Breaking‬ news! ‪Sources from European External Action Service (EU Foreign and Security Policy Branch) has indicate that European Union will convene a meeting to discuss Ethiopia with regard to ongoing ‪#‎OromoProtests‬ on January 11 (Monday) 2016. Representatives from all 28 EU member countries will attend the meeting. Fascist TPLF juntas representatives have not been invited to the meeting.
946794_994854710584546_998401745314837242_nGamtaan Awurooppaa(European Union) walgahii hatantamaa waa’ee dhimma Oromoo irratti guyyaa wiixataa, 01/11/2016 waamuu beeksise!Waa’ee Oromoo irratti walgahii akkasii waamuun yeroo jalqabaa ta’us, Gamtaan Awurooppaa gochaan duguuggaa sanyii mootummaan woyyaanee ummata oromoo irraatti gaggeessaaru akka daraan isaan yaaddesseefi falmitootni mirga dhala namaa kan Akka Amnesty International walgahicha irraa qooda akka fudhatan beekameera. INJIFANNOON UMMATA OROMOOF! Falmattu malee Adunyaan dantaa kee hin qabdu..

‪#‎Oromo‬ Wayyaaneen ministerashe Tedros Council of the European Union ti erguuf jirti. Gaafa wixata Brussels dhufa. Saganta jaratti kana ilaalatti wanta ta'u qabu saffisan mariyanne haagoonume yaafiraa! Saaxilamu qabdi!
‪#‎Oromo‬ Wayyaaneen ministerashe Tedros Council of the European Union ti erguuf jirti. Gaafa wixata Brussels dhufa. Saganta jaratti kana ilaalatti wanta ta’u qabu saffisan mariyanne haagoonume yaafiraa!
Saaxilamu qabdi!

15 thoughts on “EU called emergency meeting for Monday to discuss the unrest in Ethiopia & the dire case of the Oromo people

  1. I hope what the late PM said about the Oromo people “we will make the Majority become minority” will be brought to the discussion so that the EU can see what TPLF doing to the Oromo nations including the master plan is a planed genocide act. I hope oromo intelctuals be prepared and make a very clear case on this very important meeting. God is on the side of the oppressed!

  2. In the first place and as a priority we should not forget that the Ethiopian government was NEVER elected democratically, and is in power – ruling for the last 25 years by the threat of guns practically forming a brutal and dictatorial government! The deliberate genocidal process planned against humanity, against ethnic groups in Ethiopia by this regime, is to be refereed at as the worst ever act, not only in Africa but in the whole world. Records of double economy growths are announced but are falsified-disproved as over 15.000.000 Ethiopians are dying of poverty, of hunger and malnutrition. In addition the killings in hundreds and imprisonment in tens of thousands being reported every year and up to this day, of students, of unarmed civilians, of infants, and of pregnant women have become the only solution to face and suppress peaceful protesting demonstrations which once more proves defines the dictatorial and absolute one man power rule! So the present Ethiopian government MUST STEP DOWN IMMEDIATELY AND UNCONDITIONALLY!

  3. We shall never trust the EU. EU is financing and arming the blood thirsty tplf/woyane. EU and the USA want the tplf/woyane stay in power for ever, as long as it is poosible. USA and UK which appointed the blood thirsty tplf

  4. Without the help of EU and USA, TPLF mafias cannot be this arrogant and powerful killers. Take the news with grain of salt when the financiers of TPLF killing machines talk.

  5. We are waiting for our thirty years since the early 1990’s after The Ethiopian Transitional government rejected our request for referendum by saying “Eritrea got their well deserved independence for their 30 years of persistent struggle, if Oromos want to become independent show us 30 years of persistence struggle.” meaning ask us in thirty years and we will respect article 39 of the constitution and grant you independence not anytime before then. 30 years is approaching quicker than they anticipated.

  6. Oromians should not expect big policy shift toward Ethiopia from this meeting because they are in the same persecution and looting league in Oromia with Ethiopia/Wayyaanee. In the building of prisons, training of Ethiopian police and military forces on how to torture, supplying them with weapon that has been killing Oromians, importing produce from the land Oromians have been displaced, paying their salaries, in supplementing Ethiopian national budget, protecting Ethiopian from accusation etc, European union is deeply involved. So, let our motto be: “We are our own liberators !

  7. Probably they going to give them more support and ideas how to kill more Oromos. I dont know if all the oppressed people in ethiopia expect any good think from moraly corrupted western countries or any organitions like EU or UN

    Oromo we nees to stop begging for our freedom instead demand it

  8. Let the international community say and do what ever they like. We must try our best to convince them take appropriate actions against the TPLF mafia group. But our trust must be in ourselves. We should not waste time waiting what others are going to do for us. We have to continue the struggle unabated. Road blocking and destruction is one of the best strategies. Putting the properties of the enemy on fire is another good strategy. Punishing individuals spying for Woyanes is also necessary. The last two powerful struggle tools I recommend are: media war and guerrilla fighting. Strengthen OMN and add more TV and radio channels. Operate short wave radios. Specially the only means our farmers can get updated daily news is via radio. So let us launch a strong radio channel that can be heard world wide and give 24/7 service.

  9. @Mortar, arming the people,training the youngs ,strengthening peoples’ army. equipping WBO with Mortars is the gurantuee to score victory. There are many crime records by weyane in the last 25 years. there crime is beyond international bounderies.may be something burning issue urged to call all EU Countries. something will come out of it for good or for the worst.

  10. please EU all member take an action on Tplf .pls what they are doing on Oromo people are unethical. No human being do what the did on oromos communities. Ho my God you never and ever seen the such a kind of unethical, if possible to check the wright thing pls assign your own journalist to know 100% the Tplf ‘s stupid activities. please thank you if you need details information about TplF I will inform for the next time.

  11. Well done akkuma jedhan hanqaaquun suuta mucii taati jedhan, so the Oromo struggle, step by step made it the international community and our voice been heard at world stage. Who ever thought the EU give an attention to our cause. The Tplf is at the tipping point for evacuation. But one thing they must know is, they killed their way to the and they will die their way down.

  12. To the EU member states we thank you for what you have done and doing for being the voice of voiceless Oromia. The Tplf regime understimeted the impacts EU has on the international communities. The messages are loud and clear enough is enough for the iron fist dictatorship of 25yrs. The Tplf regime is killing the future generations. The visionary and intellectuals are a threats to the regimes way of living, so they want hesitate to kill, so we thank you again for your concern.

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