MARSABIT (The Standard) : The Kenya Defence Force (KDF) has moved its armoured vehicles and tanks from the Odha Military Camp in Moyale to Sololo following an invasion by Ethiopian forces who killed three police officers.

The development last evening follows a fierce gun battle earlier in the day between Kenya police and Ethiopian forces at Anona and parts of Sololo Township in Kenyan territory.  Marsabit County Police Commander Bernard Kogo said three Kenyan security officers were killed but declined to reveal the casualty on the Ethiopian side.  “We lost three officers at the border (Sololo) and I do not know what happened on their (Ethiopian) side,”  said Mr Kogo.

On Thursday, a senior provincial administrator  identified a senior chief   who was gunned down by allegedly rebels from the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF). Ethiopia is fighting the rag-tag OLF rebels in Ethiopia and parts of Marsabit County that it claims hosts their rivals.

OLF is opposed to Ethiopia’s ruling regime and claims it has marginalised the majority of Oromia-speaking people who include the Borana, also found in Kenya.

At dawn Friday, Ethiopian forces in full military attire invaded villages in Sololo District where locals led by area MP Roba Duba said at least 24 Kenyans were abducted.

“Eleven people were rounded up and taken away by Ethiopian soldiers. Before that they beat up everyone in their sight with gun butts, kicks and blows,’’ said Adan Jirma, a resident of Sololo South.

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At around midday Friday, Ethiopians soldiers made a second invasion in the two centres while backed by armoured vehicles.  This prompted administration and regular police, backed by Kenya police reservists, to engage the foreign army in a shootout.

As the gun battle between the two sides raged up to about 4pm Friday, KDF’s army multi-unit detachment from Odha in Moyale, about 100km away, rolled its armoured cars and tanks that were deployed at the border, stretching a distance of about 15km.

Sololo OCPD Benjamin Mwanzia said the military had been deployed to guard against further incursion but declined to give details.

National Hospital Insurance Fund Chairman Mohamud Ali called on the Kenya Government to protest what he called frequent invasion by Ethiopian forces into Kenyan territory. “We are a sovereign state and this (invasion) is bad because Ethiopia is considered a friendly neighbour. It is high time our government sends a strong signal to them,” said Ali. Mid this year, Ethiopian forces invaded Kenyan territory on three occasions — at Illeret, Sololo and Moyale.

9 thoughts on “KDF deployed at border after Ethiopian forces kill Kenya police

  1. That is what I want to hear, Mr. OLF. Now you are either borrowed some balls, or growing them to use them effectively. Keep pushing like that. But, make sure the following statement is not pointing towards you, if at all it is done or the enemy tries to use your name to make the news and blame you are in fact dangerous to the security of the Kenyans. Give a press release as soon as possible to defend your self that you are not to be blamed for the shooting of the officer.

    “On Thursday, a senior provincial administrator identified a senior chief who was gunned down by allegedly rebels from the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF).” I am sure you already got it!


    This reminder is exclusively for All social medias have rules and regulations. They also have a specific mission and goals. We Oromos are on WAR with the ETHIOPIAN EMPIRE. Our war is on many fronts. Media propaganda is an effective instrument in War setting. “Tor ke fataw wore ye fataw” Yibalal. At this point in time when OROMOS are in DEFACTO war with WUYANE, Eneny agents like TOLCHA must not be allowed to use this website to fight Oromos. Enough is enough. Thank you.

    1. “Tor ke fataw wore ye fataw”, yihchis Amarigna ke wede menzi akababbi new biqii yalechiw, ha ha haaa
      Hey buddy, get your own website and then block me. Don’t whine without reason. You said you are in war in all fronts,..I appreciate that and keep on and let us hear where you are next. Make sure that I trust your propaganda, if and only if I get it from 3rd party!

  3. News from Sololo District …. I have been just informed that the KDF has taken in most of the OLF command personnel. Negotiation has started in earnest for the release of these valueless heroes. The EDF has tricked most of the leadership that they thought was a big call to strategize a scheme for the final push to Ethiopia and ambush the enemy. BUT the amharas and the tigres once again deviced a cunning trap …. most of the leadership were kidnapped by EDF … and the rest they thought they were engaging EDF but actually they were engaging KDF. And KDF has taken the rest of the leadership …. Ii don not think we win the EDF they are to clever for us we are the dumbest of all dumb in the wold

  4. The laughing stock EDF is TPLF dogs just like Animal farm pigs trained dogs. Alshabab kicked their ass each day,but they terroize innocent civilians. They will be kicked very soon from all sides.ANA was beaten for 24 years by Weyanes and now started to sing,Weyane,Weyane.shameless Abyssinian coward

  5. For All of you … this OLF Command center …. we have now surrendered in particular we urge the ONLF ti surrender as well …. we read interesting story by a BBC journalist see an excerpt below … it is interesting … I myself have millions of dollars collected from gullible diaspora for OLF army I can use that to invest and benefit all Ethiopians … but first I invest it in Bahri Dar as it is peaceful ….. I urge all diaspora to move to our peceful country Ethiopia who know once all is finished it will be The Great KingDom of Ethiopia including Djubite and Somlaia … read the excerpt below

    “Constructing a rail link to Berbera would be a major challenge. This is mainly because Somaliland’s ambiguous status means it would be difficult to secure vital international funding. But the territory is relatively stable, and, unlike in conflict-ridden southern and central Somalia, a railway line is unlikely to face threats of sabotage.
    Somalia has several ports, and the potential for many more. It is possible to envisage rail lines linking Ethiopia and the Somali interior with ports all the way down the country, from Zeila in the north-east to Kismayo in the south.
    This prospect for economic growth might serve as an incentive for the weak, sometimes directionless Somali government, and indeed foreign donors who have poured billions into the country since it fell apart nearly 30 years ago, often to little effect.
    Perhaps the idea of a railway would spur on Somalis and their allies to drive out violent groups, including the al-Qaeda linked movement al-Shabab, which controls much of the country.
    As one Ethiopian rail enthusiast put it: “Maybe Mr Getachew will be remembered not only as Ethiopia’s Brunel but as a peacemaker for the entire region.””

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