ETHIOPIA:  The Ethiopian Government is Plotting a War Among  the Nations and Nationalities in Ethiopia

HRLHA Press Release

February 26, 2017

The  Ethiopian Somali Liyu Police led by the Ethiopian Federal government’s killing squad have been engaged in a cruel war for the past six months against the Oromo nation in fifteen districts of Oromia.   The Oromia districts that have been invaded by the two aforementioned forces are in east and east- west Hararge Zone, Eastern Oromia,  Guji,  Borana and  Bale, South Oromia zones, Southern Oromia of Oromia Regional State.

Somali Liyu Police Invading Southern Oromia

The Ethiopian Federal government, which in theory has a state duty and a responsibility to bring peace and harmony among the nations and nationalities in the country, is actually engaged in instigating a war between the Ethiopian Somali and Oromo nations. High casualties have been registered on both sides in the past six months.  Hundreds of Ethiopian Somali Liyu Police led by the Federal government’s killing squad have entered into Oromia villages, attacked and killed and abducted hundreds of Oromos and looted properties; over 750 goats, ships,  and camels were taken.

According to the HRLHA informants, the Oromia Regional State nominal administrative leaders, including Lema Megersa- the president- turned a blind eye while the citizens they claimed to be governing have been killed,  abducted, and displaced from their lands and villages  and dehumanized by the warriors of the  Ethiopian Somali Liyu Police led by the Federal government of Ethiopa’s killing squad.

Recently, the invasion into Oromia has expanded into the western part of Oromia Regional State. The Federal government force in Gambela crossed into West Wallaga, Oromia Regional State villages and displaced thousands of Oromos in Qelem Zone of Anfillo and Yatii districts. The HRLHA informants also disclosed that the Ethiopian Killing squad force is on intensive training on the western side of Oromia regional state boundary in Benshangul regional state preparing to invade Oromo villages in the western part of Wallaga zone of Oromia Regional State.

During the recent skirmish between Liyu  Police and Oromo people on February 23, 2017, in  Bale, Sawena district at Qilessa village Southern Oromia,  19 Oromos were killed and 13 wounded. In the same fight,  35 were killed and 50 wounded from the Ethiopian Somali Liyu  Police invaders by Oromo civilian resistance force.

According to the HRLHA informants, the total casualties in connection with the invasion by the  Ethiopian -Somali Liyu Police led by the Federal government’s killing squad in Oromia Zones of Guji, Borana, Bale and east and west Hararge zones caused the deaths of over 200 Oromos and injured over 150 and many were abducted and taken to Somali Region. The report from our informants also confirmed  Oromo self-defense civilians killed over 260 invaders,  members of  Liyu police and Ethiopian Federal Killing squads, and injured many others.

This meaningless and reckless action by the Ethiopian Federal government will destabilize the region in general and Ethiopia in particular.

It is clear that the  Ethiopian Federal government is demonstrating its hidden agenda- to eliminate the Oromo nation under the pretext of boundary conflict between nations and nationalities. During the  Oromo self-defense attack against Somali  Liyu Police, many invaders were killed and others injured. This shows that the plan to invade  Oromia in all directions may lead to a  civil war, which suggests that the Federal  Government of Ethiopia is deliberately plotting to cause a war among nations and nationalities in the country.


Ethiopians have been under extreme repression ever since  October 8, 2016- a State of Emergency in fact.  The Ethiopian government has used a state of emergency in order to kill, imprison and abduct citizens from their homes and workplaces in Oromia and Amhara regional states. During the past four months- under the State of Emergency- over  70,000 Oromos,  including pregnant women, seniors and underage children have been taken to concentration camps in Xolay, Zubway, Didessa, Huriso and other places. There, they have been tortured, exposed to communicable diseases and malnutrition from which hundreds have died.

Ethiopia: War Crimes Against the Oromo Nation in Ethiopia

The cause of the civilian unrest in Ethiopia during the past two years was the marginalization of the citizens from the political and fair distribution of their economic resources; they have also been evicted from their ancestral lands without consultation and compensation. Evictions from the land around the city of Addis Ababa after the declaration of ” The Addis Ababa Integrated Master Plan”- evictions which have confronted by the Oromo nation from all walks of lives and have caused the deaths of over 2000 Oromos by the federal government sniper force Agazi- still continue. In the Month of February over 200 People have been displaced by the government and their lands have been taken.  Every day a number of people are detained all over Oromia and Amhara regional States and tortured.

Today, over ten million Ethiopians are daily exposed to hunger and poverty while the Ethiopian government has invested billions of dollars of foreign aid in training killing squads to kill its own people, claiming that Ethiopians were not dying from hunger and poverty.

A call on International Communities:

  • The HRLHA once again renews its calls to the international community to act collectively in a timely and decisive manner to request the Ethiopian government to stop instigating war among the Nations and nationalities in Ethiopia, a situation that could easily lead to civil war.
  • The HRLHA further requests that members of the UN Human Rights Council urge the Ethiopian government to allow the UN Human Rights Special Rapporteurs to visit the country to assess the human rights situations of political prisoners and others in detention centers all over the country
  • The HRLHA calls upon major donor governments, including the USA, UK, Canada, Sweden, Norway and Australia to make sure that their aid money is not used to train the Ethiopian Government’s killing squads to dehumanize the citizens of Ethiopia

Copied To:

  • UN Human Rights Council
    OHCHR address: 
    Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR)
    Palais Wilson
    52 rue des Pâquis
    CH-1201 Geneva, Switzerland.
  • Africa Union (AU)
    African Union Headquarters
    P.O. Box 3243 | Roosevelt Street (Old Airport Area) | W21K19 | Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
    Tel: (251) 11 551 77 00 | Fax: (251) 11 551 78 44
  • The US Department of State
    (202) 895-3500
    Office of Foreign Missions
    2201 C Street NW
    Room 2236
    Washington, D.C. 20520
    Customer Service Center
    3507 International Place NW
    Washington, D.C. 20522-3303

4 thoughts on “The Ethiopian Government is Plotting a War Among the Nations and Nationalities in Ethiopia

  1. All of the countries listed above don’t care whether oromos are dying or not. All they care is who currently has power in that area of the world to respect their national interest. Look what has been going on in Syria , the world power kept quiet all these years when millions of people have been killed by cruel dictator. The fate of oromo is to organized and build stronger military force (strengthen wbo ) and show the world that ABO is the best alternative to the killing, and dying tplf regime to stabilize Ethiopia and east Africa Countries. The western countries know every thing about tplf including that the are agent of disstablizer in that country and in the east Africa in general. Know, Egypt, Sudan , Somalia, Kenya and Uganda clearly know that the tplf is peace and stability hater in the horn of Africa, oromo diplomacy must expedite exposing this evil nature of tplf and engage to work closely with these countries. Remember, lieu hail is fund by Europe .

  2. Woyane has its own uncountable home problems: Badame, Salanbessa and Bure problems with Eritreas, Walkait and northern Wollo problems with Amharas, Dalol problem with Afars, Raya Azebo and Lake Ashange problems with Amharas and Yaju Oromos. Woyane has entangled itself into the nets of unsolveable problems. And now it is trying to export its own multiple problems to other regions of Ethiopia. Woyane thinks, if other Ethiopian regions, namely, Amhara region, Oromia, Ogaden, Gambella, Benishangul-Gumuz, South Peoples, Afar etc. fight eath other/one another it (Woyane) gets rest from border wrangling with others.

    Today, Agame Nazi = Agazi, which is compared to the “Gestapo” Nazi Germany, is labeling Ethiopian peoples as “terrorists” and sentencing them to jail or death. In Woyane’s view, all Ethiopians, except Tigrayans, are “terrorists” or untrustable peoples. Woyane is labeling the whole nation, from Profs. to street shoe shinners as “terrorists”. But, Woyane itself, which left its own home Tigray and roaming in others homes and terrorizing, killing, sentencing people on their own land is a terrorist beyond a norm.

    Woyane has already labelled some Ethiopian forests as terrorists and burnied them down.
    So, the next step for Woyane is to label the whole Ethiopian domestic and wild animals as terrorists.

    The only solution which convince the international communities to be at the side of peoples to bring Woyane down is the unity among our different peoples. Unity among the Amhara people is very important, unity among the Oromos is very important, while in turn unity between Amharas, Oromos, South Peoples and others is very crucial to bring Woyane down.

    What we must concretely know and take our own fate into our hand is, that the world love only the strongers and the riches. USA, European Uion or their mouthpiece UN cannot go and oust Woyane from the power. Only they react according to our actions, that means, if we stand up in unison and become stronger than Woyane, these super power countries will side with us and put a tough pressure on Woyane, which is already standing on one single leg.

    Let us not only live on fantacy and halucination !
    Let us stand up and materialize our dreams !
    Let us create a United Lions Front against hynas !

  3. I fully agree to what Waa’hima Saba said. It is a mater of be/becoming powerful yourself and get your rights respected. The Oromos have only one option and that is stand one and fight their enemies under leadership of ABO/WBO. Nothing more nothing less.

  4. It is absolutely true/correct that the above countries are allied with the tplf/woyane. They have been supporting, arming and financing the tigre regime even during their war against Ethiopia.

    Those countries want to see Ethiopia disappeared.

    It is funnythat the writers do not know. This is the typical problems of the Oromos and the Amharas they never know their enemies. Specially the Oromo diaspora are so left behind lack understanding, they only talking about naftegna and Amharas, which they are told and brain washed by the tplf/woyane.

    The Oromos in diaspora must sit down and learn the history really.

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