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Scotland’s Nicola Sturgeon formally requests referendum

Scotland’s Nicola Sturgeon formally requests referendum LONDON (AP) — Scotland’s first minister formally requested a second referendum on independence on Friday, declaring that Scots have the right to exercise their right of self-determination. Nicola Sturgeon sent U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May a letter formally requesting the transfer of powers to allow a second vote. Sturgeon […]

The World’s Most Powerful People 2016, of 7.4 billion humans on planet Earth

The World’s Most Powerful People 2016, of 7.4 billion humans on planet Earth By David M. Ewalt (Forbes) — There are nearly 7.4 billion humans on planet Earth, but these 20 men and women make the world turn. Forbes’ annual ranking of the World’s Most Powerful People identifies one person out of every 100 million […]

Scottish Parliament debate second independence referendum (DAY 2), before voting later today

Scottish Parliament debate second independence referendum (DAY 2), before voting later today Scottish parliament expected to back 2nd independence referendum (rt) — Scottish MPs are expected to back First Minister Nicola Sturgeon’s bid for a second independence referendum when they vote later on Wednesday. The ballot for a section 30 order, the mechanism authorizing a […]

Toxic political agenda is dehumanising entire groups, Amnesty warns

Toxic political agenda is dehumanising entire groups, Amnesty warns NGO’s annual report warns that aggressive political rhetoric is creating a ‘hostile climate for refugees and migrants’ (The Guardian) — Toxic political rhetoric with echoes of 1930s hate speech is stirring up violence worldwide – including in the UK and US, Amnesty International has warned. Kerry […]

Zurich Shooting Suspect Is Dead – Police confirm

Zurich Shooting Suspect Is Dead Police confirm the suspect in Monday’s shooting killed himself, motives unclear ZURICH (WSJ)—Police said on Tuesday that the suspect in a shooting that occurred one day earlier at an Islamic center in Zurich has killed himself, and his motives for the attack aren’t clear. Zurich police said that on Monday […]

Military Coup In Turkey: Turkey Army Group Announces Takeover on TV

BBC News, July 15, 2016. An army group in Turkey says it has taken over the country, with soldiers at strategic points in Istanbul and jets flying low in the capital, Ankara. A statement read on TV said a “peace council” now ran the country and there was a curfew and martial law. It is […]

Eastern Europe’s New Geopolitical Fault Lines

By Scott B. MacDonald Three blocs are emerging (The National Interest) — Although there is some validity to the commentary that the region extending from the Baltics to the Black Sea is dominated by a new Cold War framework, there are other significant factors at work, including the rebirth of a defensive right-wing populism, related […]

The success of Brexit (British exit) campaign has made the dream of Oromia exit (Orexit) from Ethiopian Empire more valid and justified: Objective championed by the OLF

By Leelloo Sabaa Because of life time decision that the British people had to make and the fall out of that decision around Europe, for Europeans in general and British people in particular, the last several months were rather very difficult. The campaign temperature for “leave” European Union (Brexit) led by personalities like the leader […]

Brexit: the world’s most complex divorce begins

BRUSSELS (FT) — BRITAIN’S vote to leave the EU sets in train the world’s most complex divorce. There are rough guidelines on how to proceed, but the negotiation will be largely improvised. Estimates of how long it will take range from two years to a decade or more. For officials involved, it is a legal […]

Turkish parliament debate ends in brawl

(The Australian) — Members of Turkey’s ruling AK Party and the pro-Kurdish opposition have traded kicks and punches, and thrown water at each other in parliament, halting talks about lifting parliamentarians’ immunity from prosecution. The law, championed by the ruling AKP, would strip members of parliament of their legal immunity. The Kurdish-rooted Peoples’ Democratic Party […]

EU called emergency meeting for Monday to discuss the unrest in Ethiopia & the dire case of the Oromo people

Breaking‬ news! ‪Sources from European External Action Service (EU Foreign and Security Policy Branch) has indicate that European Union will convene a meeting to discuss Ethiopia with regard to ongoing ‪#‎OromoProtests‬ on January 11 (Monday) 2016. Representatives from all 28 EU member countries will attend the meeting. Fascist TPLF juntas representatives have not been invited […]

Government urged to raise abuses despite risk of damaging ties

Front Line Defenders says Ireland slow to raise concerns with countries such as China and Ethiopia (The Irish Times) — Ireland should speak up more strongly against human rights abuses in countries where it has political or strategic interests, an advocacy group has said. Front Line Defenders said the Government was slow to raise the repression […]

Appeal Letter of the Oromo Community of Malta to Prime Minister of Malta.

The Right Honourable Dr. Joseph Muscat Prime Minister of Malta Auberge de Castille Valletta VLT 1061 Dear Mr. Prime Minister, We, the members of the Oromo Community of Malta, are outraged with the Ethiopian government, led by the Tigrayan People’s Liberation Front (TPLF), and their recent massacre of Oromo student demonstrators and civilians who were […]

Catalonia’s push for independence from Spain

(BBC News) –Pro-independence parties in Spain’s richest region, Catalonia, are pushing ahead with a historic plan for an independent state within 18 months, after winning a majority of seats in the regional parliament. But their campaign has found little sympathy in Madrid. Secession is banned under Spain’s constitution and the national government has refused to […]

The new game: American dominance is being challenged

(The Economist) — A CONTINENT separates the blood-soaked battlefields of Syria from the reefs and shoals that litter the South China Sea. In their different ways, however, both places are witnessing the most significant shift in great-power relations since the collapse of the Soviet Union. In Syria, for the first time since the cold war, […]

Spain: Catalonia goes to the polls in an ‘incredible moment for democracy’

A regional election – billed as a referendum on Catalan independence – could throw Spain and the EU into uncharted waters (The Guardian) — Long before the spectre of Catalan independence began to dominate Spain’s political discourse, the small hamlet of Gallifa, population 215, had already broken away from the motherland. “We proclaimed ourselves to […]

Swedish PM back home after hospital rush following a visit to Ethiopia

(The Local) — UPDATED: Sweden’s Prime Minister Stefan Löfven was rushed to hospital in Stockholm on Thursday immediately after landing in Sweden following a visit to Ethiopia, but returned home a few hours later. Stefan Löfven’s press spokesperson confirmed the news that he had been hospitalised to Swedish tabloid Aftonbladet shortly after 10am. Anne Ekberg […]

News Release from the HackingTeam, the right hand of dictators all over the world

July 8, 2015 Information related to the attacks on HackingTeam on July 6, 2015 It is now apparent that a major threat exists because of the posting by cyber criminals of HackingTeam proprietary software on the Internet the night of July 6. HackingTeam’s investigation has determined that sufficient code was released to permit anyone to […]

Hacking Team, Which Sells Surveillance Tech To Governments, Exposed By Major Hack | July 06, 2015 The Hacking Team is now being ridiculed and humiliated on the internet as the Hacked Team. The hackers get hacked. One of the technology world’s most notorious providers of surveillance and intrusion software has found itself on the wrong end of an embarrassing hack. A range of sensitive documents belonging to Italy-based […]

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