Yassin Juma added a new photo. Ethiopia soldiers raid a Hospital, Church and School in Moyale-Kenya killing one Kenyan national 55yr old Boru Huka a guard at Full Gospel Church , Kenya Police confirms. The soldiers were reportedly pursuing OLF rebels who had raided a Police station in Moyale Ethiopia killing 3 people. This is the 3rd raid by Ethiopia in a period of less than 2 wks


(Daily Nation) — Ethiopian soldiers reportedly killed a Kenyan Saturday at Sessi in the border sub-county of Moyale.

The soldiers killed a watchman at a local church as they pursued suspected Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) rebels who is said to have crossed into Ethiopia and killed a soldier.

According to the locals, the soldiers engaged the rebels in a gun battle at Sessi area at around 1am before storming Moyale Full Gospel church where they killed the watchman.

This happened despite continued denial by the government that the foreign military has been making incursions into the country.

The man was guarding a primary school belonging to the church which is located about two kilometers from Moyale police station.

The cleric in-charge Joel Muguika said police rushed to the scene where they found out that the watchman had been murdered.


The soldiers then went to the nearby Moyale sub-district hospital in search of any injured OLF militias who could have sustained injuries and seeking treatment at the hospital.

The hospital medical superintendent Dr Kamau Mukui said the soldiers stormed the hospital but did not find any rebel.

The incident scared away patients and staff at the hospital who at once started leaving the facility bringing operations to a halt.

The soldiers were allegedly pursuing OLF militias who had earlier in the night crossed into their country and killed a soldier before moving back to Kenya.

This comes in the wake of increased attacks by Ethiopian soldiers who have invaded the border town of Moyale and Sololo four times between March and May.

Over the period, two rifles together with ammunitions belonging to the government have been lost to the foreign soldiers after disarming Kenya police reservists (KPR).

Moyale deputy county commissioner Mr John Cheruiyot said an investigation into the incident is on course.

He said both governments will be holding discussions over the attacks for continued peace and friendship by the neighbours.

The deputy county commissioner said security was okay in the area hence no cause for alarm.

11 thoughts on “Man killed as Ethiopian soldiers invade again

  1. After all, the question shall be to take remedial measures, and not only to “stop” those criminals. From experiences we learned, the slogan “stop” killing is not implemented simply, TPLF adapted to such killing and slogans!


    1) US are indirectly funding the criminals (TPLF). This supports the military and weapons. Hence, US must be asked to establish Ad hoc committee and investigate politicians, students, journalists are arrested, jailed, tortured, prosecuted. Questions to US and other developed nations:

    1.1. Establish committee to investigate and prosecute the criminals (TPLF).
    1.2. Recover from funding criminals and reallocate to assist the victims.
    1.3. Disarm the criminals.
    1.4. Stop US funding the criminals.
    1.5. Stop US to indirectly damaging people.

    2)Costs of living are rising. People are suffering from unemployment and unaffordability of life. Some are dying on journey to abroad. These all are arise due to inefficient and ineffective government of TPLF. The TPLF doesn’t care for people but power and exploitation. In this line, the question people must rally across University and society:

    2.1. Raise salary and wages significantly and immediately.
    2.2. Offer employment.
    2.3. Release power to responsible political party.
    2.4. Undertake true election under representative of developed countries to supervise at the scene.
    2.5. Return land grabbed to farmers.
    2.6. Uproot the expanded “Master Killer” that contrary to constitution.

    3)Opposition parties shall call for disarmament of military members from TPLF. For lack of employment opportunity, people are coerced to participate with the criminal military regime of TPLF. The question shall be:

    3.1. US shall provide support to disarm people from TPLF military.
    3.2. Provide incentive to defect from TPLF’s criminal military.

    4) Each country including Oromia, Ogadean are obstructed from self-development and managing ones affairs by TPLF. The question shall be:

    4.1. Each industry including Sugar farm, textile, coffee, cement, minerals, fertilizers, and trade must be owned, planned, budgeted, implemented by respective country. TPLF must handover to the country.
    4.2. Projects including road, construction, sport, Bank and other services must be owned and implemented by each respective country. No TPLF intervention.
    4.3. University must be free from military intervention.
    4.4. There should not be federal police to intervene on the affairs of each country’s police.
    4.5. Each country must work with foreign direct investment without TPLF intervention.
    Then, boys go for defense, and empower Women in leadership and management. No to colonization!

  2. What is the status of diplomacy work: merging Ogaden, South Nations and Natioanlity, Oromia and Kenya! No more TPLF and …!

  3. Yeah, keep the East, West, Central gurella-fight busy until Wayane puts its tails between its butts, while the North gurellas would watch for Isias Afeworkis Property, lol!

  4. What ever Ethiopian Government is doing is total barbaric .
    They should ought to respect the sovereignty of the Kenyan Government.
    Not once, not twice , they have developed the habit of crossing into Kenya and terrorising the local borana oromo people.

    If the trend fails to end in near future, a mass protest against their invasion ought to be organized and a petion filed at ICC for massive human right violation.

  5. Egyptian style uprising against the ruling EPRDF is inevitable.
    If the government fails to respect the rules of law, they fail to implement democracy and want to rule by power of gun, then Oromo people should wake up and take over the power .
    Its very simple.

  6. Lokho J Iyya,

    The Agazi devil don’t understand either protest or dialogue… what they understand is the gun by gun. If you have the balls to fight just do that and you will win. Don’t even think any protest would reverse its plan or its crossing to Kenya. The TPLF is the worst coward ever ruled Ethiopia. Technically, they are not 5 million people, all are from North of Ethiopia. They don’t know the language of the southern Ethiopian and Oromos, so they use loyalists and opportunistics from these region in order to conduct their operation in the region. The Oromo people should be aware of the snake nature of the TPLF government and help the Oppostiion movemnt in all directions. The Kenyans should help the Oromos.

    1. OLF has a chance to make friend with Kenyan government and maybe even get a base inside Kenya. TPLF regime has been crossing the border into Kenya and killing Kenyans. TPLF has been at war with everyone inside the country and now @Kenya boarder @Eritrea boarder @South Sudan boarder and @Somalian boarder.

  7. Well Kenya is getting worse by the day and the leadership is incompetent, Utopia has no respect for the sovereignty of Kenya and this is only the beginning. Northern Kenya is totally lawless and there is no government services anymore. And Uhuru should at least talk about this utopian problem instead of ignoring and hoping things will be ok.

  8. TPLF thugs are gangsters who don’t abide by the domestic or the international laws. Moreover, the election highway robbery has unequivocally proven that the regime is totally paranoid. And Kenya has very weak and incompetent leaders, who repeatedly let TPLF thugs and their errand boys harass and kill Kenyans. A government that cannot guarantee the safety of citizens is not serving the people it supposedly governs. The Kenyans at the border need to protest in Nairobi.

  9. ”No war no conflicts no dispute”
    should be slogan word for ET and Ken.
    Olf is failed rebel group.
    Once lost opportunity during transitions gov 1992.
    Now olf nvr become source of conflicts for boz countries.
    Kenya has been ever cave of ethiopian rebellion since establishement Africa countries or during colonial era.

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