This is the Ethiopia we can’t forget! – By Rundassa Asheetee Hunde

Irreechaa Massacre in Bishoftu, Oromia, Ethiopia, October 2, 2016
Irreechaa Massacre in Bishoftu, Oromia, October 2, 2016

Killing and jailing has been the meaningful expression of the Abyssinians power and their symbolic way of self-righteous response to the Oromo defiance against colonialism. Those who believed that exercising peaceful means of struggle under the Tigreans colonial rule must finally learn what it means to exercise military force.

My long standing position about the impossibility to remove the Tigre colonial rule via peaceful means may have seemed unrealistic to the lovers of empire Ethiopia at first glance, but now it must be clear whose view contradict with reality.

The evil empire which the Amharic speaking groups regard as symbol of their freedom survived so far by denying the Oromo people the right to life and peace. Like the Abyssinian rulers before them, the Tigrean colonists are killing and jailing the Oromians today in order to save their evil empire and the incarceration  of Dr. Marara Gudina affirms that the only way of saving empire Ethiopia is by murdering and by jailing the Oromians.  In light of such declarations and in view of such testimony, one must be able to understand why tens of thousands are willingly pay such a terrible price with their lives.  The simple answer for this is that the Oromians are paying such hefty prices in order to redeem themselves from shame of living under a small tribe colonial rue.

On the other hand however, because the killer tribe and it’s supporters are greatly benefiting from the agony of the oromians who cry in empire Ethiopia’s prisons and all over the fields where they were shot and left to bleed to death, they have to continue hanging to power. For example,  because the relatives of the incarcerated are willing to pay out of fear, the OPDO pimps and spies are collecting hundreds of millions of birr on weekly basis from the relatives of those who are suffering in jails and prisons while also soliciting sex to their Tigrean masters.  Mean time, amid all these, the bitter mockery of trial continues to go on forcing thousands to wear a white t-shirt with the writing on it ” We  are sorry for our action and this will never happen again!”

“Aylemedeniim,” the writing across the white T-shirt of course, intended to symbolize the Tigre vicious crown of power obtained from the tears of the Oromo mothers, from the flesh of young Oromo children scattered allover Oromia’s soil, from the blood that spilled on the streets and the university dorms and from the burned skin of young Oromo boys and girls whose body was set a blaze in Ambo, Qallitti, Ziway and Qilinxoo prisons.

Nevertheless, all things considered, millions of colonized people are willing to face the harsh reality that Ethiopianism has brought upon them and are sharing the burden of the harsh realities that the Abyssinians have created for them today.   Olbaanaa Leelisa and tens of thousands of Oromians, Ogadenians and Sidaamas may suffer today from this terrifying pain which caused by the pulling of their nails out or when their hands and feet were pierced with sharp knives, when heavy objets hanged on men’s testicles and Tigreans fevered torture is exercised on the bodies that they suspend from the ceiling.  This is the Ethiopia, the instrument of  colonized people’s torture chamber, the terrible device designed to destroy the Oromo Peace, the evil recompense of freedom and equality that we can not forget. This is a united Ethiopia that thrives by murdering and torturing the Oromo that we can’t forget.

We cannot forget this Ethiopia. We must never forget her, because she sucked life out of our young, old, educated and educated. We can’t forget the gloom and the darkness of the slavery that Ethiopia have brought upon us and drained away the hopes of most ardent and knowing men and women of Oromia so that the colonizers can have this everlasting pleasure out of  Oromians sorrowful life.

The young men and women who were wounded or lost their limbs during the anti slavery revolt now sit somewhere in Oromia and ponder as to when Ethiopia’s slavery will end.  Like the remaining millions, they wish to see Waraana Bilisummaa Oromo to emerge and tell everyone that they have not forgotten the Ethiopia that cut off their legs, took out their eyes and destroyed their hopes.

The is the Ethiopia that all the born and unborn Oromians, the Sidaamas, the Affar and Ogadenians are the witnesses and will continue to testify how her glorious vision destroyed their and will continue to fight her until the truth is restored.  Like the rest, I too now bear solemn testimony that the vicious killing and murder that is going on all over empire Ethiopia provides us all the strength needed to stay committed to the liberation struggle.

And so, we shall remain believing that Ethiopia is the symbol of death and shame for the colonized majority and we shall continue fighting her  singing;

Because of the killed Oromians we live,
Triumphant and victorious we believe,
Hence, the Agazii army can’t degrade
Our dream to be free to the end!
We shall march forward with faith,
To overcome Ethiopia’s racist death,
We will fight to our last breath!

Rundassa Asheetee Hundee
Dec, 2016

3 thoughts on “This is the Ethiopia we can’t forget! – By Rundassa Asheetee Hunde

  1. Dear Rundassa,

    Your article is clear and sound. Qeerroo has to continue with the struggle. Oromo freedom will not come from abroad. Those of us who are outside Oromia can support but will not be able to liberate Oromia. Road closing, market boycotting, civil disobedience, and self supporting activities have to continue. All the properties in Oromia belong to Oromos. Therefore, Qeerroo has all the rights to claim and take back any property that is controlled and claimed by the colonizers. This is the natural right of the Oromos.

    The OPDO members who are still on the side of the colonizers are # 1 enemies of the Oromo people and have to be treated as the “gantuus” of the South Africa Apartheid. We have to take the ultimate action on the OPDOs first. Once we clean our homestead, we can deal with the colonizers. The world has heard about the genocide on the Oromo people and it is up to the Oromos to defend ourselves with all possible tools. The days of waiting for the international community to liberate the Oromos are over. If the colonizers have a hearing ears let them leave Oromia immediately. If not the blood is on their hands. Enough is enough!!

  2. Mr Rundasa,

    As always you , mixed many thoughts . It is not know to public that any of OLF leader joined SELAMAWI ONEG.. You do not know what you are talking about.
    You are arguing that the reason of failure to achieve meaningful results in struggle for liberation is due to OLF leadership who are running after their personal benefits. What benefits you are talking about?
    You said that the leaders do not have ambition.
    Of course, they have ambition not personal. The OLF leaders built the nation from scratch. Even, when you were crying for EMIYE Ethiopia. the were fighting to liberate your mind. You have to say thanks to them . Today, you talk and write about Oromo.
    Lichoo and Kumsa are enemies spy. Nothing else. Take deep breathe and think how far the liberation struggle moved, and who you were before 1991? I do not know person who use localism for personal ambition more than you.

  3. Rudasaa
    you are confused and mentally prisoner of the past. in order to get our freedom we have to make a genuine alliance with other freedom fighters in Ethiopia especially Amharas.your confused idea do not help oromos.

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