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Barely had the insurrection in Gondar subsided than Ethiopia’s government found itself facing other brushfires. Everywhere, the same resentment is being voiced over the stranglehold of Tigrays on government.

Only on July 17 did the Federal Police and Ethiopian army, employing tear gas and firing heavy weaponry, managed to crush an insurrection that began five days earlier in Gondar, at the cost of 20 dead, including nine soldiers.

The demonstrators attacked Tigray symbols in the region, burning buses operated by Selam which belongs to the conglomerate Endowment Fund for the Rehabilitation ofTigray (EFFORT).

This organisation is linked to the ruling TPLF party, as well as two hotels and stores owned by Tigrayans.

The man behind the rising, colonel Demeke Zewdu, is a former member of the Amhara National Democratic Movement (ANDM).

He now heads the separatist movement Welkait Ahmara Identity Committee(ION 1431), and was arrested on July 15 on a murder charge. He is also suspected of having fomented an attempt to destabilize the government with the help of Eritrea [Note: For the regime in Ethiopia, Eritrea remains the bogeyman that gets the blame for every problem in the country, including drought].

Since then, however, other revolts have broken out in the Gondar region, as in the towns of Dabat, Debark and Sanja.

In the Shew region, where a strike by taxi drivers was put down violently, seven people were seriously wounded.

There were also anti-Tigrayan demonstrations in mid-July in Asebot (Oromia National Regional State) that were crushed by the Federal Police and army.

In both the Amhara and Oromo regions the security forces have justified their crackdown by saying they are fighting against ‘Eritrean terrorism’.

For their part, the demonstrators accuse Tigrayans of seizing their land via the Tigray National Regional State.

They are calling for a halt to a development plan for Addis Ababa and the special Oroma zone, known as the Addis Master Plan.

According to Bekele Gerba, number two man in the Oromo Federalist Congress (OFC), the plan would increase the size of the current capital by 21 times.

4 thoughts on “Ethiopia: Anti-Tigrayan Revolt Spreads Across the Country

  1. Actually, there is no “Anti-Tigrayan Revolts”, but anti-TPLF revolts and insurrections in Ethiopia. The writer of this article has misunderstood the difference between Tigrayan society and the handful TPLF gangsters who are on rampage in non-Tigrayan regions.
    But, but, before it will not be too late, it is up to this Tigrayan society to react to the brutality of TPLF which is taking the country into the hell. Again, it is up to Tigrayans, not to let the sun of hell rise upon the country, esp. upon them.

  2. Thank you Oromian bateleur. Truth needs to be told. No one is against the ordinary hardworking Tigreans. The struggle is about TPLF upper echelon, who are embezzling in the name of Tigray/Ethiopia.

    Yes, the Tigreans must show the courage & say not in my name!

  3. Gabbisaa,

    What ‘Ethnic Violence’ are you talking about? TPLF tried all and failed, don’t exaggerate minor things. Even if it is written or called as Tigreans, as the writer put it, it means nothing for various reasons:
    1. More than 95% of Tigreans have been supporting & justifiying the actions of this fascist and killer system.
    2. Most of them(Tigreans) have benefited from the system,
    3. What Ethnic incite are you talking? Agazi is Tigre, that means Tigree is murdering other nations and nationalities. Self defense by Oromo and others cant be inciting. Whether Tigre denounces TPLF or support (as they have been doing for 25 years) it doesn’t matter. They have already plundered & amassed Oromo resources, many of them are millionaires from nowhere. Oromo is showing, by paying the ultimate price, that popular resistance that has a just cause will be the victorious over the killer machines of Tigray who depend on Western supplies weapons only.

    The majority is suffering and being murdered on its own land. Therefore, don’t worry much about the less than 6% Tigree!!!

    For those of you who didn’t test or see the brutality and savagery of TPLF/Agazi force, it is easy to talk about righteousness and morality. That doesn’t work when my people are being massacred in a broad day light.

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