Dr. Merera Gudina Detained for trespassing state of emergency rulings

Merera Gudina

On November 9, 2016, Professor Merera Gudina appeared with Rio’s Olympic silver medal winner, athlete Feyisa Lilesa and gave speech at EU parliament in Brussels.

It has been confirmed that Ethiopia security forces have detained leading opposition figure Prof. Merera Gudina, pictured center, upon his arrival at Addis Ababa Bole International Airport.

Acording to family members, Prof. Merera, chairman of the opposition Oromo Federalist Congress (OFC) is detained by members of SOE command post

Prof. Merera was in Brussels delivered a speech at EU parliament on current situation in Ethiopia along with Prof. Berhanu Nega of G7 and Rio Olympics athlete Feyisa Lellisa.

Familes also say four relatives of Prof. Merera were detained with him by members of the command post of Ethiopia’s sweeping State Of Emergency

Via Beekan Gulummaa

#OromoRevolution TPLF threatened to arrest Dr Merera Gudina while was still in Europe. When asked about the threat, he responded saying “since they have jailed all my comrades and left me lonely, its better I join them in jail”

He knew they will imprison him but he did not think twice before returning!!#Determination

#OromoRevolution Maddeen hedduun Dr Marara Guddinaa loltoota Wayyaaneen qabamanii dhabamsiifamuu mirkaneessaa jiru. Daraggoonni isaan gargaaran afuris qabamaniiru.

Dr Mararaan osoo Awuroppaa jiruu hidhuuf itti dhaadataa turte Wayyaaneen. Dimmuma kanarratti gaafatamanii deebii kennaniin Dr Mararaan akkana jedhan. Nama mara na biraa hidhanii akka muka gogee baalli irraa harca’ee kophatti na hanbisanii jiran. Haala akkasitirra anis joollee kaan waliin mana hidhaa keessa jiraachuu naaf wayya” jedhan.

#OromoRevolution#KFO#Breaking News#Dura Taa’aan Partii kongirasii Fedaralistii Oromoo Dr.Mararaa Guddinaa ,affeerraa paarlaamaa Awurooppaatiin torbee sadiif garasitti imalanii,wayita har’a ganama imala isaanii xumurattanii gara biyyaatti deebi’an loltoota mootummaa wayyaaneetiin qabamanii hidhamuu isanii akka hin oolle himamaa jira.

Har’a ganama irraa kaasee humnootiin tikaa wayyaanee fi loltoonni Agaazii naannoo mana jireenyaa isaanii Burraayyuutti argamu marsanii eegaa akka oolanii fi namni tokko illee itti siqee akka hinhubanne ittifamuun, namoonni ijaan argan dubbataa jiran.

Bilbilli maatii isaanii fi kan isaanis akka uggurameetti waan jiruuf addaan baafachuu hindandeenye.

Marsaritiin wayyaanootaa tokko tokko garuu hidhamuu isaanii mirkaneessaa jiru.

Dr.Mararaan erga biyya seenanii booda waan hinmul’anneef hdhamuun isaanii dhugaadha jedhamaa jira..

Hundaafuu hordofnee isiin beeksifna.

4 Responses to Dr. Merera Gudina Detained for trespassing state of emergency rulings

  1. StarAction November 30, 2016 at 6:14 pm #

    If Finfinee liberated, all Oromiya will be liberated. Those who spend time in desert shall focus in Finfinee.

  2. Mormor December 1, 2016 at 9:44 am #

    @StarAction,armed struggle begins in the desert ang multiply in jungles,shows its muscels around and by small city to larger and in the entire rural area and finally marches to the capital.
    You cannot climb on tree from top unless you begin from the bottom

  3. Mormor December 1, 2016 at 9:51 am #

    As for Marara he believed in peaceful struggle for changes whereby its not Habasha culture to believe in changes peacefully.
    Th TPLF was using such group to deceive the World as multiparty state but now Marara has proved them that TPLF was sincere and all it does is faking.and for proving to the World the true color of TPLF he and others are paying prices possibly charging them with Oromiansm and born as Oromo must be killed or kept in jail without trial

  4. Jawwee December 6, 2016 at 3:21 pm #

    Absolutely I agree with your noble idea We have to praise our heroes. you know what all oromo medias Like OMN,BIILLISUMMAA giving a large media coverage for the welcoming of the killer of orommo students ( Juneydii Saddoo) they are hesitant to give more covrage on Mererraa. and I asked my self Do these medias are working for woyane?

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