SBOLogoAnimation(Sagalee Bilisummaa Oromoo – Caamsaa 30,2015)

Irree fi Gaachanni Ummata Oromoo WBOn Zoonii Kibba Oromiyaa keessa sossohu haleellaa humna diinaa irratti fudhatu jabeessee itti fufuun Caamsaa 30,2015tti bari’u magaalaa Moyyalee ganda 02 keessatti kan argamu mooraa Gumrukaa bakka waraanni wayyaanee maadheffatee jiru haleeluun  yo xiqqaate loltoota diinaa 17 ol hojiin ala gochuu Ajaji WBO Zoonii Kibbaa beeksiseera.

Tarkaanfii kanaan loltootni wayyaanee 7 oggaa ajjeefaman, 10 ol ammoo madoo taasifamuu Ajaji WBO Zoonii Kibbaa ifa godheera.

Meeshaaleen adda addaas diina irraa fudhatamuun dantaa QBOf akka oolfaman hubachuun danda’ameera.

Waraanni faashistii mootummaa wayyaanee akkuma amala isaa tarkaanfii WBOn irratti fudhataa jirutti aare ummata meesha maleeyyiitti roorrisuu fi daangaa biyya ollaa cabsee seenuun maqaa WBOn ummata nagaa ajjeesaa fi goolaa jira.

Haaluma kanaan loltootni wayyaanee barii kana daangaa Keenyaa cabsanii seenuun ollaa ummata Soomarre jedhamutti maanguddoo tokko akka ajjeesan gabaafameera.

WBOn Zoonii Kibbaa Caamsaa 24,2015 magaalaa Moyyalee keessatti mooraa poolisii federaa wayyaanee irratti tarkaanfii fudhateen 5 ol hojiin ala akka godhee fi guyyuma kana Ona Miyoo ganda Goomoo fi magaalaa Iddii Lolaa keessatti haleellaa geggeesseen hidhattoota diinaa 9 ol hojiin ala gochuun isaa kan yaadatamuu dha.

9 thoughts on “Gootichi WBO Zoonii Kibbaa Mooraa Waraana Wayyaanee Magaalaa Moyyalee Haleeluun 17 Ol Hojiin Ala Gochuun Injifannoo Galmeesse

  1. ” Girgiri Le Lebba Yimachaal Allee Yedurro Gorebbette”. Kunnu qillessa irra hindhabamin mee haatautti!

  2. Mr nameless commentator,

    First know how to write proper oromiffaa. I can discern you are burning inside out. Do not worry it will get worse. So, be ready to avoid penetrating gastric ulcer.

  3. Entirely unacceptable to jail, kill, arrest, harass, abuse politicians, students, and even a single individual, and further devoid free election supported by military. These all simply motivated to stay on power and colonize others. Moreover these deplorable resulted in parentless children and sufferer Women are on street or thrown to poverty. However, the offender (TPLF) quench with Beer, and various luxurious life. Immoral again!

    Three urgent operational actions in the current context:

    1) Diasporas (e.g. ONLF, OLF, SLF) shall call through incentive to disarm their respective people from TPLF military. How? Call to offer assured employment opportunity and salary to defect from TPLF military regime. Offer these promise accordingly!

    2) Block any aids from developed countries by presenting the devilish actions of TPLF. This definitely will constrain budget in every aspects.

    3) Organize people to continuously revolt from participation, meeting, and having any cooperation with TPLF.

    Consistence in actions works!

  4. A little moral uplifter after the recent armed robbery of ballot boxes by the merciles Agazee. The apartheid system of TPLF need to be destroyed and the only viable option is armed struggle. So do it again WBO, the Tigre mafia should pay the price for the crime they committed against Oromo in the past 24 years.

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