(Africa News) — Norway says it is concerned about the restive situation in the horn of Africa region in general but more so about Ethiopia. A “partner” suffering from political unrest resulting in a recently imposed state of emergency.

The Norwegian Foreign Affairs chief, Borge Brende, added that there was the need for the government to quickly undertake planned political reforms, and that they will be closely following the situation in the country.

‘Ethiopia is an important partner country for Norway, and has for a long time represented stability and development in an otherwise unstable region. I wish to continue our dialogue also in challenging times.

I am worried about the unrest and about the state of emergency which has now been introduced. It is important that the situation does not deteriorate. Half of Ethiopia’s 100 million citizens are young people who want jobs, freedom of expression and the opportunity to participate in politics,’ said Mr Brende.

Brende visited the Horn of Africa region between 25 – 29 October, 2016. He met government officials of South Sudan, Kenya, Somalia and Ethiopia. In the case of Ethiopia, he conferred with Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn.

‘The region (Horn of Africa) is facing armed conflict, humanitarian crisis and political instability. It is in Norway’s interest to support measures which can contribute to stability and development,’ he said.

He bemoaned the situation in South Sudan where over five million people are suffering from humanitarian crisis since violence broike out in 2013. Somalia’s fight with al Shabaab insurgents and Kenya’s upcoming general elections were all of concern to Norway.

‘Norway is actively engaged in close dialogue with authorities in the Horn of Africa. We contribute with humanitarian aid and long-term development support, as well as business sector engagement where this is possible.

The region has great potential, but there are major political challenges and millions of displaced people who need a durable solution to their situation,’ Mr Brende added.

Norway and Ethiopia have broad cooperation on issues including climate, education and human rights.

3 thoughts on “Ethiopia’s political crisis: Norway worried, calls for participatory politics

  1. Good luck Brende
    You are continuing meeting with TPLF criminals by refusing standing with the Ethiopian people. We will show the world our victory on our Owen power with the help of almighty . Just know that your support is not for development or humanitarian rather it is completely used for weapon purchase to kill the Oromo youth and other Ethiopians and part of you money support is in the back account if the TPLF criminals in foreign banks . You will see in short time when they scape the country with your money .

  2. Ethiopia a country runh by minority ethnic group of 6%of 100 millions continued Ethnic cleansings like oromo ,the majority and the Sidama people of South nationalities never bee condemned.Despite 1000 ths killed 1000ths disappeared and bodies of school children found in mountains and every forests surrounds villages and cities the tigray tplf is still met by officials from countries like Norway.Whereby Eritrea whose land is occupied is always on media to please Ethiopia or to undermine the existence of Eritrea
    It seems that the west is not interested ion democracy and human rights records by countries receiving huge financial assistance like Ethiopia except that they want make suretheir presence informs of indirect occupations of Africa and their corporate known as investors take over farm lands by financing ethnic cleasings and forceful evictions frof indigenous people by force or by genocide.
    Here we see our struggle for freedom,democracy and liberty for all includes struggle against recolonization of our country and Africa in general.Thus,our struggle be expanded and alleviated to represent the African nations and nationalities fighting for freedom and peace on their fathers land and to do away with the colonial puppets. like Tigray TPLF and so called African genocide leaders.

  3. Your Excellency Mr Brende, hi and thank you for your visit to Haile Mariam Desalegn. I don’t have the full detail on here which shows points you raised about the Oromo massacre whilst discussing with the TPLF messenger. May be you have raised in closed door issues around the human rights violations in Ethiopia with particular reference to the ethnic cleansing the arrogant group of Tigiray is perpetrating in Oromia. You visited Ethiopia where Al-shebab is not a threat at the moment but it is the TPLF led minority dictatorial group that is killing the Oromos in thousands and it is this group that is a threat to the Oromos and other peoples of Ethiopia at present. It is very important that you raised your worries about the situations of Ethiopia and I think in addition to that it is vital that Norway imposes embargo to giving aide to the TPLF regime which uses the aide you give for killing Oromos, Amharas, the Gambella people, the Afar, the Konsos etc. and for developing only Tigiray, its original birth place.

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