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(Standard Digital) – An Ethiopian state body that has been involved in leasing tracts of land for commercial farming has suspended the issuance of new licences until it completes a review because of scant progress in developing areas leased so far, an official said. The Horn of Africa country in 2011 allocated 3.6 million hectares of land, close to the size of Switzerland, for firms seeking to invest in agriculture, mostly around its western Gambela and Benishangul Gumuz regions. More than 2.43 million hectares has been leased to nearly 5,700 domestic and foreign firms at 20 Ethiopian birr ($0.90) per hectare on average, said Daniel Zenebe, spokesman for the Agriculture Investment and Land Administration Agency. But investors have only developed 30 percent of the land leased. “There is a need for a review on where it has gone wrong. The suspension is indefinite,” he said.

2 thoughts on “Ethiopia body suspends farm lease programme

  1. The T-TPLF are currently buying all the food in Ethiopia and storing it in secret warehouses so they can sell it when there is nomore food on the market. I urge all ethiopians to BOYCOTT Ethiopian Airlines not only because it is a T-TPLF controlled discriminating organization but to give a fair competing advantae for all Ethiopians from all Ethnicities to be able to buy food at a price they can afford. Nowadays the T-TPLF cash cow companies are the only ones who can pay their employees enough salaries empoyees feed their familes. None Tigrayan people are being forced to adhere to T-TPLF demand because the T-TPLF is controlling all the food, selling food at a price only T-TPLF affiliated juntas can afford..The malnutrition in Ethiopia is at 80% of the total population right now. I am unable to teach students at Addis Ababa University College of Commerce as I did for decades because currently many students cannot focus or stay awake in classes due to the severe malnutrition they are suffering while my former students that are working for T-TPLF business people go around cornering the food market making it impossible for average middle income Ethiopian to feed it’s family..

  2. Aba Dula was close to Alemayehu Atomssa the previous President Of Oromia, many say Alemayehu Atomssa was assasinated by Azeb Mesfin and Co. few years ago then replaced by Doctor Muktar Kedir-the new President . Alemayehu Atomssa was known to be not willing to let pro TPLF investors evict Oromo farmers from their lands as Muktar Kedir . T-TPLF officials put puppet Muktar Kedir to take over Oromia same as they did to South Omo. It is known in South Omo 98% of the land is currently under TPLF officials while 2% of the total land are only owned by locals . Unlike Alemayehu Atomssa the new president of Oromia Doctor Muktar Kedir is involved in giving away Oromos lands to T-TPLF symphatizers corrupt diaspora returnees in a very rapid pace, allover Oromia . If things don’t change quick many say Oromia is not far from South Omo’s fate .

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