Foreign Affairs CS Amina Mohamed during a media briefing at Harambee House, Nairobi, on October 14, 2013 / HEZRON NJOROGE
Foreign Affairs CS Amina Mohamed during a media briefing at Harambee House, Nairobi, on October 14, 2013 / HEZRON NJOROGE

Nairobi (The Star) — Most scientists say the Ethiopia dams will starve Lake Turkana of water and eventually kill it. Negotiators to find lasting solution

Kenya has restarted negotiations with the Ethiopean government to find a long lasting solution over the Gibe III Dams, which threaten Lake Turkana’s existence.

Foreign Affairs Cabinet Secretary Amina Mohamed said the negotiators are discussing scientific findings and will soon reach a solution.

Most scientists have opposed the dams Ethiopia is building on River Omo, saying they will starve Lake Turkana of water and slowly kill it.

Lake Turkana is the world’s biggest desert lake and supports more than three million Kenyans.

Mohamed said the negotiations will strike a balance between Ethiopea continuing to explore ways of meeting their energy demands and the impacts of the project on the Turkana basin.

Ethiopia wants to make hydropower its major national export, but climate change and ecological degradation could have a serious problem to the Turkana lake basin.

Kenya a few years ago signed an agreement to buy electricity from Ethiopia after the Gibe Dams are complete.

The dams and expanded large irrigated plantations in the lower Omo basin have been a major issue that will threaten the food security and economy of millions of people, especially on the shores of Lake Turkana.

Mohamed said climate change is a serious matter and awareness must be raised if its effects are to be mitigated.

“We as a country have done a lot in as far as addressing climate change issues is concerned. The message will be clear, the journey as a country has been long, but we have participated through our mission in New York,” she said.

Mohamed spoke at the ongoing second UN Environment Assembly in Gigiri, where she launched prototype postal stamps depicting 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

The Postal Corporation of Kenya designed the stamps and the UN provided financial support.

2 thoughts on “Kenya talks to Ethipoia over Omo River dam

  1. its too late.kenya’s future generations would face tremendous water sharteges
    including under ground water in and around Turkana regions which need more water to extract oil reservoir in that regions.
    Therefore,we donot trust the current government in Ethiopia as it has never respected previous agreements

  2. the people on the periphery in both of these countries have suffered tremendously. the pastoral cushitic community have never been considered as citizens but a second class or worse. The habasha in utopia and kikuyu in Kenya have a pact to control and oppress the cushitic nations. In Kenya the worst human crime in history in that country was committed against Somalis. And no one was held accountable so far. But We will fight back to free our people and our land and we will protect our rights to water. They will not become rich at our expense insha Allah.

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