4 thoughts on “ESAT Bezhisamint Yohanes Tadesse Aka & Ermias Legesse December 27 2015 on Master plan & TPLF

  1. Sesaye thank you! Your respect to Oromo people is heart-warming thank you indeed very much. I watched many times your program, you made me feel that you are our brothers. Ermias Legesse thank you again. Please continue exposing this fascist tplf evils. We must unite to defeat tplf. It is important that all our brothers be there during this very crucial time for all of us.

  2. Respect freedom of speech Mr. kedreba and need that kind of
    Evidence for our struggle or if you have better and hide information please don’t hesitate come forward and tell us let our people know and please try to challenge the individuals
    Idea don’t go his personality thank you

  3. Still, TPLF thugs and their errand boys like Abbaa Duulaa try to lecture us that this land-grabbing corrupted schemes is normal course of urban development.

    Ato Erimias (as usual) and Ato Yohannes left the TPLF agenda naked.

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