegle have fallen into the hands of al-Shabab within the past 24 hours,” Awdheegle mayor, Mohamed Aweys Abokar, said on Thursday. He added that hundreds of people, […]

AU Peace Keeping troops vacate base near Somali capital after Al Shabaab attack

(Oximity) — African Union peacekeeping troops in Somalia also known as AMISOM have withdrawn from three bases outside Mogadishu. The withdrawal comes just days after Al Shabaab attack on Lego which is 90 kilometer to Somali capital Mogadishu left over 60 Burundian troops who are part of AMISOM operation in Somalia. The African Union troops […]

Al-Shabab Attacks Expose AMISOM Weaknesses

(VOA News) — Since 2011, the African Union force in Somalia, AMISOM, has delivered blow after blow to Islamist militant group Al-Shabab, pushing the group out of nearly every major town and city it controlled. On June 26, al-Shabab delivered some payback. In a coordinated attack, al-Shabab units from three regions converged on an AMISOM […]

Somalia attack: Al-Shabab ‘kills 30’ at AU military base

(BBC News) — At least 30 people have been killed after gunmen attacked an African Union military base in southern Somalia, witnesses say. A suicide car bomber drove into the main gates of the base in Leego, along the main road connecting the capital, Mogadishu and the city of Baidoa. The militant Islamist group al-Shabab […]

The Courier ” Police: “9 killed in bomb blast in the Somali capital

(Rapid News Network) — “I condemn today’s appalling attack against innocent civilians and dedicated worldwide officials who are providing critical peace-building and state building support to Somalia”, Kay said in a statement issued in Mogadishu. Police officer Abdukadir Hassan said that four civilians were among the fatalities of Wednesday’s assault while six others were injured, […]

WikiLeaks Reveals U.S. Twisted Ethiopia’s Arm to Invade Somalia

(Borama News) –By mid 2007, the 50,000 Ethiopian troops that invaded Somalia in late 2006 found themselves increasingly bogged down, facing much fiercer resistance than they had bargained for as Somalis of all stripes temporarily put aside their differences to stand together against the outside invader. As the military incursion turned increasingly sour, then US […]

Al-Shabab killed 60 Ethiopian forces and destroyed 13 Ethiopian military vehicles

(The Long War Journal) — Al Shabaab, al Qaeda’s official branch in Somalia, claims to have ambushed and killed more than 60 Ethiopian troops in southern Somalia last week. The claim has not yet been independently confirmed by the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM), and the Ethiopian government has yet to release a statement about the […]

When Peace Wreckers Become Peacekeepers:

Why Do Authoritarian Regimes Make Their Armies Readily Available to Participate in International Peacekeeping? By Alem Mamo “Peace is not merely the absence of war but the presence of justice, of law, of order – in general of government.” —Albert Einstein When the first United Nations Peacekeeping force was proposed by the Canadian Foreign Minister […]

Al Shabab ambush kills 30 Ethiopian soldiers

Burhakaba, Somalia (Shabelle Network) – Heavy fighting broke out between Ethiopian forces serving under AU mission in Somalia ‘AMISOM’ and Al Shabaab militants in Jameco area 20 Km east of Burhakaba town in south of Somalia’s Bay region. The fighting started with an IED hit a convoy of Ethiopian forces than Al Shabab militants armed with propelled […]

Death toll rises as fighting continues near Somalia-Ethiopia border

(Horseed Media) — Despite calls for ceasefire, fighting has continued for a second week in villages close to the border that separates Somalia and Ethiopia, residents have said. According to local sources, there were two clashes in three villages from Wednesday to Thursday morning, killing at least 19 people and unknown numbers injured. A journalist […]

Somalia: At Least 10 Killed in Clashes Near Somalia-Ethiopia Border

(Shabelle Media Network) — Heavy fighting broke out between Somali Regional State of Ethiopia forces and pastoralists in small towns in central Somalia, leaving At least 10 people dead and injured 10 others. The battle erupted after forces from Somali Regional State of Ethiopia invaded in small towns in central Somalia and clashed with pastoralists […]

Ethiopian forces prevented Somalis wounded to get medical aid – Diplomat News Network

Guriel, Galgadud region, Somalia ( – Ethiopian troops have blocked several cars ferrying wounded people en route to Guriel town of Galgadudud region, where these people were suppose to be treated . Director of Istarliin Hospiatal in Guriel town, Ali Omar Tarabi who gave interview to Goobjoog Radio in Mogadishu said that eight wounded […]

Kisaaraa siyaasaa dhooysuuf oloola QBO irratti ofuun fafa

Doofaan waan dheengiyyan bulga’a Galmee Dhugaa irraa Kutaa Lammaffaa: Bakka barruun 1ffaa irratti dhaabbatee yaadachiisuuf – Kana irrattis akkuma waan kana dhagenyeen lafarra ganagalchinee wayyaaneen harka keenya irraa baafte – kana beeytaa miti obbo Jamaal? Faradduu tahuu keetirraan kan ka’e akka fincaan sirratti gadi naqaa turre numa beeytaamiti? Ogumaa keetiin waraana tajaajiluu irratillee ramadamtee joollee […]

Kenyan official abducted by suspected al-Shabaab

(World Bulletin / News Desk) – A Kenyan administrative chief was abducted on Thursday morning in northern Kenya by suspected Al-Shabaab militants. “The chief was abducted while travelling from Mandera town to Arabia town,” Moallim Saleh, a Mandera County official, told The Anadolu Agency. The official has been identified as Mukhtar Maalim Adan, the administrative […]


Lessons Learned from the African Union Mission in Somalia

A Pentagon report blames Ethiopian regime’s atrocities for the creation of Al Shabab April 7, 2015 (Joint Special Operations University and the Center for Special Operations Studies and Research)  — Ethiopian soldiers were accused of committing a wide range of atrocities, including firing mortars on civilian hospitals, press institutions, and houses, and rape, theft, kidnapping, and […]

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