Greek coast guard vessel nearby as boat with Syrian migrants sinks
Greek coast guard vessel nearby as boat with Syrian migrants sinks

(The Telegraph) — A film shot by Turkish fishermen shot a few days ago apparently shows Greek coast guard vessel leaving an overloaded inflatable boat of Syrians to sink after “piercing it with a lance” in Turkish waters.

A Greek coast guard vessel allegedly sank a rubber dinghy full of Syrian refugees, including women and children, according to film footage shot by Turkish fishermen.

The footage, which was reportedly recorded a few days ago and obtained by Turkish media, suggests that the Greeks sank the migrant boat with some sort of “lance”.

The inflatable boat had just left the Turkish coast, just a few miles from theGreek islands of Kos and Lesbos, where thousands of Syrians and other refugees have landed in recent weeks.

As the Greek patrol vessel moved away from the area, one of the fishermen can be heard saying: “The boat is deflating, the boat’s taking on water and there are people on board.”

He then added: “The boat was pierced by what looks like a long lance.”

The footage then showed migrants in the water as the boat gradually sank.

The fishermen went to the rescue of the Syrians – said to be around 50 – and then called the Turkish coast guard, who eventually took the refugees back to the Turkish coast.

The footage could not be independently verified. When the coast guard for the island of Chios was contacted, they told the Telegraph they were not aware of any reports.

The Greek coast guard said it had gone to the rescue of nearly 600 refugees and migrants on Thursday and Friday, in 21 separate incidents off the Aegean islands of Kos, Rhodes, Chios, Samothraki and Lesbos.

An unprecedented 125,000 refugees and migrants have reached a string of eastern Aegean islands so far this year – a 750 per cent increase on last year.

The Aegean route has become more popular because Turkey has successfully curbed traffickers’ attempts to send large numbers of refugees directly to Italy in so-called “ghost ships” – second-hand merchant vessels crewed by the smugglers and then left to drift towards the Italian coast.

The world is facing the worst refugee crisis since the Second World War, with more than 50 million people driven from their homes by wars in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and civil conflict and political persecution in Africa, the EU said.

“Today the world finds itself facing the worst refugee crisis since the Second World War,” said Dimitris Avramopoulos, the EU’s migration commissioner.

Speaking after a visit to Athens, he said the situation in Greece was “particularly urgent”.

Syrian migrants in the water after their boat sinks
Syrian migrants in the water after their boat sinks

Greece would soon receive a contribution of €30 million (£21 million) from a total disbursement of €2.4 billion of funding for EU member states to cope with the flood of migrants until 2020.

The money is intended to be used to build reception centres and accelerate efforts to deport migrants who are refused entry.

The EU is pushing European leaders to take part in a distribution quota, but a mandatory plan was torpedoed by national leaders last month.

On the island of Kos, where police used fire extinguishers and truncheons this week to control large crowds of refugees penned into an old stadium, a large passenger ferry arrived in order to provide better accommodation.

Many migrants had been sleeping rough in parks and squares, in conditions that have earned the Greek authorities severe criticism from humanitarian organisations.

The ferry, which can accommodate up to 2,500 people, will be used as of Saturday as a floating dormitory and screening centre where Syrians can stay as they wait for temporary travel documents to leave the island and head to Athens.

Islanders on Kos have donated food and clothing to the refugees, despite the acute economic crisis their country is going through.

“We are gathering money, despite our limited capability. There are many anonymous Kos citizens, even poor people, who help the refugees despite their nearly non-existent resources,” said Giorgos Kyritsis, the island’s mayor, as he fought back tears.

He said around 800 refugees and migrants were arriving each day on Kos, many of them in flimsy dinghies normally sold to the tourists who flock to the island.

5 thoughts on “Greek coast guard ‘deliberately’ sunk migrant boat in Turkish waters, fisherman’s film alleges

  1. The world is becoming nasty place to live really and people are so mean to eachother as a humanbeing. Greek is actually becoming the nastiest place to migrate to!

  2. Usually and traditionally, Greeks are very friendly people. Also they have accepted and sheltered thousands of Arabian and African refugees as their fellow native citizens. But the recent influing Arab migrants is suffocating the Greeks to the extent of being unable to breath. These Arab refugees have imported with them the strange and undemocratic Arab culture into the democratic Greece. Daily Arab refugees crime is rampaging Greece, which itself is already economically on its knee. Greeks are fearing that the past history between them and Arabs or Islam, which has cut away a part and parcel of Greece the Constantinopol the today Istanbul from Greece will repeat again.

    We know that these Arab refugees are running away for their life from the devastating fighting which has destroyed everything in their country. But, as I am seeing them here in central Europe, many of them be it men or women, they are professional criminals who have been grown up by hatting every religion, culture, tradition, way of living etc., while putting their own religion, culture, tradition and way of living on the upper stage and consider themselves as Allah’s choosen people. And all these mentality is bringing them into the conflicts with the native Europeans who believe they are being over run by ISIS who call themselves as ” Refugees “.

    But, the Greek’s Coast Guards shouldn’t have to sink the boat. Instead they should have kept it in the International Water from crossing into the Greek Water. If they really have done it, it is a crime against human.

  3. Greece is not civilised country any more and ordinary people are anything but friendly and lets face it the refugee don’t want seek asylum in Greece who is poverty stricken and is at the mercy of continues bailout by wealthier north eropian countries. Traditionally the Greeks are arrogant pompous people who brag about being the cradle of civilisation and mother of democracy. And is it ironic people who fought for democracy and removal dictator from their land are facing humulation and killings in heart of so called Europe. If Europe wants muslims out of their countries and it is only fair to ask them keep out our affairs instead of promoting democracy that is causing so much pain in Africa and Asia. Don’t you think Bateleour considering What is going on in your own land Oromia

  4. sorry about the typos.

    I would also like add considering the US and European policy towards Africa. the legitimacy of government is not decided by the people according to the democratic principles, it is decided by their interest as it happened in our case Utopia . they congratulated TPLF for their 100% win and our country that is run by TPLF terrorist is democratic according to west and people who are displaced are running in desperate search for some peace so Europe should change their selfish policy if they want to stop refugees and stop supporting dictators otherwise the chicken will come home to roost.

  5. .

    The development of Ethiopia is very slow because of lack of good government.

    The TPLF Ethiopian government is the main disease cancer that slowed the development .

    We need to cure the cancer or get rid of the cancer . We need good government then we Ethiopians can think about being part of development. For now most Ethiopians don’t think of development because they are afraid for their life . Recently the Ethioipian government put out a NEW LAW RESTRICTING PEOPLE FROM LEAVING OUT OF ETHIOPIA WITHOUT THE GOVERNMENT’S CONSENT.

    The GERD dam that the government is so proud of took 25+ years and still counting to make it a reality. That is quiet a shame , 25 years to build one dam and still not even close to being finished. I would call this a retarded development. .TPLF / EPRDF need to retire with their stolen money so we can free the brains of Ethiopia . We got close to a million political prisoners if freed who can mobiolize the country to it’s development and peace stability goals. With TPLF/EPRDF Ethiopia’s people development is always only a lip service. : TPLF support for Ethiopia’s people is expressed by TPLF in words but not shown in actions.

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