China are deploying fighter jets to Syria to help boost Russia’s military intervention in their fight against ISIS. 

china-send-jets-to-syria-900x350(YourNewsWire) — China will be sending Shenyang J-15 warplanes in China’s first ever military involvement in the Middle East, and the first time a J-15 plans has been used in a war scenario.

Aside from China, Mr. Putin’s most ferocious of troops had already been deployed in Syria. The Mirror understood that the Spetsnaz will be fighting on the ground against the ISIS and all terrorist organizations, including the U.S.-backed oppositions and the Free Syrian Army.

While Russian marines are guarding Russia’s airbases in Syria, the Spetsnaz were deployed to mop up after airstrikes, call in these strikes and to practically conduct extremely covert missions to ultimately wipe out terrorists, intelligence sources revealed to The Mirror. The sources described the Spetsnaz troop as extremely aggressive and highly trained.

“They will not be as accountable as British or US special forces. They are there for one reason, to wipe out anyone threatening Assad. By any means,” the sources said.

The situation in Syria is complicated and ripe with tensions among the participants. The U.S. and Russia relations had been worse since the Ukraine crisis erupted. The two nations had been avoiding direct confrontation since; but the minute Russia joined the fight against ISIS in support of president Bashar al-Assad, miscalculations are imminent. With Russia pulverizing all terrorist organizations fighting Mr. Assad, including CIA-trained Syria oppositions, the situation in Syria is tantamount in saying that Russia and U.S. are the ones pitted against each other in the region. The U.S. has its ally countries participating in its fight in the region. Russia now has China, Iraq, Iran and Hezbollah’s support.

Russia continues to pound on terrorist targets in Syria. On Oct. 5, Russia’s Ministry Of Defense announced its Su-34, Su-24 and Su-25 aircraft performed 15 combat sorties from the Hmeymim airbase during daytime. The aircraft were able to engaged ten terrorist facilities, including an HQ and a command center of the ISIS. In the nighttime, Russia performed twenty-five air sorties, engaging nine ISIS facilities.

The Ministry of Defense also clarified reports saying it invaded the Turkish air space on Oct. 3. The Ministry admitted that an Su-30 aircraft maneuvered for several seconds into Turkey’s air space. The Ministry explained that its Hmeymim airbase is located 30 km from the Syrian-Turkish border.

“Under certain climate conditions, the approach is carried out from the north. That is why this occurrence is the consequence of unfavorable weather conditions in this region. There are no conspiratorial reasons to look for,” the Ministry said in a statement.

“As to the information concerning the pursuit of Turkish aircraft by an unidentified MiG-29 fighter – it has no relevance to the Russian air grouping. There is no aircraft of such type at the Hmeymim airbase,” the Ministry added.

Both U.S. and Russia expressed desires to work together in defeating the ISIS. However, each of them has set their own conditions before a partnership could be formed.

10 thoughts on “China Send Fighter Jets To Syria, Joining Forces With Russia

  1. War is a long term investment. We see how world super powers show their military posture and work for regional influence. It helps for future arm sales in any corner of the world and for testing efficacy of modern weapons.

    1. I agree, Jimma.
      yeah, China has never tested her war planes on any war, I guess, plus it is looking a larger global resources as its population number, economic development competition with the West and the demand for fuel at home is so wide. Yeah, the should have to destroy ISIS, the devil of the earth whose aim is to control wide region in the middle east and become the dominant Islamic state to control anything. I think, ISIS has similar ideology like Sadaam Hussen, who tried to annex Quote and probably look for more if he had the chance, and then , and then….

  2. Whether by Russians, Chinese or devils, ISIS, Alshabab, Boko Haram and the likes must be wiped out from among the human beings. So long the devils in human appearance are walking amongest human beings, there will be no peace and prosperity on the planet earth.

  3. The middle east is the home of Abrahamic religions and also the center of the world, therefore the problems in that region will never end after isis and daesh are gone. who ever controls middle east, east africa and north africa trading route basically controls world economy. It will be interesting to see how the west and Russia reconcile their differences and what kind of dictator they will install in those countries.

  4. It seems that the world that lost its equilbirium almost for quarter of a century trying to revive again.It is good news that the Asians are started to act to confront American-Europe superiority. History repeats again.East _west confrontation is going to be replaced by Asian super powers against Euro-American super powers or only against USA.Time is over for those bulling dictators and bull head countries.The world has options to defend it self against those unbridled.

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