By Robin Toskin

Martial arts
Martial arts

Nairobi, Kenya (Standard Digital) — Just like Feyisa Lelisa crossed his hands at the finish line of the Rio Olympics, Ethiopian martial artist Kassa Tegegn Yimer declined to have his country’s flag hoisted here in Cheongju despite his winning gold.

Ethiopian athletes have taken to protesting their government’s crackdown in the Oromia region that has left more than 400 people dead. When it came to the medal ceremony in Cheongju, South Korea, Yimer requested that his country’s anthem be sang but without the flag.

CCTV: Police track down taxi to recover equipment

A Team Kenya official forgot his camera tripod stands in a taxi, but it took less than an hour for the South Korea Police to recover the equipment. The official had lost hope of ever getting back the equipment, but reluctantly reported to the Police. “No problem, we shall track down the taxi by checking the CCTV fitted all over,” the police assured. And true, in less than an hour, the taxi details were pulled out from the CCTV whereupon he was ordered to take back the equipment. The official offered ‘chai’ to the taxi driver for his effort but he declined saying it was his duty to return it.

DIPLOMACY: Kenya’s Counsellor visits team in time for gold

Gaudencia Ayisi, Counsellor II at the Kenyan High Commission paid Team Kenya a visit at the Cheongju Indoor Arena in time for the country’s first gold. “I am so glad to see the team here. Please feel free always to contact the Embassy, not only when you have a problem, but also to find out how we are doing,” Ayisi told the Martial Arts team. She added: “We always encourage Kenyans to the notify us whenever they come to South Korea. We wish Team Kenya all the best,” she said

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