34 thoughts on “Ethiopian PM Hailemariam Desalegn gives unusual speech where he condemns ethnic politics

  1. This propaganda of PM Hailemariam Desalegn is not an attack on the so-called ethnic politics per se. It’s not new propaganda of the regime either. More or less, it is the same as what the late PM Meles stated a number of times. In short, it is an attack on Amharas as chauvinists and Oromos as narrow nationalists. This strategy has been in application since TPLF grabbed power in 1991.

    I don’t understand why the Amhara elites, and their extension propaganda mouthpiece, VOA Amharic, made it a new development. In fact, what is surprising is not what PM HD stated but Amharas taking it as a new development. Or else it is just feel-good propaganda of the Amharas.

  2. The Tigres-Agazis initially thought, their way of ethnic classification of the public would help them stay on power indefinitely after giving each ethnic their share ( Agazi’s share). But, gradually that is not helping them. Even the Majority of Tigres don’t support the Barbarians, so they should have to try another way of …. Actually, the barbarians can stay more than 25 years from now on with out any hesitation by modifying and molding itself every 5 years. he peaceful and none peaceful oppositions would continue crying until then….

  3. This is not new . It is as old as Empire exist. It is the continuation of Habasha rulers propaganda extensively from Derg era.

  4. tebabinet (Narominded ) was and is given to tigre by Amara. So it is your name. Oromo people are a great people.

    Timkiht…….amara ,always wand to be some old system.

  5. Abyssinian pseudo-emperors and their appendix never had clothes and they will never have one in the foreseeable future as long as they are plotting treachery and exploitation of the indigenous people and their way of life.

  6. PM Hailemariam Desalegn can say whatever he likes. Ethnic politics has done massive damage irreparably.There is no way he can repair or reverse the damage done by being the mouth-piece of woyanes/TPLF.

    Two questions we all should ask is this: Why the condemnation at this time of our history? Is the strategy of using ethnic politics to divide and rule Ethiopians falling apart? If that is the case, woyanes/TPLF going is getting tough.

    No thank you Mr. PM HD. We have been fooled and hurt very much by your ethnic politics/policy before and we do not want to be fooled or hurt by another round of anti-ethnic politics campaign or propaganda

    Fool me once, shame on me. Fool me twice, shame on you!!!

    This time, we want you to get lost.

  7. The so-called prime minister had the opportunity to present his case to the Ethiopian people during the last election in a peaceful and deliberative campaign. Instead the mafia opted for stealing the election rather than presenting their issues peacefully. Now he is telling us a different approach. You cannot re-invent everything with free will as you wish when you wish. The fact of the matter is that Haile Mariam was appointed as a prime minister because of ethnic politics as dictated by the TPLF. Today Oromos have been sidelined from the federal structure because of their ethnicity. You cannot keep such a large population from the power structure for long and play a double standard when the time suits your wish.

  8. EPRDF has been playing like a pendulum between those so called Ethiopiansts and Nationalists . When the struggle of oppressed nations for freedom and independence is getting intensified and strong; TPLF/EPRDF starts condemning nationalism by propagating unity and Ethiopianism. When the opposite takes place they do the same thing.
    So currently speech of PM. HD indicates nothing but the tension of the government about those fighters for freedom like OLF, ONLF, SPM…

  9. Evil has never managed to sustain itself in history. The Dergue regime and the TPLF minority regime are both trying to present themselves as invincible might forces while in reality they didn’t have any public support at all. It is time to go with their subterfuge of intrigues that are now backfiring to them.

  10. This wolamo is boozing as feed by agames, what is surprising is that the same lame duck mouthpiece of the old day dreamers echoing as the new event, new development when the late fried frog aka Meles Zenawi had been saying this till the time of his faithful day.

  11. This proves that the pressure is mounting on the TPLF regime. Mieles perished while cursing so-called chauvinists and narrow nationalists. The fate of this TPLF errand boy won’t be different. The real chauvinists and narrow nationalists in Ethiopia of today are Tigreans organized under the TPLF.

  12. The self imposed Abyssinian government swimming in ocean of greediness , ignorance,selfishness,empty pride,humilation after humilation,hunger.erased the possiblity of improving the life of the people one after the other. the possiblity of dreamt coexistance short cut when they sabbotaged 3 years of abba Tenaw ( lij Iyasu),then, 7 years of Zewiditu, 45 years of Hailesellse,17 years of Mengistu,25years of Weyane totally( 3+7+45+17+25=97 almost hunderd years),you greedies it takes only 30 years! for south Koreans to compete as industralized nation at international level.Do you want us to continue with same lie and mischievious hidden agenda? Abyssinians must be stopped, and decapitated.,the French revolution is the only solution wether you like it or not.

  13. it is blessing to live under the umbrella of eprdf .eprdf is by far better than any other party in africa if not to match with labour or cdu party in europe.eprdf is the only party which can lead the country to prospherity and development in the future. There is no alternative to substitute the great party in history. Akebatari hizb

  14. Mario,

    The originator and mother of all the nasty and barbaric ethnic politics were Amhara king menelik and king Haile Selassie who invaded the egalitarian Oromo and other non Amhara countries and them settled the gun totting Amhara neftenyas all over the places outside of Amhara country as thinly spread minorities enforcing usage of Amharic language, Amhara religion, amhara culture, amhahar identity all of which have been significantly reduced after the 1991establishment of Federal system which makes Amharas cry day and night ever since.

    Hailemariam might be wishing to become a dictator by pushing the majority oromos aside, knowing that Oromos are divided and specializing in barking at each like always and through that and may be helping him isolate them like always too. It is not that Hailemariam is now learning new political languages but that Oromos never learn from their experience since they always sabotage each other for everything and anything and through that incompetence transfer power to the weakest adversary on earth. Soon it will the turn of the Gurages to forcefully twist the arms and necks of the shouting and swearing Oromos and rule over them by brute force.

    What Haile Mariam said in the video is not yet a fledged criticism of the federal system but an indication in that direction in order to test the source and power of the resistance because for him personally as member of a tiny minority federalism might be some of threat in case he wishes to keep the PM job until he is 99 years like Robert Mugabe.

    This is only wild speculation but since his wife is an Eritrean and Eritrea does not like Ethnic federalism which might encourage its own 9 ethnics to demand their rights means that Eritrea in currently helping unitarist Amhara ptriots who might line up behind Haile Mariam just like Mario here for the purpose of fooling all others and pushing for the same old Unitarist Amhara elite dictatorship. So, let the poor Oromos only keep sitting on different tree branches and bark at each other while throwing dry pea nuts left and right. 🙂

  15. Ancient régime in Abyssinian’s unitary state was supposedly dismantled, as we know it, in 1991 and replaced with “federal arrangement” in self-rule and have a sayings, for all people, in their own affairs and in the process to address the past grievance, especially, when it comes to nations and nationalities of the country that were bonded thru coercion.

    For all its worth, the current state/regime is now becoming dysfunctional for lack of fair and equitable governance, in which quite of a minority ethnic group and their cohorts are dominating the political and economic aspects of the nation, rather than, “ethnic-politics” as some ivory-tower- intellectuals would like to portray it.

    The current system remains federal in name and name only, with the constitution, for all purpose and intent, shelved and collecting the dust– this definitely lead to more resistance and rebellion on a continuous basis for decades, to avert and arrest this evolving circumstances .Intended to direct it towards one’s self interest, this is scenario is unfolding since the dawn of “the revolution,” thus as a consequence of competing forces on the ground, for each and one for their own- selves- interest engaged in struggle, literally at each other’s throat, period, rather than any other pronouncement or definition of it.

    If the puppet PM tends to announce to what is coming, it’s NOT of his making and we know he is placed in that position as proxy and obviously he is only allowed to declare strictly to what he is instructed to by the gangs of seven. This latest clarion call for the country in facing the “challenges ahead”, is just that: a wrong priority and misplaced call – smoke screen as in diversionary tactics. This ruse is designed to disguise the same clique’s real intention to govern by all tricks in the book, as they did it in the past.

    The intended target in this case is supposedly to allure those groups who have always been longing for a unitary state arrangement in lieu of federal as we know it—this latest propaganda is NOT intended for consumption by their own tegarus, of course, who’ve been the sole beneficiary ,so far, as the republic of Tigray stands in current arrangement that the “Federation” afforded them by all measure, not –withstanding Dawit’s: ‘the people of Tigray are the victims of the system, rather than the beneficiary of it’ bogus claim.

    As far as the Oromo people are concerned, absolutely not; not in this lifetime or the next would our people again let be ruled or so far what is gained by blood and life reversed by back-ward Abyssinians longing to rule us all –over-again!

  16. Zeroed-In
    Yes, indeed we will never let the ailing and dying Empire rejuvenate once again and reverse the political gains we have accomplished despite the continuation of the TPLF minority regime’s domination.

  17. see guardian when they write about Ethiopian opposition part they mentioned only semawi part.so oromo read to be colonized.

  18. You know that Amara parties like the so called Semayawi party are not publicly shouting, walking around with shrinky faces and cursing their opponents or talking about Abyssinia or colonizers, etc, etc. endless high sounding same old propaganda but use shrewd old and experienced minority neftenya cunning political hard work bind the scene, overground and underground, talking politely, infiltrating and smiling to the influential local and foreign significant others, like journalists, diplomats, nongovernmental organizations, government officials, academics, etc, and explaining pragmatically that they are the ONLY ones who can bring about democracy and justice for all while the others are revenge seeking divisive religious zealots, separatists and or communists,m etc. swearing to dismantle Ethiopia in to several mini useless fiefdoms. What I trying to say here is the fact that Oromos have a lot to learn about diplomacy, human relationships, public communication as well as telling people what exactly they want to hear based on their expectations. Diplomacy and public relations is not about telling your truths and your entire life story but converting the other significant others on to your side by identifying with his values and expectations. Or else, your enemies will surely do that and then slowly but surely help deny you needed support and through that work for your isolation and weaknesses. I don’t know why but most of what I am observing on this form is mainly swearing and shouting left and right but not thinking and doing the right thing. Semayawi party and the likes are cunning foxes because under ground they might be utilizing the know-hows of their keens in the ruling party while Oromo oppositions are shouting death to their keens within the ruling party.And that gap between parties like Semayawi party and the Oromo opposition might mean fatal in some ways. But I hope to be proven wrong.

    Gudunfaa dhaan

    From the Ivory tower but not from the Ivory coast! 🙂

  19. The Guardian is a British paper operating in Britain, not in Utopia. It reports what it has been feed by the Amara Semayawi party promotors in abroad.
    So what is the fuss about the paper choosing the Amara Blue party in its report?

    The diplomatic freedom front should continue:
    The diaspora Oromo protest must continue more vigorously. Indeed, the massive demonstrations have born valuable fruits. Kudos to them!
    They have succeeded in informing and moving many MP members, senators and the general public in USA, Australia and Europe in favor of the down trodden Oromian people.

    Pending job: The same international publicity efforts must be realized in the Middle East and Africa, etc. in order to make known the dire plight of the Oromo people under the successive Utopian autocratic regimes.
    Diaspora Oromian demonstrations against the militarist Tigré-Liberators’ brutal regime are very successful so far.
    Not only armed resistance, but instead, peaceful diaspora demonstration must continue as long as the Oromian people remain under the rule of colonial subjugation and exploitation.

    Yes, Oromians shall march for their freedom and human dignity.

  20. Gudunfa alaga, you accuse Oromo oppositions that they are shouting death to their keens within the ruling party.It seems that you coudnt diffrentiate between the kins and those clothed kins’ cloak.the majority of them are Afaan Oromo speakers belonging to others.They are working against the Oromo interest,.not by design but by default they contribute a little for the Oromo people.out of 501 parlament chairs,178 are occupied by the sheep from oromia driven by 38 fox from Tigray.the ratio is approximately 1:5,that means 5sheep for one fox. what will happen to those fox when sheep turned tigers. the tigers will swallow one day in day light those fatty Tigre fox.

  21. @Abucato Gulufaa,

    I really don’t understand what you are talking about partially or wholly. A bit of regurgitation of Shabia and woyanes/TPLF hate propaganda on past wrong doings that enabled them to grab power, ethnic-based federalism and the dysfunctional nature of Oromo struggle to attain what was/is desired. Am I right?

    Whether you believe it or not, the ethnic-based federal arrangement was never meant to bring equality to nations and nationalities. The proof for that is, almost every ethnic group is now rejecting that arrangement once the hidden agenda behind it is clearer more than any time. It has cracked badly and is falling apart not to resurrect ever again.

    As far as woyanes/TPLF are concerned, their going is getting tough and hence their panic and the panic of their lovers and agents. That is also out there for all to see.

    FYI, the “Amhara Syndrome” you love to talk about is mostly fiction/myth. Yet, Shabia and woyanes/TPLF aggressively used it to deceive other nations and nationalities to grab power. They must bash, trash and demonize the people and the language to get where they are now.

    Have you heard what is called, “Historical coincidence”? Amharic became language of the country not only by design, but mainly as a result of “historical coincidence”. If it were not Amharic, it would be Oromiffa, Tigrigna, Somali, Wolayita, etc. Do you see what I mean? So, there is no good reason to be that bitter. When Americans were voting to decide on their official/national language, German lost by one vote. Hence the “historical coincidence” for English language to be an official/national language. How many Americans are bitter since then? You tell me.

    As to past rulers, there was no single king/queen that was “pure” Amhara that ruled over Ethiopia. In fact, more Oromo blood was flowing in those rulers than Amhara blood. It was/is one of the biggest myth/fiction spread by Shabia and woyanes/TPLF for their hidden agenda. If there is one that you know of, please tell me and other readers. Personally, I am ready to be educated.

    Guess who are by far the majority Amharic book writers, comedians, TV/Radio-show hosts, actors/actresses, etc. in present Ethiopia (Please be mindful that I have not touched the other sectors of the society!)? Did I hear you answering Amharas? Dead wrong again. FYI, it is Tigrayans. Other ethnic groups? They are still stuck to Shabia and woyanes/TPLF grand deception. Amharas are your enemies: don’t ever speak their language and keep away from them. If you do, they will come back. Shabia and woyanes/TPLF never told the people learning an extra language is a plus in their lives.

    Do you see a grand conspiracy there? All you do is open your eyes and look around. It is just out there for all to see! That is the bitter truth. Hard to swallow, right?

  22. Bariisoo,

    Your general outline is correct but it is far from being balanced and diplomatic for the purpose of incremental self empowerment because you wish to forecast that the sheep may turn in to a tiger and consume the fox community which in fact some sort of Zero-Game, meaning that one party that wins during the conflict will take everything 100% for himself alone. But such strategy of “the winner takes all” will only set in motion cycles of violence in order grab the “BIG APPLE” which constitutes the whole fruit.

    That is why it might be better to assert oneself in order to defend own interests by all means through the promotion of equality and justice for all so that own rights and full empowerment are fully gained to the maximum level in such a way that NO FOX IS ALLOWED to touch any sheep at anytime, while at the same time the rights and equality of the fox is also respected since the fox is also a piece of nature meant to fulfill some roles assigned to the fox community. If the fox is happy without bothering the sheep’s’ freedoms and rights I am sure the sheep is also happy with the existence of the fox that minds its own business without interfering in to the affairs of the sheep by any means.

    This means that the sheep community must necessarily teach the fox directly and indirectly in a foxy way and foxy manner the idea of self sufficiency and mutual respect which demands from the sheep to get organized, strengthened, united and be able to IMPOSE PEACE on the fox
    community. Just thought.

  23. Mario,

    I will not comment on the details of your comment but just wanted to say that the worst enemy of Amharas as a whole are simply most of the active and arrogant Amhara elites themselves even though they try to be cunning and find far fetched scapegoats (enemies) from the outside just like you are doing in here throughout your comments. No wonder Amhara elites never accept equality and justice for all and then try to live with all other Ethiopian ethnic groups peacefully building and promoting peaceful political culture, sustainable economic developments and welfare for all, but not on for Amara elites roaming all over the country and misappropriating other people’s human and material resources and causing bitterness and fierce resistances from the locals because Amhara elites think that they have have exclusive right as Ethiopians(Amharas). Personally I have lots of good Amhara friends but what I am talking here is not about persons as Amharas but about their narrow ideology and narrow self serving agendas that is very exploitative deep to the bones. That is alsowhy we are having troubles developing stabel political and economic system simply because Amhara leaders during their dictatorial rule placed inequalities and injustices so that these structures left a kind of time bomb in the country.

    TPLF might have its own shortcomings but it did not create just out of the blues what you call tribalism and ethnicity in Ethiopia but instead helped the coming forward of the voices and identities of the previously suffocated and deeply exploited majorities of people in Ethiopia so that every one may become himself first and foremost which is very natural to say the least. And then after that one may relax and become an Ethiopian while fighting hard the coming back of sole Amhara supremacy advocating for their old Unitarist amhara system of government by dismantling the pluralistic and essentially democratic Federal system, a system which strongly appeals to the values and world views of the egalitarian and democratic Oromo people and the majority non Amahras.

    How can people who up to 1974 been highly privileged ruling elites (amhara) who were brainwashed, digested and internalized the laughable fake folktales of their self serving rulers shamefully calling themselves, King of Kings, elect of God (Seyuma egziabiher) Conquering Lion of the tribe of Judah, descendant of king Solomon of Israel and the queen of Sheba, emperor of the empire of Ethiopia, etc. can accept equality and justice for all and then live together with all Ethiopians under the constantly improving egalitarian Federal system. I hope that all of my dear amhara friends to become part of the equality and justice for all project so that we may concentrate on fighting poverty, disease, ignorance, underdevelopment, lack of healthcare, lack of clean drinking water, lack of enough food and sufficient nutrition, etc, bad things.

    So, may the great God help us all!

    Abucato dhaan 🙂

  24. There is no doubt that the TPLF/EPRDF regime has proved to be a disaster in a number of ways. However, it has not become a disaster by allowing nations, nationalities and peoples’ rights, as Amhara and Amaranized elites preach, but due to TPLF continuance of the centralized Abyssinian political culture of violence. Simply put, the current regime is a transition from the domination of Amharic-speakers to Tigrigna-speakers. Domination is domination, whichever language the dictators speak. In other words, the fundamental problem of Ethiopia is the political culture of Ethiopia, which is addicted to control and domination from the center.

    Street-smart Amhara and Amharanized elites talk about Amharic-centered pseudo democracy won’t solve the fundamental problem of Ethiopia. If they are meant to resolve Ethiopia’s predicament, they need to acknowledge the structural problem of Ethiopia, which is rooted in its formation and how Ethiopia has been kept together. At least, they should men-up and women-up and talk about nurturing multicultural Ethiopia, where all interest groups can see themselves as being parts of larger Ethiopia. Ethiopia that serves Amharic speakers as the core won’t be equitable for all interest groups. We only need to have an honest reflection to acknowledge this fact. Time has changed, and with it, the understanding of Ethiopia. Denial can’t change it.

  25. @Abucato Gulufaa,

    I get it now. You are pro-fake ethnic federalism and I am an opponent. That is your position and that is my stand too. There is nothing wrong with that, but we just differed or disagreed on each other’s opinion. Nothing wrong with our difference/disagreement either. FYI, I am perfectly fine with all those. Unfortunately, we can’t be our own judge to tell us who is wrong and who is right. We should leave that to anyone fitting to do it.

    Having said this, I want to indicate to you something that you emphasize a lot in your comment. You blame and demonize Amharas for the wrong doings of past leaders, knowing that none of those leaders you mentioned are Amharas. Why? Is this not similar to blaming and demonizing Oromos for the wrong deeds OLF? How can this be fair and logical? Mind you, I am not defending Amharas from your inflammatory comments, but trying to pinpoint the terrible mistake you are making.

    How many of those elites during Menelik, Haile Selassie and Mengistu regimes you mentioned are Amharas? Are all people with Amhara names Amharas? Are all people who speak Amharic Amharas? The answer to these questions rest in the details. Please look into the details first and foremost.

    I am going to give you a good example related to “Amhara Syndrome” and show you how people of all regions often make common mistakes, if you don’t mind. Where I was born and raised (Jarra town, Bale/Oromia), every single individual who is a non-Muslim and with a non-Muslim name was/is an Amhara. Do the local people know the details? Absolutely not. Then, how did they figure out those individuals are Amharas? Well, through the language they communicate with? But those non-Muslim fellow country men/women with non-Muslim names can be Amharas, Tigres, wolayitas, Gurages, Kambatas, Wallaga and Shewa Christian Oromos, Hadiyas, etc, etc. See what I mean.

    Have you ever asked yourself or others why woyanes/TPLF are using Amharic as their official language? Thanks to another “historical coincidence”, they have no option, but use Amharic to rule over all nation and nationalities.

    Have you ever questioned yourself or others who are those top officials populating EPDRF government? Most have Amhara names, but none of them are Amharas. May be the same is true with those officials with Oromo names crowding EPDRF, if you know what I am talking about.

    Let me leave you alone. But, please don’t stop to wonder and ponder on the issues I tried to explain. They may mean a lotto you.

    May God/Allhah give us the wisdom and courage to look into ourselves first and others next!!

  26. Civilized debates and arguments are good but we must not miss the big picture or be misled.

    1. The structure and the formation of Ethiopia, including the decision of the national/official language in the USA, has no similarity whatsoever with Ethiopia. Even during the exclusive political periods, the USA was democratic at its core. Bear with me, the democratic process did not include women, black, Hispanics, Asians, etc. but there was democracy among the core of the USA political system among the white men. With the exception of the civil wars, they settled their political engagements through democratic debates and order. Abyssinia, then Ethiopia’s, political culture has always been dictatorial and violent since time in record. There is no civility in it. Whereas the democratic internal core in the USA expanded and gradually started including the people who were left on the margin although it is not a perfect democratic system yet. Ethiopia’s political culture is the culture of the violent center, and it has never attempted to include politically, economically, culturally, linguistically, etc. marginalized periphery. The Amharic-centered Ethiopianism will be the first factor that will disintegrate Ethiopia.

    2. Nationalists don’t think about national issues in terms of short term gains. Nationalists measure national issues in terms of short term sacrifice for long term national gains. The pretend “carrot policy” of advising people that speaking fluent Amharic will make you good Amharic actors, singers, comedians, etc. is very much laughable for any person who has basic reading of national struggle. Simply put, nationalism is resisting political, economic, cultural, linguistic, etc. undertakings that discriminate against and carried out at the expense of nations. In other words, even with its short term gains, Amharic-centered Ethiopianism cannot be inspiring for Oromos, Sidamas, Tigreans, Somalis, etc. to be Ethiopianists. Rather, it’s counter to self-defense. Tigrean elements who roam Addis Ababa and dominate Amharic, as argued, are doing an extended control while defending their home front Amharic-centered Ethiopia.

    Amharic-centered Ethiopianism has the most dishonest political propaganda and the most unconvincing political arguments. Again, at least begin talking about multicultural Ethiopia, and how the future Ethiopia will defend and uphold diversity of Ethiopia-which is the real Ethiopia.

  27. @Barii,

    I believe your comment is directed against my comment. If that is the case, let me say this briefly: I never denied Amharic language was/is not instrumental in past governmental oppression. All I mentioned was how it came to be what it is now. Never mentioned it is the right language or it should not be replaced by any other language that us most either. Do you deny how it evolved? Do you and me have control over that? As far as I am concerned, absolutely not.

    Whether Ethiopia was/is Amharic-centered, Oromiffa-centered, Tigrigna centered, etc, etc, it is all tool changing. For the ordinary people, it is what the cat said, “Shih bitaleb yaw begele”. The people are always at the receiving end just like the cat that has no choice, but drink the milk given to it with a piece of clay. Did the number of cows that are milked mattered to the cat? Not a bit. What mattered most to it was/is the manner its life is controlled.

    A government that has excluded the two major ethnic groups from government functions, economic and political previlleges/opportunities, use of Amharic is as instrumental as before. Are Amharas to be blamed now for that too? Woyanes/TPLF strategy is to keep all past wrong doings associated with Amharas to perpetuate Amhara-Oromo differences and maintain one ethic group a check-mate against the other. Why do you think their use of Amharic “laughable” when they use it to the maximum and consider themselves more Ethiopian than everybody else? How can their domination be “laughable” when they control everything to their own advantage?

    You also said and I quote, “The Amharic-centered Ethiopianism will be the first factor that will disintegrate Ethiopia”. “Disintegration or not, woyanes/TPLF will exploit every single issue that can divide people. That is is the whole point. They demonize Menelik II, because they strongly believe he was a unifying factor. Same with the tri-color flag, Amharic language, etc, etc. to which they hooked, but most of us don’t even realize that. Simply, the demonization is for the gullible to consume like a staple food.

    I, however, thank you for labeling the debate on this issue as “civilized”. It is always good to give people their due, including the devil.

  28. Justice for citzens is justice because it is satisfied the Abyssinians lust for power and hunger to dominate.equality has meaning only in Abyssinians terminology-freedom has meaning only in arrangemnts that satisfy Abyssinians and humilating others. Feeding the people is a threat to Abbyssinians,being in hunger and weak is their security.they are talking about people but they are robbing the people and swelling the foreign banks. Always Abyssinian elites releis on outsiders as the prostiutes rely on there womanizer.They have noconfidence to decide by them selves about the people.They fear people as they fear beasts.because they think at instinct level to act as beasts.one must be clear to all who wants to keep that country go forward,those in power should loose their one ethnic centerd ideolgy .Work hard to introduce what has been written in the constitution practically,others avoid nostlgia to bring back their old glorious myth.anything short of these sooner or later jeopardise the stablity and continuity of the fake Ethiopia as a name.Fake Ethiopia of Orthodox church, fake Ethiopia of Amharas, fake Ethiopia of Tigryans, fake Ethiopia of Abbyssinized Oromos is the dangerous cancer to the peaceful coexsitance that cursed people and country.
    Abucato Gulufa, do you think that the fox will give you time to peacefully impose your peace. you wrote:”This means that the sheep community must necessarily teach the fox directly and indirectly in a foxy way and foxy manner the idea of self sufficiency and mutual respect which demands from the sheep to get organized, strengthened, united and be able to IMPOSE PEACE on the fox
    community. Just thought.”

  29. Mario,

    The points I raised are related to what you stated but what you stated is not specific view. It is the fad of the day in all websites like Ethiomedia, Ethiopian Reviews, etc., particularly after the speech of PM Hailemariam. It is blown out of proportion. Some excitement has lost limit. Thus my note is meant for the ensuing trend in general. Yet, thanks for responding.

    1. The slogan of destroying “ethnic politics” has gained momentum among the Amharic-centered Ethiopianism promoters. They never acknowledge that we don’t easily jump into their bandwagon of slogans of “Yiwudem” like the old days. First, what are details attached to destroying the soc-called ethnic politics? Second, what is offered as a replacement to the so-called ethnic politics? Mere talk about democracy does not cut it. Democracy stands on a unifying foundation that fairly represents all interests groups. For instance, when they are in the bind, Americans always refer to their time-tested Constitution. In Ethiopian politics of Amharic-centered unity, there is very little work, if at all, that deeply look into the various interests groups and then formulate sustainable foundation that entices the interests of diverse groups. Even the retired elders, who spent over 50 years in political chit-chats and academic world, try to form some government in exile to grab power, instead of working to lay foundation that may unify Ethiopia and the diverse interest groups before they leave planet earth. Simply put, they have not divorced themselves from political culture of controlling the periphery from the center. Personally, I don’t even believe the remnants of the die-hard communists of yesteryear, who pretend to be die-hard democrats of today, understand either of them. Surely, yesteryear die-hard communists are very visible and very vocal among the pretender democrats in Diaspora.

    2. I stopped referring to Amharic-centered Ethiopianism promoters as true representatives of Amhara people at large years back. I also reiterated several times that Ethiopia’s savage political culture is not even rooted in the Amhara people’s culture. It is rooted in the garrison-towns established by warlords, who have been abusing people. Even the historical accounts of Ethiopia are not historical accounts of the people in Ethiopia but historical accounts of gangster warlords that abused the people of Ethiopia, including Amhara people for generations.

    3. In countries with different nations, nationalities and people (ethnic groups to appease Amharic-centered Ethiopianists :), appreciating the value of multiculturalism and diversity has become universal norm from Africa to Asia, from Asia to Europe, from Europe to the Americas. Some private universities in Europe and USA embody multiculturalism and diversity issues in their courses so that the graduating students will be competitive in the globalized world. Yet, evidently, Amharic-centered Ethiopianists reject the value of multiculturalism and diversity in the context of Ethiopia, which is one of the most diversified country in Africa and the world. It has not worked and it won’t work. It will surely lead to disintegration of Ethiopia for good.

  30. @Barii,

    What exactly am I missing in my comment? It is “multiculturalism”, right? If you are saying “Amhara elites” are the ones that abused/abuse multiculturalism and at the same time you are trying to label it as an Amharas plot or disaster, I think you are dead wrong in this regard. The majority of Amharas or the majority of Ethiopians for that matter are ignorant of multiculturalism or ethnic diversity to its true sense.

    In rural areas where most live, they may know a maximum of 5 ethnic groups other than theirs living with them or around them. Do you think all know there are 82 ethnic groups in that country? How many ethnic groups can you list down by name and by region yourself? May be a max of 30 or 40. I am dead sure you won’t go beyond that figure. If that is the case, how can you expect “Amharas” to have this concept of multiculturalism in its broader sense?

    Deep in your heart, you know who controls all this stuff. It is unfortunate that you finger point at a whole population that has nothing to do with the disaster you are talking about. I hear those “educated Ethiopians” labeling our multiculturalism as, “Ethiopia being a museum of nation and nationalities”, or “Our diversity being our beauty”, or “Our diversity being our strength”, etc, etc. How practical all that talk was/is, I am not in any position to tell you. I have very limited knowledge on that.

    Please let it know that I am not defending any ethnic group here. I am just telling the truth related to the issue in hand or in discussion.

    If I have misunderstood you again, my apology. Just let me know what I am missing. I am ready to be educated.

    1. Mario,
      Maybe you didn’t read the whole response. I think you are on the same page in regard to the Amhara mass with Barii. Read it again, esp #2. My two cents from reading both comments.

  31. Mario,

    I never accuse the Amhara as people, Tigrean as people, Oromo as people, etc. I clearly stated this point a dozen times on this very forum. The majority of the Oromos are also in the same mindset-don’t blame any people. Distinguishing between systems and people has been very old. I don’t know why you present our point of agreement as our point of disagreement. It indicates the fundamental problem that lead to lack of genuine debates in Ethiopian politics.

    People can build consensus if they stay, at least, on parallel debates, which may end up converging on certain points, and enable people to reach at some middle ground. In Ethiopia’s political culture, the argument always ends with side-way argument, which leads to a destination further than the point of departure. People cannot even agree to disagree by banking on side-way argument, which pulls people further apart. Side-way argument broadens the existing conflict/disagreement. It does not take positive points of the other side as relevant/ In the theory of conflict resolution, the mediators stop negotiations if one or more groups start side-way arguments, instead of parallel debates, which presents differing positions on the table. In our case, it can be presented as parallel debates in terms Multiculturalism/Unity with diversity vs. Amharic-Centered Ethiopianism, with pros and cons. There is no debate but only argument.

    Trust me on this. The side-way argument is not rooted in the culture of the Amhara people either. I know the process of conflict resolution in the areas like Gojam. The elders impartially and fairly put the opposing sides on balanced parallel debates, and then search for the middle ground if possible or end the conflict by punishing the guilty party. Although we are not cultured to appreciating the native cultures of the rural villages, if one deeply reflects the rural conflict resolution process, let alone the corrupt Ethiopia’s legal system, it puts the money-driven legal culture of the West to shame. It is very advanced way of resolving conflicts and disagreements.

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