(Geesguud) — The United Nations (UN) is deeply concerned about the continuous withdrawal of international troops from Somalia and the subsequent takeover of such ‘abandoned’ territories by al-shabaab insurgents.

According to the UN Office of the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), the situation is worsening the humanitarian situation in Somalia battling insurgency.

Ethiopia has since July 2, 2016 withdrawn some of its troops from neighbouring Somalia. Territories that they leave are almost always taken over by al Shabaab. The last withdrawal (on October 26) was in the town of Tayeglow in the Bakool region.

‘‘Since July 2016, non-state armed actors have taken control of eight locations in Bakool, Galgaduug and Hiraan regions of Somalia following the departure of international troops.

‘‘The takeover by non-state armed groups has exposed civilians to significant protection risks and further reduced humanitarian access in areas that are already hard to reach,” an OCHAstatement said.

The locations now in the hands of al shabaab include Rab Dhuure, Bur Dhuxelne, Garas Weyne and Tayeeglow in Bakool region; Budbud and Galcad in Galgaduud region; Moqokori, Ceel Cali and Halgan in Hiraan region.

2 thoughts on “Ethiopia’s troop withdrawal from Somalia: UN worried over humanitarian crisis

  1. Why Is the UN not “deeply concerned” about the humanitarian crisis in Oromia/ Ethiopia which is caused by the same returning soldiers of the fascist regime in Addis Ababa?
    I see double standards on the part of the UN.

    For how long is the UN shielding state terrorism of the TPLF? Do they know that the TPLF massacred more Oromos this month than the sum of all victims of Al Shabib, ISIS and Al Qaedda since their inception?
    UN is a corrupt institution installed only to serve the interest of big powers. Rwanda, Bosnia, Sudan and now Oromia genocides took place under their watch.

  2. It’s laughable! TPLF thugs army has no decency of the normal army. It’s reduced to savage bandits who kill, torture, rape, etc. innocent people. The TPLF army has become perpetrators of humanitarian crisis in Ethiopia and surrounding countries. There is little Somalis will lose due to the withdrawal of the savage TPLF troops.

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