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AFRICOM’s New Math, the U.S. Base Bonanza, and “Scarier” Times Ahead in Africa

by Lambert Strether (Naked Capitalism) — Lambert here: Not content with setting the Mediterranean/Black Sea littoral ablaze, we’re going for the entire continent of Africa. Now we can blow black wedding parties to pink mist with drone strikes, not just brown ones. So awesome. Moar blowback. By Nick Turse, managing editor of TomDispatch and a […]

Africa Rising: A Little Warning For Ethiopia And The Black Race By Pius Adesanmi

Sahara Reporters | November 08, 2015 Yesterday, I read an article in The Economist about the dire situation of industrialization in Africa. The said article starts with the desolate landscape of what was once Africa’s most flourishing textile industry in the northern Nigerian city of Kano – now overtaken by rodents. They are very lucky […]

The List of Top 20 Most Corrupt Nigerians (Dead/Alive)

Source: Naijaonpoint Oluesgun Obasanjo – He stole $25 billion from 1999-2007 ($16.4 from power sector alone) Ibrahim Babangida – He stole $15 billion from 1985-1993 ($12.4 billion from oil wind fall in 1990) Abdulsalam Abubakar – He stole $9 billion from 1998-99 Sani Abacha – He stole $7 billion from 1993-1998 Ahmed Bola Tinubu – […]

To end the migrant crisis, give more support to refugees

In July, the number of migrants reaching the borders of the European Union passed 100,000 – the third consecutive month in which a new record was set. In one week in August, 21,000 migrants arrived in Greece. Tourists complained that the summer holiday they had planned on a Greek island was now in the midst […]

Many feared dead off Libya as migrant boat capsizes

Almost four hundred migrants saved out of about 600 so far in the Mediterranean Sea, UN sources say. (Aljazeera) — Hundreds of migrants trying to reach across the Mediterranean from Libya are feared to have drowned after their fishing boat capsized off the North African country. Statements on Twitter by UNHCR suggest that 399 people […]

Africa remains the poorest region

Report: Millions leave poverty, but not for the middle class NEW YORK (Gulf News): The dramatic lurch of hundreds of millions of people from poverty since the millennium began has not resulted in a truly global middle class, a new report says. Instead, the improvement in living conditions for almost 700 million people has been […]

Migrant crossings to Europe jump 83 percent in 1st half

(Thrasher Backer) — The UNHCR report said Europe’s refugee crisis was of “historic proportions”. The number of refugees and migrants crossing the Mediterranean in hope of reaching European soil in the first six months of this year was the highest on record, according to the U.N.’s refugee agency, the UNHCR. Data from Greece, Italy, Malta and […]

Africa must set up own ICC to try Europeans, says Mugabe

Cape Town (News24)– Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe, who is also the African Union (AU) chair, says Africa must establish its own International Criminal Court (ICC) which would be mandated to prosecute Western leaders who have committed crimes on the continent. According to the state-owned Chronicle newspaper, Mugabe said it was high time Africa set up […]

Who’s Afraid of African Democracy?

Helen Epstein (The New York Review of Books) — Poor Burundi. Landlocked, tiny, and known mainly for ethnic conflict, it was for years the subject of one of the most intense international peace-building efforts in history. By the time the Arusha Peace Agreement was finally signed in 2003, 300,000 Burundians had died in a civil […]

The Global African: Land Grabs in Ethiopia and The Legacy of Belgian Colonization

(The Real News) Bill Fletcher, Jr. is a columnist, activist, author and labor organizer. He is the executive assistant to the national vice president of the American Federation of Government Employees. Bill is an editorial board member of, as well as the chairman of the Retail Justice Alliance. He is also the co-author of […]

Burundi coup bid: Groups seek Bujumbura control

(BBC News) — Rival groups of soldiers in Burundi are vying for control of the capital Bujumbura amid confusion over the success of an attempted coup. Heavy fighting and shelling is reported at the state TV building. A senior military source says soldiers loyal to President Pierre Nkurunziza are back in control of key parts […]

Houthis accept five-day truce in Yemen proposed by Saudi Arabia

CAIRO/ADEN (Reuters) – Yemen’s dominant Houthi group accepted a five-day humanitarian ceasefire proposed by its adversary Saudi Arabia on Sunday but said it would respond to any violations of the pause. Neighboring Saudi Arabia had said on Friday that the ceasefire could begin on Tuesday if the Iranian-allied militia agreed to the pause, which would […]

‘Living risk to risk’: the new wave of African migrants deported from Israel

(The Guardian) — Robel Tesfahannes spends his days looking for work in Juba. An Eritrean who recently arrived in South Sudan after six years in Tel Aviv, Tesfahannes is one of a new wave of refugees forced out of Israel by the country’s increasingly tough stance towards migrants. He is covered in tattoos, including a […]

Migrant boat sinks in latest Mediterranean tragedy

Dozens of migrants travelling from Libya to Europe feared dead in latest Mediterranean disaster ( — Dozens of migrants trying to reach Europe from Libya were feared to have drowned after the large rubber dinghy they were travelling in deflated and sank at sea, in the latest tragedy to hit the Mediterranean. Accounts of the […]

Thousands of migrants rescued at sea

(BBC News) — Nearly 3,700 migrants were rescued from boats near the coast of Libya on Saturday and early on Sunday, the Italian coastguard said. A spokesman said rescue operations were likely to continue throughout Sunday. All of those pulled from boats were being taken to Italy. Italian authorities said the migrants were rescued by […]


Global press freedom hits decade low – survey

Washington (News 24) – Freedom of the press around the world has plummeted to the worst level in a decade, a survey warned on Wednesday, with the United States and China both tightening the noose. Journalists globally encountered more restrictions from governments, militants, criminals and media owners, the annual report by the human rights group […]



(Breitbart) — Egypt is getting ready to launch a large air and ground attack against the Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL) in eastern Libya DebkaFile reports, quoting military and intelligence sources. The Obama administration is reportedly opposed to the operation. “Egypt is massing large-scale ground and air forces in the Western Desert along the Libyan border, in preparation for […]

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