1 thought on ““Duumessa Salaalee” Wallee Haaraa Hawwisoo Qeerroo Hagayya 2015

  1. Hi,

    This is wonderful music, eyee akkuma jedhame oromon lafa issaa defachu qaba fakenyaf magalootaa kan akka Bole, Kan akkaa Lideta , Kan akka Markato, Kan akka Kolfe, Kan akkaa Asko, Gulalee, kan akka Maganaynaa, fa fi waluma galaati Finfinee dheffachu qabaa hatataman.

    2. When they remove Oromo from his land there is no other place they can go they should get to the cities and occupy in what ever means they can. So woyane you should look this when you remove people from their land they will go in to the cities they go no where, and imagine what misery it will create so better stop evicting people from their land for the sake of your self(TPLF).Other wise it will be very dangerous for you as well as the whole country even for Tigray. When people get to the high level of frustration, it is impossible to turn it back that time it won’t stop only in the center it will follow you to your city Mekele. So better think for your self when evicting people from their land.


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