(BBC Focus on Africa) — Turkish electrical cable factory BMET is now fully operational after being burnt down by protesters in Ethiopia’s Oromia region last month.

The region has been hit by an unprecedented wave of anti-government protests in recent months.

The company says it suffered $6m (£4.8m) in damages, with other losses from the period of closure still being assessed.


Several foreign-owned businesses were attacked in Oromia in October, following a stampede at a religious festival in which 55 people died.

Protesters said violence by the security forces led to the stampede, an accusation denied by the government.

The Ethiopian investments Commission says it’s in talks with factories and flower farms that were affected in the unrest to help in the restarting of business.

It is considering compensation, year-long tax breaks and other incentives to help the businesses, which were mainly foreign owned.

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Signs of the damage caused are still visible outside the factory:

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5 thoughts on “Ethiopia reopens factory damaged in Oromo protests

  1. poor response to journalist.That could be:

    1) People can attack because their constitutional rights were breached and they are displaced.
    2) That is victims who attacked and the reason can be obtained from themselves, and I am in UK!

  2. Now Oromos know where to target the Wayanes : economic infrastructure. Kudos to Oromos.
    And what else ? Down, down and down Wayanes!!!

  3. This news attacks the victims (the Oromos), rather than attacking the aggressor (wayane). It doesn’t take into account the life lost. It intentionally reduced the number of the victimized (killed) Oromos to 55 (which is Wayane’s number), while all independent institutions estimated the massacre at Irreechaa has costed up to 700 lives of innocent Oromos, from all walks of life. Therefore, this news is completely off balance, it is inhumane, racistic in nature – it stands for the rich. It stands for the investors, but not for the victims – the dying oromo sons and daughters. It camouflages Wayane’s cruelty, brutality, crime, genocide under ‘economic issue’. We need objective journalists, objective journalism, not a mouth piece of Wayane.

  4. OK let us the factory is reopened but the oromo question is not answered. The TPLF answer to the question is cruelty and agressivness therefore it doesn’t matter whether reopened or new one build the same fate is expected to happen . Now probably ‘betemengist ‘ will be the next target.

  5. The Turkish company is among the legitimate targets to be hit halyard in nearer future As Turkia itself another human rights violators and have been one of firms participated financing Tigray TPLF ints ethnic cleansing against Oromo people and sadama of South nationalities regional state
    Erdogan algaeda fascism should immediately vacate Oromia or face consequences..

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