Never Mind the Deep Renewal, Never Mind the Economic Revolution; Just Pack Up and Leave, Woyane, for Ultimate Oromo Salvation.

Never Mind the Deep Renewal, Never Mind the Economic Revolution; Just Pack Up and Leave, Woyane, for Ultimate Oromo Salvation

By Adnew Wakjira 

Never Mind the Economic Revolution

TPLF is on a Cliff edge, a United push will lead to its demise

As the inexorable march of the Oromo revolution continues, in all its ebbs and flows, the TPLF has opened new fronts on our southern and eastern flanks and is hatching similar plots in the west. The TPLF is training, arming and deploying the infamous marauding thugs of the Somali fringe, Liyu Police, with the express aim of killing Oromos, looting property and grabbing territory. We should not be surprised if the TPLF is trying to encircle us completely as it’s fighting a life and death battle for the continued control of Oromia.

Holding an entire nation under the muzzle of the gun, having killed thousands and thrown tens of thousands of our people in jails and concentration camps, the TPLF gangsters are now conducting their so-called xilq tehadiso (deep renewal), another product of the infinite evil genius of the TPLF, aimed at pacifying Oromia and eventually reasserting their authority, badly damaged by the Oromo revolution but by no means destroyed. The physical and social infrastructures that served to enrich the TPLF fat cats and their cronies were rightly targeted at the time of the protests because they were of little interest to Oromos. Although they were built with their labour and resources, Oromos have never been the true beneficiaries of their own wealth. So the relative lull following the revolutionary storms of the recent past, in TPLF’s view, has given them the opportunity to resurrect their Nazi- like administrative and security structures.

The Struggle for the Soul of the Oromo Revolution

So as part of the renewal, top OPDO cadres were sent out into the community to preach the virtues of Oromo nationalism and the need for Oromo economic empowerment. In typical arrogance, Woyane reckon that they will continue to dupe us the gullible lot and buy themselves a little more time. The goal of the entire drive was to bring the Oromo movement under their influence by faking sympathy for the plight of our people. They have not succeeded in defeating the Oromo revolution from outside, by sheer force of arms, despite killing thousands and incarcerating tens of thousands more.  They have to do it from within by winning hearts and minds wearing the garb of Oromo nationalism but they are failing in that effort as well.

The thrust of the TPLF campaign was on the need for Oromo economic self-sufficiency, of course as opposed to their political empowerment. It is not because it is lost on the TPLF that the ultimate goal of the Oromo revolution is regaining political power but because in the Habasha mentality politics is their exclusive preserve. It was therefore no innocent omission on the part of Megersa, so-called president of Oromia, as we know very well that his masters are bent on continuing their political domination of Oromia and the looting of her resources…indeed the entire country…by throwing little crumbs of power here and there to the likes of Megersa and acolytes of his ilk. Oromos do not need political power so long as they get bread, according to TPLF thinking.

We should have confidence in our people that no amount of smooth talking by the likes of Megersa will sway Qerroo from their sworn path of liberation.  They may feel down at this moment but they are never out. A fight like ours cannot go in a straight trajectory but in lows and ebbs that will require immense human and material sacrifices

And to the dismay of the TPLF ideologues and architects of Oromo genocide like Abbay Tsehaye, the message of tehadiso has not gotten the desired reception within the Oromo youth; in fact all indications were that the turnouts to the indoctrination sessions were insignificant and those who attended were putting challenging questions to the OPDO. As a matter fact, the issue seems to have generated more excitement among some in our own diaspora activists than our people at home who I thought ended up wasting an inordinate amount of time in conversations over what this TPLF stunt to con Oromos really meant.

As part of the renewal project, the TPLF is said to be planning as well to launch an economic revolution in Oromia to empower us, another area that again turned out to be a source of much fascination for few of our activists in the diaspora.  According to the Woyane economic revolution, they are prepared to show their boundless generosity to the Oromo people, and let us invest our resources on our own soil. We are told that certain strips of land will even be returned for this purpose and we are supposed to be deeply grateful for that. Not content with the billions they’ve already looted, Woyanes must surely be preparing the ground for more booty. Never mind the renewal, never mind the economic revolution; do Us a favor Woyane, just pack up and leave …hat Would be our greatest redemption

We are hearing at the same time now that the TPLF hierarchy is feeling even more generous as they plan to give away more land in Oromia towns, a region they clearly regard a no-man’s land, like Christmas candy, to anyone and everyone who wants a plot. This may not be astonishing but it certainly is outrageous to the extreme. If true, it should be the object of the third round of Oromo rage that would bring the terrorist reign of Woyane to a close.

The TPLF Want War and Oromos Will Give Them One: The Last Gasps of a Fascist State

But one thing we can see from this devious scheme, another product of the TPLF evil mind, is that Woyane can no longer see themselves…or rather given up… as a permanently dominant force in that country, having been shaken by the Oromo revolution. With this scheme, they are obviously trying to further undermine Oromia’s homogeneity. Besides, as they know their days are numbered, they want to do anything to create greater animosity between Oromos and other groups, pitting us against other nationalities, continuing in the same vein as the atrocities being committed against Oromos by the Somali death squad special police that the Woyane are sponsoring. To be sure the TPLF is hatching all schemes to broaden the coming struggle and depict it as Oromos versus all the rest. They will, if they can, try to mobilize all national groups in Ethiopia against Oromos for we are now perceived as the most potent threat to the eternal domination of the country by the TPLF.

But of course this Woyane machination is not new, although it is getting more and more aggravated by the day. Oromos have handled relations with other groups with better sophistication and magnanimity and they should continue in the same vein to foil all plots thrown their way.

Meanwhile, the Habasha fringe of the diaspora, ever the opportunistic chameleons, are trying to kick us while we are down, which is all in true character. It was most irritating that they are carrying out a propaganda campaign of besmirching the Oromo struggle and distorting our history.  One tactic they are deploying is to unleash their lapdogs, the Larebos of this world, to go on their media talking nonsense about Oromos, in the tradition of several pseudo-historian Habashas of the debtera school of thought, clearly aimed at arresting our inexorable march toward freedom.

Larebo and his ilk are sought by the Habesha fringe for the only purpose of pushing their now archaic agenda of divide and conquer, of setting one oppressed people against the other. I gather Mr. Larebo is someone who likes to pose as a historian clearly bent on misrepresenting Oromo history with the vicious aim of derailing our struggle. But he has shown himself for the ignorant fraud he actually is when he raises the Ethiopian state to the level of the ontological, the very Ethiopia where, up until the mid-1970s, his people were dehumanized to the extent that they were not, for instance, eligible to act even as witnesses in a court of law…the very Ethiopia indeed where they were sold as slaves.

Oromos have a declared enemy in the TPLF, without having to contend with the irony of facing the likes of Larebo. In a twist of history, Oromos are being attacked by individuals like Mr. Larebo. These people are too unabashed or ignorant…or indeed both… to fail to recognize the historical crime committed against the South, Oromos included, by imperial Ethiopia founded by Menelik, the black partner in crime of European colonialist powers. Worshipping a conqueror who brutalized and butchered your own people must surely be a unique characteristic of a mentality hypnotized into servitude.

But the redeeming aspect is that we are fortunate to have for every Larebo thousands of compatriots from the South who are fighting every day the fascist remnants of Menelik’s crumbling imperial system along with their Oromo, indeed Amhara brothers and sisters.  More and more are recognizing that the destiny of the oppressed South, and indeed the fate of democracy and justice for all in this prison of a nation, is inextricably linked to the destiny of the Oromo revolution. The Woyanne system has turned malignant and for the common good it needs to be severed and cast off.

It will remain a pipe dream for the citizens of Ethiopia of any ethnic extraction, with any pretense to the values of democracy and human dignity, to aspire to achieve those while Oromos remain in bondage. Every day that Oromos live in agony under TPLF fascists leaves in jeopardy the prospects for the unity of this nation and peace and stability of our sub-region at large.

And finally, I must add my voice to those who have been asking the two Oromo groups with similar declared objectives, namely the Oromo Leadership Conference and Global Gumi, to find common sense, put aside their petty differences (and their big egos), streamline their agenda, eliminate duplication and pool resources, all in the lofty interest of their people suffering under a fascist system every single day. Please come together and merge into one formidable organization. I, along, with other Oromos am hoping reason and the interest of our people will ultimately prevail over other minor differences.

2 Responses to Never Mind the Deep Renewal, Never Mind the Economic Revolution; Just Pack Up and Leave, Woyane, for Ultimate Oromo Salvation.

  1. Aba Biya Warabadi April 1, 2017 at 9:38 am #

    All other Ethiopians, specially the Amharas and the Oromos must kick out tigres from ther respective areas once and for all/for good. Stop crying like dogs at eac other get rid of the tigres. Otherwise you shall live crying for ever.

    Tell to the fake self appointed Oromo professor shut down ther bloudy mouth
    We are tired of these .self appointe story tellers.

    • Jabaadha Lola April 1, 2017 at 9:01 pm #

      Aba Biya Warabadi,

      Let me assure you: No matter what, sooner or later, Oromos are going to get rid off the archaic century old tyrannical system that they have been subjected to thereby becoming masters of their fathers land.

      Your comment lacks clarity. Which Oromo Professors do you consider as “fake” ? Who are the so called self appointed story tellers?

      If you were referring to the author of this article: He is a well respected professional who cannot be included in your charcaterization by any stretch of imagination.

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