cnn_ireport(CNN iReport) — There has been widespread protest by Oromo students in universities in Ethiopia against unpopular ‘Addis Ababa-Finfinnee surrounding integrated master plan’. Oromo students in Haromaya, Jimma, Ambo and Wollega universities held protests.

Although officials in Oromia state and Addis Ababa city administration insist the plan only intends to develop Addis Ababa and its surrounding, Oromo students and the wider Oromo elites believe the plan is to displace farmers in the outskirts and suburban areas of the city, meet the growing demand for land, and weaken the Oromo identity. The Ethiopian constitution grants a special interest to the Oromia state regarding administrative, resource and other socio-economic matters in Addis Ababa, in its article 49 which never have been implemented. This has largely resulted in significant resistance within the ruling party, OPDO, in Oromia and a continues pressure to materialize the implementation.

The protest against the doomed to fail master plan is held in four universities sofar. Yesterday (26/04/2014) at Wollega University, the infamous and notorious Federal police opened fire at innocent Oromo students. Reports and eye witness indicate unknown number of students were hurt and some have fled to the bushes. The people of Nekemete town were prevented from joining the resistance. Even then some of the residents broke through line of federal police force and joined the protest.

At similar protest in Jimma university, the security forces picked more than 10 students and jailed them. Further 15 students in Ambo university were jailed.

The uproar against the plan is resonating across different segments of Oromo society. A singer by name Jafar Yusuf was jailed last week that is believed to be because he released a single condemning the plan. The diaspora is is voicing its concerns through the newly launched diaspora based Oromia Media Network

The security forces in Ethiopia are dominated by the Tigrayan minority who have been in power since the downfall of Derg communist regime in 1991. The Oromos are the most prosecuted in Ethiopia. More than 40000 Oromos are in jail, although the correct figure is hard to know.

8 thoughts on “Ethiopian Security Forces Open Fire on Students

  1. hi,

    Oromo ijoolee kee irraatii wanuma hundanu biremaachu, dinaa irraa dhorkuun dirqii matiin tokkoo qabu dha. Kanaf dinnaa ijoolee kessani irraatii hin dawaatinaa. Jabaadha!!!

  2. At this junction of our struggle, we are so grateful for the support of senator Amy Klobuchar (D-MN), Senator Chris Coons (D-DE), Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL), Senator Ed Markey (D-MA), Senator Al Franken (D-MN), Senator Maria Cantwell (D-WA), Senator Patrick Leahy (D-VT), Senator Patty Murray (D-WA) Senator Robert Menendez of (D-NJ) including CNN.
    Slowly but surely the Tigran led minority Ethiopian government’s killing, torture, imprisonment & despicable rape of Oromo students is gradually coming out into light.
    Not only that, when the entire suffering of Oromos & other nationalities’ grief is going to be investigated by an independent human right violation investigators; the world will be shocked beyond comprehension.
    Let’s continue coming together & speak on one voice until justice prevails.
    Thanks & God bless all!

  3. This news was 2 years ago. I wonder why CNN didn’t cover the current ongoing protest since November 12, 2015? Something is fishy with CNN. It looks like some of the CNN staff were bribed by the TPLF or warned by the CIA due to US interest. Time will tell and “A luta continua or La lucha cntinua”!!!!!

    1. I wonder if they have any special interest to benefit them selves and this burial regime while we are protesting against violation of human right, the law of the man and the law of nature, but #CNN international coverage who was the lead pioneer of Mega world wide media network communication service choice to ignore the plight of our nation voice lives matter ! You are right the time will tell.

  4. It has been warned by big brother not report any negative news on wayane just because it serves strategic interest.

  5. Too late CNN! News must be presented when fresly happening. Make your eyes and ears current! Your coverage and participation as the World’s renowned Media is most welcomed! However, there is too much more to cover about the Oromo; one of the biggest but hidden Nations of Africa!! You would get a lot fresh news on a daily basis regarding the ongoing struggle either for true federal governance where the rights of every Nation and Nationality in the Ethiopian Empire is respected; or if this right is denied; the bitter struggle for sure shall continue until every Nation of the South would keep fighting towards forming its own free Republic, claiming absolute freedom from over a century old bondage of Slavery from the rock headed brutal governance of the Habesha!

  6. Dear reporter, thank you for disclosing the news. As far as my knowledge the number of students and teachers victimized, arrested , killed and acused were more. Some of them escaped and others still wanted. It was the inception period against the Addis Abba master plan. At that moment the government tired to hide the situation and gave it different connotations. But reality come again in 2015. So thanks to God for showing us truth

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