Lemma Megersa calls for Oromo unity and economic revolution

Lemma Megersa calls for Oromo unity and economic revolution

Oromo Unity

Lemma Megersa

Editors note: This is a word-for-word translation of a recent speech by the President of Oromia Regional State, Mr. Lemma Megersa. The 16-minute speech in Afaan Oromo (link below) was apparently broadcast on the state-run Oromiya TV. Read OPride’s commentary on his speech here: 

Lammaa Magarsaa: A sweet-talking lackey or a genuine man of the people?

(OPride) — Before we blame others, we have to ask ourselves: what were and are our internal problems? We exposed ourselves to our adversaries. This is why we remained colonized for so long. There is no other reason as to why colonization came to fruition on our backs. Our biggest challenge, more than anything, is still getting organized. Our biggest homework, the biggest task for our people today, is to get organized. Unity. Not unity in name only but truly coming together from our hearts and minds. Aren’t honey bees a type of insect? But what is it that they are most admired for? Their unity. The organized swarm (colony) has a leader. They follow that leader and make sweet honey. In unity, there is a strength. Without the colony, scattered honey bees are just like any other fly. And anyone can squash a fly. Similarly, a society that’s not organized – whose minds and hearts are divided – cannot win. It is always exposed to danger. It has no agency.

This generation must leave behind the fixation on what others did unto us. We don’t need to count past abuses that were meted out to us. We need to start looking inward and start addressing our own internal problems. Herein lies the solution to our challenges: Lack of unity and our inability to get organized. This is crucial if we are to change our people’s history, the Oromo people’s history, and our region’s history.

Oromo nationalism is the foundation of everything. Our nationalism is our driving force (our motor). It is our pillar. It doesn’t matter if we are numerous, educated or rich. Those things will have no use without Oromo nationalism. The tribalism that we despise today wasn’t created with bad intentions. When we say Mr. X’s tribe, we have to also recognize that it is a form of social organization. It is a survival mechanism. Tribes come together to repel and defend itself against external aggression. To support and back each other up as needed. Tribalism is not only about blood (lineage) relations. It is a form of protection. Survival. We need this motor that unites us – Oromo nationalism – in order to move forward together and to survive. We must understand this.

Oromo nationalism, however, need to safeguard against two ills: The first is servitude/colonization. More than what others have done unto us, there are so many among us who don’t believe in our own ability to accomplish certain things. There are countless Oromos who are still asleep. There are so many who oppose and stand in the way of our vision asking such questions as “look at our main agenda? Can the Oromos really accomplish these goals? Are we really that capable?”

This is a colonial mentality. A liberated mind is worth more than anything else. Once a human mind is contaminated with a colonial virus, you can’t cleanse (decolonize it) by simply dipping it into the well of knowledge or wealth. But only a decolonized mind can bring about real change. We need to wage a serious struggle to reverse this. This is because there are so many Oromos who still don’t believe we can win or reach the feats of success achieved by others. How many of us release this “negative energy” day in and day out to demoralize each other? You, the young people, must protect each other from such maladies. This is my biggest message to you.

The other thing is, in this country, it is a problem to say this or that doesn’t concern me, take oneself out and stay on the peripheries. Whether one likes it or not, Oromos will determine the fate and future of this country, Ethiopia itself. Let alone development, Ethiopia cannot continue to exist as a country without Oromos (full) participation and without affording the Oromo people their fair share. We have to accept this. We have to believe in this fact in order to determine and demand our share. If we took ourselves out and stay on the margins and allow others divvy up our resources, what are we going to claim?

TPLF is worried about “territorial integrity” of Ethiopia. Wow!

When we say we’ll rally around Oromo nationalism to move forward, we have to safeguard against these two tendencies. If we balance these two issues, guided by the light of Oromo nationalism as a motor and we maintain our unity, there is not a change that we can’t bring about in this country.

The youth are well positioned to do this. In the past, we blamed illiteracy for our predicament. But today we are educated. All of you are educated. Even if we aren’t more educated than others, we have knowledge that’s sufficient to help us tackle our own challenges. One thing that makes all of us proud is that we have created a proudly nationalist generation. A generation that is educated and one that can fight for its rights.

We have created a generation that doesn’t bow down to anyone. A generation that is already making history. A generation that has already changed the meaning of one of our forefathers’ proverbs: You escape from tough times and a rock thrown at you by lying low. It is simply impossible to do so in this day and age. Lying low could mean never getting back up. Nowadays you can only escape by having a plan on how to fight whatever may be thrown at you. That there is a generation which is ready to change this history gives us hope.

Our youth, while unemployed, should not lose faith. They are a force for change. Our people, our society and all of us are putting our hopes on the youth. This force should realize that they are no longer facing darkness but light. They must confront today’s  challenges head on. The world is a river full of problems. Only those who work hard can win in this world. One cannot win by sitting idly and staring at the problems of the world. In fact, the longer we sit around, the more difficult our problems will get. And our problems won’t suddenly disappear. We shouldn’t be fooled on this. It is a mistake to think that the world will welcome us by laying out green grass (like red carpet?) on the floor. We are instead confronted with multiple challenges. Like all people, we must be prepared to meet those challenges head on and overcome them.

You should prepare yourself knowing that you are the answer to our people’s problems. You should believe in your ability to take over the reins of this country and lead it. No one else is prepared or better positioned to do this. The future is in your hands. Yesterday, those of us who are now in the position of leadership looked up to others who came before us. It is our turn now. Tomorrow will be yours. The key here is not to simply take over the reins of power. But to make history with it whenever we are in that position whether the power lasts a year, an hour or a few months in our hands.

Open Letter to Oromos Who Are Still Under Mental Slavery

Today is our gift. I have to work hard today to seize that opportunity. There is nothing that can be saved for tomorrow. We have to do all in our power today to confront tomorrow’s challenges. Especially those of us, the younger generation, who have both historical and generational responsibility, must work hard. I believe all of us, including you and the Oromo people, must start a major revolution in Oromia. An economic revolution. We should be thinking day and night about economic empowerment. We should be dreaming about making money. A society that is not economically empowered will become a servant to others. Only numbers. It cannot get ahead. An economically disempowered society will be pushed around easily by those who have money. There is no shortcut to success in this world. We must work hard and do so tirelessly to get ahead in life. That will be the source of our freedom. Our strength. We have to be economically strong. Simply debating political ideologies won’t change our lot.

Year after year – now for 5, 10, 15, 20+ years – we have been blaming narrow nationalism, rent seeking, good governance and chauvinism for our predicament. How much longer should we continue to talk about this? If it is not filling our food storage or improving our bottom line, what good is the talk going to do for us? No use. This is why I say each and every one of us should focus on the economy. Those who can farm should do so. Others can be merchants. From now on, as Oromia Regional Government, we have been asleep, we should wake up and start an economic revolution. We have to change past history by becoming each other’s strength. We have to act and work like people who bear historical and generational responsibility. This is the only solution to our problems. We should understand this and work together. As a party and as a regional government, we are ready to partner with you. The agenda of the youth will always be our agenda. We must not cripple or fail a generation that will tomorrow take over the reins of this country. Like we fought to empower the youth with education, we must ensure that they are also economically empowered and are proud of their identities. We have to work hard to ensure that the youth are prepared to lead our communities, our state, and our country.

14 Responses to Lemma Megersa calls for Oromo unity and economic revolution

  1. Oromian bateleur February 10, 2017 at 7:14 pm #

    “Deddeebii keessa haadi/funyoon dhagaa mura” akkuma Oromootti jedhan,

    “Constant dripping wears away the stone” akkuma Inglizoottis jedhan,

    hammeenyi diinaa fi gootummaadhaan dura dhaabbatanii falmachuun Oromootaa yeroodhaa yeroottii guddiina haaraa fidaa akka jiru agarra. Namichii kana dubbachuun isaa hedduu gaarii ta’ee osoo jiruu, Oromooti immoo, isa qeeqachuu fi shakkuu qofa osoo hin taanee, haasawa gaarii inni dubbate sana gara hojiitti hiikkachuu yaaluudha.
    Akkuma inni jedhe, sabbonummaa Oromoo cimsuuf, TOKKUMMAAN hedduu barbaachiisaadha. Garaagarummaa Oromoota jidduu jiru cufanii, akka diinni itti hin fayyadamne gochuudha. Yeroo hedduu, warri diinaa Oromoon takka mit kan nuun jedhan, isa nuti gamaa gamana dhaabbanee kutaadhan, amantii fi gandaan wal irrati duullu dhaga’aniiti. Kun hafuu qaba, hafaa jiras immoo.

    Akkuma namichi Prez. jedhe, sabboonummaan Oromoo guddachuu qaba. Warri Habeshaas tattaaffii adda addaa fi tarkaanfii ciccimoo ta’an kan isaan uummata keenya irraatti fudhataniif, sabboonummaan Oromoo akka guddatee to’annaa isaanii jalaa hin baaneef. Garuu immoo, abadan, eenyuyyuu adeemsa uumamaa dhaabuu hin danda’u, qabsoon uummata tokkoos hanga uummati sun biyyalafaa irra jirutti baduu hin danda’u.


  2. owld February 11, 2017 at 7:09 pm #

    Oromo people don’t be fooled even if he fees pain for his people tplf will do ever things to fool this people and will do everything below the sky to stopped Oromo protests and remain in power. if it is for this reason. Oromo people very very care full. Remember how the break kniget ()in 2005. Remember what meles zinawy said. He said I will do everything for negotiation everything below the sky. That was how they stay in power. So, tplf will do everything to fool our people and stay in power.

    Lemma If he could do anything he could have done something when his people are being massacred by tplf and Liu police in east hararga, in Bale and in Barana. so this it doesn’t make sense. if he is determined to scarified himself like many oromo heroe children and challenge tplf on our own right.

    the first thing he could do is bring back finfine in to oromia because that is where Oromo people lost every things they create a new paradise for themselves by taking oromo land and Oromo country very importunate place also Deredawa bring back to oromia zone and then announce that Afaan Oromo as federal and national language alongside with Amharic language. Release all political prisoners in Ethiopia and dismantle tplf abusive system. Bring those criminals tplf to justice.

    Oromo people will never stop until they get their right their freedom, they will destroy tplf soon any way. tplf is in a terminal stage . They are like when meles zinawi in hospital and he never opened his eye and he is in hell right now. tplf is the same we just need to buried them . Therefore do not try to fool your people and do not be fooled by tplf any more if opdo is Oromo children they could take their people to victory.

    • Soo Soo February 11, 2017 at 9:03 pm #


      And now you think that only opdo will take the people to victory? The guy is telling you that oromos need each other to be able to move forwards but you are asking him to do it alone if he is an Oromo. The issue is not whether the tplf is fooling him or not fooling him but whether all Oromos are able to come together with positive and fresh new frame of mind, thinking BIG and stage by stage make the Oromo people powerful and influential domestically, regionally and globally.

      This is absolutely possible and visible by doing but not only by talking alone. Go and think what you can do and contribute rather than always thinking what the others like the opdo can do alone. otherwise the fact is that the tplf will keep bossing and tossing around the Oromos while we keep divided in to tiny inward looking petty groups and dreaming of some heavenly troops. 🙂

    • Abiichu February 14, 2017 at 7:22 pm #

      Toftaa woyyanee sirriti beektaa

  3. Simaa Belew February 11, 2017 at 7:14 pm #

    It is true that Oromos will stay very weak and powerless as long as they love to get divided and bickering days, nights, months and years on end as if sitting on different dry tree branches and keep throwing dry peanuts at each other.

    Under such circumstances no wonder that 6% distant tribes come to Oromo homes to command and rob them while some others are waiting eagerly to replace the tplf and become another new slave owner. Larebo is hinting towards such possibilities in his little ways. 🙂

  4. Kedira Aman Hedeto February 12, 2017 at 2:08 am #

    Haalli kun cimee itti fufuu qaba

  5. Baayisa Nagu February 12, 2017 at 8:16 am #

    I will take the unity part. I suspect the economic revolution part and not holding others responsible are a disguises emanated from his TPLF masters/bosses. TPLF will be responsible for the death and suffering of our people. Rest assured the lives lost, the blood spilled and the agony of our people will not be vein. At some point in time, somehow, the perpetrators and their group and accomplices will face judgment of some kind.

    Coming back to the speech of the head of the OPDO, his speech is good.
    (1) Our young should/would feel proud and emboldened that this generation and the next one NEVER let anyone other than his own, (genuine Oromo) rule over his land.
    (2) It may help our people realize that once mentally slave a person education level, wealth, or fame cannot make him a person who has genuine Oromo right at heart. As a result, they won’t look up-to some opportunists as a role model.

    I think here is how Oromo can capitalize on his speech:
    (1) Hold OPDOs accountable to his word. Don’t let them turn a blind eye or collaborate with Woyyane as they kill, imprison, harass and loot the people. If you (OPDO) truly stand for Oromo, administer every affairs (military, political, economic–including land allocation) of the Oromo land.
    (2) Challenge OPDO to be an independent organization not ruled by TPLF.
    If OPDO genuinely ready to fight for its people, Oromo can use it as a vehicle to get to its freedom, justice and liberty. Anyway, OPDO as an organization destined to die at some point.

    • Ba Ba February 12, 2017 at 8:48 pm #

      Baayisa Nagu,

      “TPLF will be responsible for the death and suffering of our people. Rest assured the lives lost, the blood spilled and the agony of our people will not be vein. At some point in time, somehow, the perpetrators and their group and accomplices will face judgment of some kind.”

      Well said!

      However don’t overestimate the capacity of opdo to push along the direction you are talking in order to help Oromos. Remember the fact that opdo is only one among many ruling parties as a result of it may not be able to take radical measures on its own. For that opdo needs very strong and united Oromo conditional support just to see as to how far they may be able to push the oromo interest.

      If we are only shouting and cursing the opdo using vulgar words day and night, year after year then the opdo will only seek protection from the tplf against belligerent oromos. That is why oromo politics needs to be based on both war and peace approach to see which one works better at one time or the other. If we do not experiment then how can we know as to which approach may bring about fruits. Just thought.

  6. Bbbbn666 February 12, 2017 at 10:39 am #

    The Tigre’s are still leading in cheating, compared to Oppositions. Remember, during protest how Tigre uses OLF flag to … If an educated Oromo deceived with this propaganda; I wouldn’t blame the farmers supporting Lemma Megerssa.

    • Sam Kook February 12, 2017 at 8:31 pm #


      In politics every method that leads to the set goal is allowed. I am amused about your amusement with regard to what the tplf is capable of doing including the use of olf flag during the protest. To do that if it has done so is it’s political job among the mass. Instead of lamenting as to what the tplf is doing or has done better learn from them and do your your political activities which may even surpass that of the tplf. Politics is also about war and peace. When it is time to fight, you stand up and try to fight to the finish. When it is peace building you stand up and give peace a chance without abandoning your warrior stance before genuine peace is allowed to take root and start blooming all over the places. What is the BIG DEAL!

      • eszuq February 13, 2017 at 2:21 am #


        I think you are cooking for tplf fascist. We know who is opdo. How many times we have called them to unite with oromo people.Where were where them when Oromo children have been massacred by tplf on Oromo festival. Those all blood bath how on earth we trust them. Opdo are the people who do not want to scarify for their people. opdo lost chance. They lost chance when the ignored the Oromo call and cry. tplf fascist tigre Banda Nazi groups they will fall soon any awy. They are already in the age. The only reason they are on one foot is that all Ethiopian Ethnics are afraid of each other. They may not know what will happen that is the only reason they are on the on foot. Now Oromo people are determined whether opdo call for unity or not Oromo people will ever stop from destroying tplf fascist soon.
        Only tplf fascist group is our enemy no one else. They will be destroyed soon and will be buried and go to hell.
        No single Ethiopians people like them ever Ethiopian hated them. tplf will pay heavy price. Whether they try to fool the people or not they willl be destroyed soon. tplf have no place in that country. opdo they know what they have done and are doing so Oromo people do not want to think more about this they know them very well.
        They should more concer about their people who are dying on the hand of tplf and Liu police in east hararga in Bale and Borana. How on earth he can talk about the revolution of economy when his people are being massacred and are evicted from their land. And tigre become rich on Oromo land
        Haven’t you seen every single tplf tige grabing Oromo land and resource considering themselves first citzin this banda tigre. Their ignorance will make them pay heavy price.

        • Sam Kook February 13, 2017 at 7:29 pm #


          You are talking sense. Thank you! But then please don’t say anything BAD about SAM KOOK the great so that I may not be in bad mood for no reason. 🙂

          “…The only reason they (tplf) are on one foot is that all Ethiopian Ethnics are afraid of each other.” you wrote and Sam Kook agrees.

          By the same logic, even the more than possible Oromo progress in the struggle is hampered because Oromos are afraid of each other.

          Otherwise even the opdo would have put all tplf robbers in jail at Qalitti. FULL STOP!

          So, the burning question timely question is to ask ourselves as to how to remove mutual mistrust and replace it with mutual trust in order to do the right thing for the Oromo people and through that for all Ethiopians? 🙂

  7. Abdii February 13, 2017 at 11:55 pm #

    Lemaa leelaa Metawqyiaww Lellaa
    Lammaa magarsaan eegnuu?
    Lammaan jalqaba hojiin isaa dahninatii(BASAASA) turee wagootaa shanen ool eerga hojjaateen boda polisii oromiayaatii ramadamee oromiyyaatii warqinaan bakka buee hojjataa kan tureewoyyaaneen yerroo rakkatee kana isa as baafatee.
    WOYYANEEN qabsoo orommoo kolaasuudhaaf tooftaa ittiin fayyadamudhhaaf deemtuu kuun affaan keengyaan rakkoo keenyaa dubachaa nufakkatanii qabsoo keenyaa bojjiiudhaa.hara lammaan waee sabonumma dubachudhaaf moraalii kam qabaa sabontoota orommoo hikksiisaa, ajjeesiisaa hinturee. oromoo offbaraa .

  8. qero February 16, 2017 at 11:06 am #


    Ayyantuu admin, my comment was not posted why?

    Thanks, for your service

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