Issa Community of Australia Writes Protest Letter to PM Hailemariam on Dire Situation in Ogaden

To Prime Minister Hailemariam,

IssaOn behalf of the Issa Community of Australia, the vast majority of the community strongly protest of the situation occurring in Sitti, Issa and Gourgoura Awraja zone; and we witness it to be worsening. The government is turning a blind-eye to the situation arising in those regions and we feel as these actions are unjust and extremely unacceptable. We have solid evidence and know of the Somali regional president, Mr Abdi Ilay’s actions. He has sacked all employees residing in Sitti zone, especially the councillor, teachers, police and doctors. In this instance, he has replaced all those employee’s with people of his tribe, Ogaden. This behaviour has never before been witnessed from anyone before, not from Menelik, Haile Sellassie or Mengistu Haile Mariam. We demand that the actions happening be revoked and the local people get their jobs back.

Additionally, we fully and strongly support the solidarity of the Oromo people, 100%, and we demand that Mr. Abdi Ilay to stop terrorising the Oromo people. We collectively remind the Ethiopian Government that the Issa people are sitting in a strategic region as we are the lifeline of Ethiopia. If we start our own rebellion then it will indeed be chaotic. There will be no access to petrol, gas, containers or railway due to the fact that everything is passing through the Issa territory. We ask the government to put a stop to our water being exporting to the Djibouti dictatorship as our livestock and our cattle’s are dying.

We appeal to all the Issa people living at home and abroad and stand together to unite on one common ground, and that is to come together and fight for our rights and the rights of our people in Ethiopia.

Thank you.

Yours sincerely,

The Issa Community of Australia

Background of Issa (Ciise)


The Issa or Eesah or Aysa (Somali: Ciise, Reer Sheikh Ciise, Arabic: عيسى‎‎) are a Somali clan, and a sub-clan of the Dir. Members primarily reside in Djibouti, Awdal in the self-declared Republic of Somaliland, as well as the Shinile Zone located in the Somali Region of Ethiopia and is one of the largest clans of the Dir. Traditionally, they live as nomadic cattle breeders, but they also engage in trade and have contacts throughout the region. The populations of Six major cities of Djibouti: Djibouti City, Ali Sabieh, Arta, Dikhil, Holhol, Ali Adde and Assamo – are predominantly Issa and in Ethiopia: Dire Dawa, Ayesha, Adigale, Erer and Āfdem and Somalia: Zeila and Xariirad. As a sub-clan of the Dir, the Issa clan traces their paternal ancestry to Irir, one of the sons of Samaale.

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