Ethiopia targets opposition who met with European lawmakers

Ethiopia targets opposition who met with European lawmakers

Ethiopia says it will not release a leading opposition figure detained under the country’s state of emergency after meeting with European lawmakers in Belgium.

Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn told reporters on Monday that Merara Gudina of the Oromo Federalist Congress party instead will face justice.

The prime minister says “individuals in the European Parliament who are harboring anti-peace elements cannot save those who trespass the law of the country.”

Merara is one of 22,000 people the prime minister says were detained under the state of emergency declared in October after widespread anti-government protests.

Merara was arrested immediately after he returned from Belgium. He was accused of meeting with members of an armed Ethiopian opposition group in Brussels, an act banned under the emergency law.

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  1. Addis Zemen January 9, 2017 at 5:57 pm #

    10,000 people that were areested in Oromia got released. When the people were arrested it was under the assumption “Violence broke out during an Oromo religious festival, and in some instances foreigners seem to have been targeted. ”

    But now many prosecutors agree Violence was not the case. The people at the Erecha celebration thought aliens invaded their country. They thought the foreigners were aliens from another planet.
    Close to a thousand threw themselves of a cliff just because they saw a helicopter flying near them. Many are paralized hundreds died. Now the injured are trying to blame the helicopter pilot for their injuries by saying the pilot caused their injuries by scaring them, flying like an alien abductor UFO would . After the prosecutor agreed it was an accident or suicide that caused the deaths of hundreds of people at the Erecha celebration, the suspected 10,000 prisoners got released. The prosecutors are blaming those that spoke with the European parliament for spreading false information about what really happened at the Erecha celebration.

  2. Waa'hima Saba January 10, 2017 at 9:33 am #

    Why the world couldn’t see who is a terrorist? Or is it carelessness to the life of oromo people? It is very clear that the so-called Ethiopian government by any measure is a terrorist regime against its own people, and the west even. Now, the European parliament (the major Donner of this tplf terrorist organization) invited our leader Pro. Merera Gudia and right after his return from that meeting the terrorist group detained him. In return the EU hasn’t take any strong action other than the same useless talk. Is it a set up ti call our leader to the meeting or what is the silence ? The British government has also done the same thing to Mr andargachew tsege; they kept silent when British citizen is unjustly kidden upped. All the western donners know that tplf is a dictator group ruling the country with out the majority approval and there will be no stability in the horn of Africa while this terrorist group is still in power. Why the Donner countries still continue pouring financial support for the tplf to destroy the oromo people from the earth? If they detain 22,000 in few months you can easily figure out how many they have detained, tortured, and killed in 25yrs. The oromo people and other Ethiopian nations and nationalities have a legitimate reason to fight back this mafia group and take back our freedom.

  3. Baayisa Nagu January 11, 2017 at 11:12 am #

    Addis Zemen,

    Are you being sarcastic about Oromo? Or, are you trying to relieve the TPLF thugs from genocide and spread a rumor that it’s one person’s responsibility as you alluded the helicopter pilot? The fact speaks for itself! TPLF is on genocidal rampage primarily against Oromo.

    Waa’hima Saba,

    I agree with all you said but this one: “against its own people”

    Oromo is not TPLF’s own people!!!
    TPLF’s own people are living in peace, prosperity, and power at their disposal.

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