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  1. Here want to comment on the written paper prepared by Tefera Dinberu.

    The message is like this :-It has negative implications to the genuine Oromo people .
    1. The comment was intended to degrade Oromo values , culture religion and rituals .
    To mention Tipical example of Oromo culture which is positively accepted throughout the world “Moggasa . “We know from our family that those non Oromo Ethiopians living as Oromo family liveng freely exercising ther language , ther traditional ,dances , religion rituals respected in oromiya . Did oromo inforce them to accept Waqeffanna by force? Did the prohibited not to farm and produce crop in oromiya ? Rather Oromo respect his guasts . Therefore the writter was completely far from understanding who Oromo is .
    The interpretation was reverse to what the reality is about orOromo . Oromo does not inforce it’s refugees or guasts to accept his culture , language , his religion or inforce some minor groups to lose their identity ,.
    Refer to Political programs of Oromo liberation front (OLF)
    The gada system is democratic system.

    2 The writter was repeatedly stated the word “Galla” his word is self explanatory of his negative feeling about Oromo , refering myth of Abyssinians feeling about Oromo
    3 The writter was dare to explain the Oromo origional religion ” Waaqaa” as not as such important religion which can easily be avoided , in other way Oromo people have no religion , they pagans ……. Insulting such great group society ?

    3 The historical root of oromo was underestimated just as such Oromo was not the great cushitic group which was expanded at sometimes movement from Small place of the Somaliland? He forget the ancient cushitic people from north to south from west to east were dominated originally? Who are Afar , Agewu , Sidama, Somali , Beneshangul .anyuwak , Gumus ? Before their migration from south Arebian land , who was living on tha land including axum ?
    The comment intended to see the last negative relationship between Muslim and Christianity which doenot help for nothing .
    Fake history repeated written seems true , better to be reserved not give much attention .
    Are Oromo narrow nationalist ? Who are narrow nationalist , go to amhara region , can you find somebody speaking other language than amharic? Go to Tigray can you find someone speaking Other language than Tigrigna? Are there other tribes build house and factory in tigry ?
    In oromiya is the reverse , every nation nationalities are domiciled , farming shopping , trading , teaching their children . Who is narrow minded ?
    My comment is like this :-reading fabricated message written by Abyssinian elites will not build the unity rather it push to division among the people .

  2. Oromo liberation front where are you? The people of waso land liberation movement need you now we are the people of isiolo marsebet moyale mandera wajir garissa we are oromos and we are under kenya regime we want freedom

  3. Harka fuune akkam jirtan?
    Kaleessa barruu tokko mata duree “Waaree booda” jedhuun akka dubbiftootaan naa geessanu isinitti dabarseen ture. hata’u male odeeffannoo dabalataa waanan argadheef hamman itti ida’ee gulaalee isinii ergutti akka tursitanun kabajaan isin gaafadha.
    Ahmed Ababulgu

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