It is at least the sixth time Ethiopia has crossed into Kenyan territory, and could strain erstwhile strong bilateral ties

kenyeay(m.mgafrica) — NAIROBI will seek an explanation from Addis Ababa after Ethiopian soldiers killed three Kenyan police officers in foreign territory, Kenyan media reported Sunday.

Kenyan security forces including the army have since been deployed to the border following the Friday incursion, the Sunday Nation, the country’s largest circulating, reported.

The Ethiopian soldiers are said to have entered Kenyan territory and shot the officers in an ambush before destroying a police vehicle and seizing a reported four fireams.

The bodies of the slain officers were Saturday flown to the capital Nairobi, Kenyan authorities said.

“All cross-border issues are supposed to be addressed at diplomatic level, hence we will be seeking an explanation from Ethiopia on why this happened,” Moffat Kangi, the County Commissioner of Marsabit, the northern region in which the incident occurred, told the publication.

“We want to know why they engaged our police yet we have never intruded into their territory,” Mr Kangi said.

The Ethiopian soldiers are said to have been pursuing members of the proscribed Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) who had killed an Ethiopian chief on Thursday.

But Mr Kangi said they had not received any prior alert from Ethiopia.

Ethiopian soldiers have reportedly crossed into Kenya five times in the last nine months.

Established in 1973, OLF has been pushing for the self-determination of the Oromia region. The Oromo are the country’s largest community with 30 million members, or a third of the Horn of Africa country’s population.

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The central government will have none of it,  the region being a breadbasket and accounting for nearly two-thirds of its top export coffee.

Rights groups accuse the government of “ruthlessly targeting” the ethnic group with Amnesty International in October 2014 releasing a report that claimed the torture of thousands of Oromos.

Amnesty said that the majority of Oromo people targeted are accused of supporting the OLF, but that the “allegation is frequently unproven” and termed it “merely a pretext to silence critical voices and justify repression.”

Kenya and Ethiopia are allies, and have a defence pact dating back to the days of Emperor Haile Selassie and Kenya’s independence leader Jomo Kenyatta.

The two countries were so closely allied strategically, Kenyatta gave Selassie a generous piece of land close to State House Nairobi for Ethiopia to build its mission.

But the latest incident, coming on the back of other incursions, is likely to test those relations.

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  1. Waaqayyoo yoom iyyuu hinuma hojjeta hojii isaa
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    Inni haqa hin jalisuu WOf hin ta’a isaaf golgaa
    Waaqayyoo hin hojeta hojiin isaa dinqqii dha
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    Oromoo, hin taa’in kan kee yeroon ammaa!!!
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    Gargaarsa Waaqayyoon wayyaanee hinjifadhu!!!

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  2. For All of you … this is from OLF Command center …. we have now surrendered in particular we urge the ONLF to surrender as well …. we read interesting story by a BBC journalist see an excerpt below … it is interesting … I myself have millions of dollars collected from gullible diaspora for OLF army I can use that to invest and benefit all Ethiopians … but first I invest it in Bahri Dar as it is peaceful ….. I urge all diaspora to move to our peceful country Ethiopia who know once all is finished it will be The Great KingDom of Ethiopia including Djubite and Somlaia … read the excerpt below

    “Constructing a rail link to Berbera would be a major challenge. This is mainly because Somaliland’s ambiguous status means it would be difficult to secure vital international funding. But the territory is relatively stable, and, unlike in conflict-ridden southern and central Somalia, a railway line is unlikely to face threats of sabotage.
    Somalia has several ports, and the potential for many more. It is possible to envisage rail lines linking Ethiopia and the Somali interior with ports all the way down the country, from Zeila in the north-east to Kismayo in the south.
    This prospect for economic growth might serve as an incentive for the weak, sometimes directionless Somali government, and indeed foreign donors who have poured billions into the country since it fell apart nearly 30 years ago, often to little effect.
    Perhaps the idea of a railway would spur on Somalis and their allies to drive out violent groups, including the al-Qaeda linked movement al-Shabab, which controls much of the country.
    As one Ethiopian rail enthusiast put it: “Maybe Mr Getachew will be remembered not only as Ethiopia’s Brunel but as a peacemaker for the entire region.””

    1. Dream it. Ethiopia Empire will crumble before your eye in near future. GCC countries are surrounding you . is that to develop the empire? The BBC news projection of peace is in contrary to the reality what happening in the ground. continue your fantasy!

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  4. @whitestar. Do not. Be angry ana is telling the truth thiese days there is more truth for unification with Ethiopia. Read http;/ Her you will find out the demNd of Somali land people. They want reunification with mother Ethiopia. Do not be angry on the inevitable ..,

  5. @whitestar Slow down calm down man are you on drug …. all what is written is a suggestion for peace in east …. you get nervous when you hear peace ……….

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  8. @Ayaanle

    Bro you are absolutely right in your assessment about Somali division and self destruction elements in our mist and I agree that Somalis are more divided then ever before and our enemies have tried to take advantage of our situation but have failed to take advantage of this golden opportunity the last thirty years that should tell you something about habasha strength and mentality. Habasha should know their luck is running out and they missed the boat if they think Somalia will join utopia and willingly come in in to the arms of habasha master who have nothing to offer but empty stomach and despair. Hell they can’t even convince their own Eritrea to rejoin them which are more similar them both culturally and linguistically. No matter how hard the habasha try they can never wipe Somali name of the world map. The Somalis have fought far more powerful and more sophisticated colonial powers then ignorant and impoverished habasha who run around with donated ak47. As far as Somalia is concern things are getting better and people are slowly but surely realizing this political deadlock and clannish agenda is not working.

    Somalinimo iyo midnimo
    Tokkomma tokkomma ya ilma orommo and every other oppressed nation. Insha Allah.

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  11. @Whitestar now you lost me ….. the site is simply nothing but admiring the greatness of Ethiopians and the King from the perspective of Sylvia by the way I personally admire her courage and stand for us Ethiopians during our dark time … unlike your ancestors who fought us along side Italy in Ogden there are a number of heroes and heroine for all tribes in Ethiopia stretching from Ogaden to Tgrie west Gojam down to Jimma … read history …. you are too ignorant on Ethiopia and the strong link that the people of Ethiopia have with Somaliland, putland and Djiboute people … they are one Country in the past and they will be one under the Kingdom of EThiopia KE ……

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  13. @whitestar the mere fact cannot be rewritten or twisted by foolish and idiot like you ….it is a history written by the blood of the heroes and heroines of Ethiopians … Ethiopians fought back the fascist starting right the day the Italian army set foot on their country and continue fighting until the last person of the Italian army fled back where they came from.. Your twisted reasoning will mean nothing as it does not hold water at all …. Note that what is right is right .. at least it would have been becoming of you to admit the fact that Ethiopians fight back against the aggressors of Europe both in the battle of Adwa and during second World War has been an inspiration for so many black freedom fighters and movements all over the world starting in US and all the way to African decolonization fight back. The contribution of Ethiopia for the emancipation of Africa from the yolk of colonization is a fact that no one deny as it has been admitted by so many and is written in Gold in the history of the black people …If you are human and African you should know better …. sorry I guess you consider yourself as an Arab … I urge you to read the book entitled Prevail: The Inspiring Story of Ethiopia’s Victory over Mussolini’s Invasion, 1935–1941 .. this might open your rusted and mean attitude little brain to the whole new version of history that hopefully might inspire you to do something about your extreme ISIS affiliated corrupted stand against humanity ….

  14. Are you really good example for the rest of Africa. That is another myth build up the last hundred years. In fact you are nothing but uncle tom and errand boy for white men and you suffer from identity crisis. Have good read below of your real history of treachery of the Africa continent during colonial times.

    Editorial by Marcus Garvey in the Black Man – London March/April 1937


    When the facts of history are written Haile Selassie of Abyssinia will go down as a great coward who ran away from his country to save his skin and left the millions of his countrymen to struggle through a terrible war that he brought upon them because of his political ignorance and his racial disloyalty.

    It is a pity that a man of the limited intellectual calibre and weak political character like Haile Selassie became Emperor of Abyssinia at so crucial a time in the political history of the world. Unfortunately, Abyssinia lost the controlling influence of a political personality of patriotic racial character like the late Menelik, whose loyalty to his race and devotion to his country excelled all his other qualities, to the extent that he was able to use that very strength to continuously safeguard the interests of the Ethiopian Empire. What he did so well to preserve, a cringing, white slave hero worshipper, visionless and disloyal to his country, threw away. This is the impression the serious minded political student forms of the conduct of the ex-Emperor of Abyssinia.


    Every Negro who is proud of his race must be ashamed of the way in which Haile Selassie surrendered himself to the white wolves of Europe. These statements may be considered very severe, and in fact, they are. We could have been otherwise apologetic and sympathetic, but that would have been only if we were dealing with a Coptic Priest or a Religious Monk and not a[n] Emperor who held and presided over the political trust of twelve million people of his own country, and the political destiny of the entire Negro race.

    This little misguided Emperor could not realize that he held in his hands the political trust of the hundreds of millions of Negroes of the world, men and women, who were looking up toward the firm establishment of political sovereignty, and that Ethiopia, like Liberia and Haiti were to them prizes of glory to be perpetuated and strengthened in the maintenance of the dignity of that black race that other men have claimed to be incompetent, inferior and unworthy, which every black man must disprove.


    When the war started in Abyssinia all Negro nationalists looked with hope to Haile Selassie. They spoke for him, they prayed for him, they sung for him, they did everything to hold up his hands, as Aaron did for Moses; but whilst the Negro peoples of the world were praying for the success of Abyssinia this little Emperor was undermining the fabric of his own kingdom by playing the fool with white men, having them advising him[,] having them telling him what to do, how to surrender, how to call off the successful thrusts of his Rases against the Italian invaders.

    Yes, they were telling him how to prepare his flight, and like an imbecilic child he followed every advice and then ultimately ran away from his country to England, leaving his people to be massacred by the Italians, and leaving the serious white world to laugh at every Negro and repeat the charge and snare – „he is incompetent,” „we told you so.” Indeed Haile Selassie has proved the incompetence of the Negro for political authority, but thank God there are Negroes who realize that Haile Selassie did not represent the truest qualities of the Negro race. How could he, when he wanted to play white? how could he, when he surrounded himself with white influence? how could he, when in a modem world, and in a progressive civilization, he preferred a slave State of black men than a free democratic country where the black citizens could rise to the same opportunities as white citizens in their democracies?


    The truth must be told so that the white world will realize that it was not the pride of the Negro that surrendered in Abyssinia. It was the disloyalty of a single man who was too silly to take pride in his race, who played such a game as to disgrace the political integrity of a noble people. The Negroes of Abyssinia and of the world are satisfied however that Abyssinia was not conquered by Italy and the European forces of Mussolini. Abyssinia was only conquered by the black levies of Italy.

    The Askaris have really been the victors in Abyssinia. [Rodolfo] Graziani only marched into Addis Ababa after he had made sure of the advanced guard of the Askaris. Every battle that the Italians won in Abyssinia resulted from the advanced charge of the Askaris. It was black men fighting black men, and this was made possible in Abyssinia because the regime of Haile Selassie had given a bad taste to the mouth, not only of the blacks of Abyssinia but of those of the surrounding territories. They felt that they had a cause against the Amharic white loving Emperor who liked to chain and flog black men, and whose brutality to them gave Mussolini the cause to fool the world that he was bestowing a blessing upon the people of Abyssinia by freeing them.


    It was a piece of impertinence to suggest that black men should be held as slaves. We must admit that we glorified Haile Selassie when the war started, fought his battles to win international support, but we ever felt deep down in our hearts that he was a slave master. We had hoped that if Abyssinia had won that we would have forced the Government of Abyssinia to free the black whom they held as slaves. We would have preferred this than seeing the country taken by Mussolini or any European power; but now that the country is temporarily lost and the Emperor has cowardly exiled himself, the truth must be told.


    The future freedom of Abyssinia must be built upon the highest principles of democracy. That is why it is preferable for the Abyssinian Negroes and the Negroes of the world to work for the restoration and freedom of the country without the assistance of Haile Selassie, because at best he is but a slave master. The Negroes of the Western World whose forefathers suffered for three hundred years under the terrors of slavery ought to be able to

    appreciate what freedom means. Surely they cannot feel justified in supporting any system that would hold their brothers in slavery in another country whilst they are enjoying the benefits of freedom elsewhere. The Africans who are free can also appreciate the position of slaves in Abyssinia. What right has the Emperor to keep slaves when all the democratic sections of the world were free, when men had the right to live, to develop, to expand, to enjoy all the benefits of human liberty.

    The Emperor who has been exiled in Europe must have seen the civilization of Europe. In England where he lives he sees that men are not flogged and chained and kicked because of their colour or because of their condition, but where true human liberty guarantees to every man the happiest pursuit he can bring to himself. It has been reported that he is leaving England for Syria, where a large number of Abyssinian refugees are living.

    There is an interpretation that the decision to leave England and to live among „his people?” in Syria is to perpetuate his divine majesty in the presence of that king worship that he doesn’t get in England, where men look at others as equals and not as masters by divine right. In truth, the Emperor is out of place in democratic England. He wants to be once more in the environment of the feudal Monarch who looks down upon his slaves and serfs with contempt. Except he changes the attitude of thinking himself better than the Negro who constitutes the larger number of Ethiopia and profit by the experience he has gained, he should not be a fit person to be in authority in the very country in which he was born.

    After all, Haile Selassie is just an ordinary man like any other human being. What right has he to hold men as slaves? It is only the misfortune of the slaves that causes him to be a slave master. Negroes who have the dignity of their race at heart resent the impertinence of anyone holding the blacks as slaves. Haile Selassie ought to realise this and abolish his foolish dream of being an Emperor of slaves and serfs and try to be an Emperor of noble men, and for him to be that he must himself be the noblest of them all. He hasn’t proved his nobility in the war between Italy and Abyssinia. Ras Desta proved to be the Lord, the Nobleman of Ethiopia whilst Halle Selassie proved a cringing coward!

    Ethiopian leaders such as Ras Alula Engida, Yohannes IV, Menelik II, and Haile Selassie are often regarded as being staunch anti-colonial leaders by many Ethiopian writers. This portrayal of them isn’t a very accurate one as it selectively ignores much of their collaboration with colonial forces. Let’s analyze the four worst Ethiopian rulers and review direct quotes from each of them, their own words condemn them and reveal they are each counter revolutionaries and anti-african. The four leaders we are going to analyze are:

    ~Yohannes IV (born Kassay Mercha) Ruled from: 1872 – 1889
    ~Ras Alula Engida : Was Yohannes’ General
    ~Menelik II (born Sahle Maryam) Ruled from: 1889 – 1913
    ~Haile Selassie (born Tafari Makonnen) Ruled from: 1930 – 1935
    Selassie ruled again from 1942- 1974

    Shocking as this may be for some of you all of the following quotes are historical facts so let history be the judge of these men.

    ~Yohannes IV (born Kassay Mercha) Ruled from: 1872 – 1889

    Kassay Mercha of Tigray (later to be renamed Yohannes IV) is regarded as curbing colonialism by Ethiopian historians, a simple glance at his past shows that he came to power with the help of colonial British forces himself. It was not till Yohannes collaborated with British forces to dislodge emperor Tewodros did he become emperor himself. For his cooperations with the British, he ended up receiving British weapons and training of his troops, which led to his subsequent rise to power. Someone who worked with colonial forces to defeat their own countrymen certainly can not be taking as being anti-colonial.

    Tewodros’s death in 1868, which, like his life, was a turning point in his country’s history, left Ethiopia again divided, and without a ruler. Three rival personalities then held power in different areas. The first to gain prominence was Wagshum Gobaze, the ruler of Amhara, Wag and Lasta, who was immediately crowned Emperor Takla Giyorgis at Gondar. He was, however, soon effectively challenged by Dajzmach Kasa Mercha of Tigray. The latter was militarily more pwerful, in part on account of the gift of arms he had received from the Napier expedition, and assiatance given him by a former member of the British force, John Kirkham, who had volunteered to train his army on European lines. Gobaze set out with 60,000 men to capture Adwa, the then capital of Tigray, but Kasa, making good use of his British guns, defeated him at the battle of Assam, on 11 July 1871. He then proclaimed himself Emperor Yohannes IV, on 21 January of the following year. The third contestant for power was Menilek, heir to the throne of Shawa, who had been one of Tewodro’s prisoners at Maqdala, but escaped in 1865, and proclaimed himself king of his province. Though then the weakest of the three chiefs, he for a time laid ineffective claim to the imperial throne, which he was eventually to inherit. (2001, Richard Pankhurst, p.162)

    Kassa [Yohannes] for his cooperation by presenting him with six mortars, six howitzers, as well as 850 muskets, and a goodly supply of ammunition. This somewhat unexpected military windfall contributed greatly to his subsequent rise to power. (2001, Richard Pankhurst, p. 161.)

    Through out most of his reign, Yohannes stayed in close contact with the British. He wrote many letters to British leaders and often regarded the British as his ‘protector’.

    „I have now another mother and another protector among the European kings and people: Only believe England as my country: if my country is fair in the religion and of our Lord Jesus Christ we are one and near. I cannot believe that your Majesty shall separate me from your children.” (1991, Okbazghi Yohannes, p. 41)

    ~Ras Alula Engida : Was Yohannes’ General

    After the defeat of Yohannes by the Sudanese Mahdist, Ras Alula desperately tried to solicit the Italians for friendship, confirming that they can occupy all the lands up till the Mereb River (modern Eritrea), which is still the historical and modern border between Medri-bahri/Eritrea and Tigray/Ethiopia. Although by this point, it was evident that Ras Alula had already crossed the Mereb river and retreated back into Tigray, which completely ended his brief occupation over Medri-Bahri or Mareb Mellash as the Tigrayans called it. These following two quotes made by Ras Alula shows us without a doubt, that leaders of Tigray/Abyssinia of the late 19th century, were in alliance with the Italians for their political survival and that the regions of north of the Mereb river were foreign to them.

    But if he [Menilek] gives as a present what is out of his door [the Marab Mellash] the present is of no value. You want the country to the Mareb (Eritrean highlands) to cultitivate your gardens, to build your houses, to construct your churches…? We can give it to you. [And not menilek.] Let the Italian soldiers come to Adwa, I shall come to meet them like a friend. (1996, Ḥagai Erlikh, p. 164)

    „And you (Italians), why do you need to look for distant friends? We are neighbors (meaning Medri Bahri and Tigray) and can serve each other. You want the road to be open and I want the road to be open. You should guard to the Mereb River and I will guard it to Gondar and even beyond Gondar. We must be able to go to the coast to trade in order that our country (meaning Tigray) would flourish, with the help of God, Menelik is too far to be of any use to you. Let us make friendship between us. (1996, Ḥagai Erlikh, 164)”

    ~Menelik II (born Sahle Maryam) Ruled from: 1889 – 1913

    Although Menelik is regarded as fighting colonialism by Ethiopian scholars and others alike, it was Menelik himself who worked alongside with Italians colonialist, going as far as stating that he himself felt Italian and wished no greater desire then to visiting Italy. Menelik told then Italian representative to Abyssinia, Count Antonelli:

    “that he d Italy so much that he felt ‘half Italian and no greater wish that to go there and see it’ (1986, Chris Prouty, p. 57)

    Menelik himself viewed the Italians as close allies and at times, his protectors. In a letter written to the then Italian King Umberto, Menelik begged the King of Italy to protect him from his enemies; namely Yohannes, and he reassured the Italian king that his region was theirs to share with.

    „I beg Your Majesty to defend me against every one as I don’t know what European kings will say about this let others know that this region is ours.” (1986, Chris Prouty, p. 54)

    Menelik is also again on record telling the then Italian representative to Ethiopia, Count Antonelli, „that he d Italy so much that he felt ‘half Italian and no greater wish that to go there and see it”

    Here’s the whole quote of Menelik’s identity issues and his claims as the Italians as his friends:

    „” i italy and I it so much that almost I feel myself Italian, and I have no other desire than to go if it were possible, I myself (want) to see this Italy, to which many years of friendship bind me.”

    „Via Antonelli’s courier, Menelik informed the King of Italy that he would like the Italian soldiers to occupy Asmara, in order to discourage the imperial pretensions of Mengesha Yohannes (the son of Emperor Yohannes).” „There after,” added Menelik, „God will give me the throne that for many years I have had the right to have.”

    Menelik II also had wrote to King Umberto of Italy and said, among other things, that this region was theres to share with:
    „I beg Your Majesty to defend me against every one as I don’t know what European kings will say about this let others know that this region is ours.”
    Chris Prouty, „Empress Taytu and Menelik II,” p. 54

    Just like the Tigrayan leaders of Alula and Mengesha, Menelik of showa had asked the Italians to occupy Medri-Bahri (Eritrean highlands) as well, despite the fact that he had no control over that region.

    „Via Antonelli’s courier, Menelik informed the King of Italy that he would like the Italian soldiers to occupy Asmara, in order to discourage the imperial pretensions of Mengesha Yohannes (the son of Emperor Yohannes).” „There after,” added Menelik, „God will give me the throne that for many years I have had the right to have.” (1986, Chris Prouty, p.61)

    ~Haile Selassie (born Tafari Makonnen) Ruled from: 1930 – 1935
    Selassie ruled again from 1942- 1974

    Menelik himself even stated that he was a ‘Caucasian’. This non-African identity was also stated by Haile Selassie.

    ‘I am not a Negro at all; I am a Caucasian’ the Emperor Menelik told the West Indian pan-Africanist Benito Sylvian who had come to Addis Ababa to solicit the Emperor’s leadership in a society for the ‘Amelioration of the Negro race.’ Haile Sellassie confirmed that view in a declaration to Chief H. O. Davis, a well known Nigerian nationalist, stating that the Ethiopians did not regard themselves as Africans, but as ‘a mixed Hamito-Semitic people (2006, John H. Spencer, p. 306)

    When Halie Selassie was invaded by Mussolini’s Italian forces in 1935, he had offered to sell large chunks of Ethiopia off to Italy for one and a half milliard Lira. Halie Selassie even offered to have Italian advisors to direct his policies, effectively offering to be a vessel, in return to hold on to some form of power. However, this last ditch effort to hold on to power was rejected by Mussolini.

    In his desperate act to hold power, Haile Selassie now made a secret peace overture to Mussolini, sending a former Ethiopian Minister in Rome to contact the Italian consul in Djibouti. He offered to sell a large part of Ethiopia to Italy for one and half milliard Lira and to appoint six Italian advisors to direct the policy of his government. Mussolini sent sourteous reply to the intermediary, expressing his pleasure that the Negus had at last decided to negotiate directly with him; but he said the offer was unacceptable.” (1997, by Jasper Godwin Ridley, p.270)

    Haile Selassie always racially associated himself with Europeans. He denied he was black
    Haile Selassie always racially associated himself with Europeans. He denied he was black, photo taken in 1920s
    When Haile Selasie, the emperor of Ethiopia, was interviewed by the Nigerian
    Daily times about Ethiopian racial identity in the 1930s, he said, “That
    Ethiopians were not, and did not regard themselves as negros, as they
    were a Hamito-Semitic people”

    A west African pan-Africanist, Benito Sylvain, who went to Addis Ababa to enlist his support for a society for the ‘Amelioration of the Negro Race’. Menelik replied, ‘Yours is an excellent idea… The Negro should be uplifted… I wish you the greatest possible sucess. But in coming to me to take the leeadership,[SIZE=undefined] you are knocking at the wrong door, so to speak. You know, I am not a Negro at all; I am a Caucasian.

    When Haile Selassie fled to London, Gravey tried to contact him but was snubbed, and it was reported that „the emperor did not desire any contact with ‘Negroes.’” (1963, Harold Robert Isaacs, p. 153)

    Unhappy with the being snubbed, the famous Marcus Gravey wrote the following quote about Halie Selassie:

    Mussolini of Italy has conquered Haile Selassie of Abyssinia, but he has not conquered the Abyssinians nor Abyssinia. The Emperor of Abyssinia allowed himself to be conquered, by playing white, by trusting to white advisers and by relying white Governments, including the white League of Nations. We can remember in 1920 inviting the Government of Abyssinia to send representatives to the International Convention of the Negro Peoples of the world in common with other Negro Conventions, the Abyssinian Government returned the communication unopened. Its policy then, as during the Italo-Abyssinian war, was no doubt to rely completely on the advice and friendship of white people. They ignored Negro relationship[s] from without and throttled Negro aspirations from within. The result was that they dragged along without any racial policy, except that of the ruling classes, believing themselves white and better than the rest, with a right to suppress the darker elements which make up the tremendous population. (2009, By Girma Menelik, p.57)


  15. Do you know how to read I mean read for real. This rather long discussion further strengthens the argument of the braveness of Ethiopians. Remember we are talking about Ethiopians not the rulers. You are really silly and idiot for not understanding what is there in plain English. Read Garvey ‘s admiration of Ethiopians for fighting back not to be colonised if
    You really want to understand. As to the opinion of the writer and various quotes mentioned in the sentences regardingthe rulers, leaving the accuracy of the facts aside, it does not by any means diminish the contribution of Ethiopians struggle to the freedom struggle of the black people by demonstrating the mere fact and moto … “yes we can fight back… No we can not be colonised .. “. They did this against all odds using their traditional weapons spear and sword and shield against the more modern weapons of Europe. And guess what they did it. Unlike your ancestors they did the unthinkable and avoided to be used by white people and show the world that blacks can fight back. No matter what you try to tarnish Ethiopia you will not succeed because we did it for 3000 years and we will do it now as well. Enemies of Ethiopia came in different forms but all were destroyed. Your fate is no different from your ancestors who stood by Italian and killed their own blood and flesh. Guess what we are an expert and experience on how to deal with the fifth column like you …. Try hard as you might your fate is to be crushed like cockroach as was the case with your ancestors. The United arms of all Ethiopians of all walk of life is here to stay for ever … Do not kid yourself with the phantom dream world that you built …. It is nothing but dream

  16. K I could not put it better than that .. this scumbag has completely lost it … Ethiopia is not south Somali infested with hatred and anti African .. if this guy gets his way he will not return from slaughtering innocent children and civilians ,,, the good thing is we have real Somalis of Punt land and Somali land with our own heroes and heroines of Ogadeni people who faught Italy and white colonizers hard so .. it only a matter of time before we root out these cancerous sh***tt once for all ……..

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