Yaa Oromoo, qawwee qawween yoo ofirraa hin deebisin, akka malee garboomuu, hiyyoomuu, gadadoomuufi godaanuuf qophaa’i. Tole?
This is in Ethiopia a place where civil society has been killed by mafia and tribal ‘Ethiopia government’. #DireDawaEthiopia.

“Magala Dire dawa ganda jarba ja’amu Ganda Hasan Elemo irra jolle qero fixu jrran, manen nama ille digu jiran, nu dirmadha isinin ja’an!!! Please namu video kana share osso godhin bira kutina” Via Magartu Wadayi.

1 thought on “Dire Dawa: life ammunition on innocent people by TPLF regime

  1. Oromo people get out get out our people are massacred by tplf facist oromo people where ever you may be get out fight to right do not silent all Oromo people unite and confront tplf tigre is eliminating Oromo people from their land

    you can see how Dredawa becoming Deseret after while the will declare fime and to genocide in every aspect . tplf is working day and night to stay in power and eliminate oromo people on their own land.

    tplf have plan to genocide Oromo people more than ever .Oromo people you can destroy tplf you did it before you can dot unite and defeat tplf the victory will be yours those banda tplf tigre who are killing Oromo people will pay heavy price soon.

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