African Union criticises US for ‘taking many of our people as slaves’ and not taking refugees

Trump has suspended all US refugee programmes and banned immigration from seven Muslim-majority countries, three of which are AU members

The President has also suspended all US refugee programmes for 120 days, and ended the flow of Syrian refugees to America indefinitely.
African Heads of State pose for a group photo ahead of the start of the 28th African Union summit in Addis Ababa on 30 January, 2017 AFP

(The Independent) — The head of the African Union has criticised Donald Trump’s ban on immigration from some Muslim-majority countries, saying it presents “one of the greatest challenges” for the continent.

As representatives of the AU’s 53 member states met in Addis Ababa for a two-day summit, the chief of its commission said the bloc was entering “very turbulent times” after the US President’s election.

“The very country to which many of our people were taken as slaves during the transatlantic slave trade has now decided to ban refugees from some of our countries,” said Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma.

“What do we do about this? Indeed, this is one of the greatest challenges to our unity and solidarity.”

Mr Trump’s executive order prevented people with passports from three African nations – Libya, Somalia and Sudan – from travelling to the US. It also blocked visas for citizens from four Middle Eastern countries – Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Iran.

The President has also suspended all US refugee programmes for 120 days, and ended the flow of Syrian refugees to America indefinitely.

Also speaking in Ethiopia, the UN Secretary General commended African countries for opening their borders to refugees and people fleeing violence while other parts of the world, including the developed West, close boundaries and build walls.

Antonio Guterres, attending his first AU summit as the UN chief, said: “African nations are among the world’s largest and most generous hosts of refugees.

“African borders remain open for those in need of protection when so many borders are being closed, even in the most developed countries in the world.”

Mr Guterres didn’t make a direct reference to the recent executive orders signed by Mr Trump, which also included a commitment to build a wall along the Mexican border, but his comment drew enthusiastic applause from hundreds of African leaders, officials and dignitaries who attended the opening of the summit, the Associated Press reported.

5 thoughts on “African Union criticises US for ‘taking many of our people as slaves’ and not taking refugees

  1. Instead of blame blaming and attention diversion public speech making it is better to keep the African youth in their mother land at home. sweet home, by making the conditions there very comfortable and productive for them so that they may flourish and prosper in that resource rich Africa than being pushed to the land of the kkk in the foot steps of the early forced African slaves who built the great America currently being owned by the great klan chief. Not the American klan chiefs who reject the Africans are to blame but also African leaders who eject the African youth out of their homes and communities to go and die in the land of the klans are equally guilty.

  2. African leaders are a collection of dictators who incarcerate their own people and force them to exile just because they are critical of their government. Now, these so called leaders pose for a nice group picture in their suits and ties from European boutiques. I wish they New they are nothing, but bunch of chimpanzees with low IQ. They have neither the moral nor the right to criticize American government. They are opening their filthy mouth to pay lip service because the civilized world is critical of American government about its immigration policy.

  3. African leaders have no mouth nor prides of speaking for old time “Slaves trades” also for neo-slavery they themselves created. Old day, slavery were money making for the Kings, Chiefs, who raded kidnaped children to be commodities forsale.
    In a new slavery, Most African heads of states are the causes of influxes destitutions that is driving young hopeless African youths to die at sea, if fortunate reach Europe and North America. Why is land grabs going on in tidays Africa? Why mass murderings taking place in todays Africa? The so called must face extreme vettings and barred from
    Bringing their loots and even entering Western world for they are the master minds of terrors that is driving outs of their birth lands. Deal with these politics to make “Africa the beacons of hopes” instead of bottomless loughing stocks of destitutions.

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