By Dhala Oromo

I note articles written by many Habesha elites especially related to present intensified Oromo struggle against tyranny in Oromia. To quote a few is that of Prof. Mesfin W/M attempting to rename #OromoProtest or to hijack the objective of the Oromo struggle and the recent article of Seali Amsalu G/K ( telling us who we are and tries to suggest us as to how we have to lead our struggle. Also, the article of Mr. Admasu B. ( with an intension of calling on Habesha to boycott from assisting Oromo’s political struggle. In fact more than this is the majority’s silent position of our fellow Amhara elites and responses of ordinary Habesha citizens at home for the telephone interview as collected by Mr. Admasu B.

The following is crystal clear from Oromo perspectives and for any genuine mind. Oromo was rather under severing political, economic and cultural subjugation during Amhara’s lasted colonial hegemony a consequence of which transferred Oromo to a new colonial minority based TPLF rule. We also note that not few Amahara’s current service (mainly as spy in Oromia and wrong policy advice to further keep Oromo as colonial subject) to the present colonial rule. Despite the fact that you are refreshing worst memory we had with your hegemony, we are only stretching our merciful hands so that you could use the opportunity to show us you regretted for the past evils against us and tend to co-exist with us in the future. If the latter will be your choice, the only option we welcome is that you must stand up against TPLF and clear them from your state. Then we should open dialogue as to how we could build our common country- the greater Oromia (you may call it Ethiopia). In a nutshell, you must decide with whom to align between Oromo and TPLF. Two options are on the table for you to pick one. Not both! And not picking one is also as same as choosing to side TPLF. This is willy-nilly.

The present state of Oromo struggle is that TPLF must go. This strategy is independent of any Habesha’s consent or any kind of help or an attempt to be hindrance.

Needless to tell you that seemingly advice nor tactical approach works not at this era on this issue. Instead try not to full yourself because your today’s credit for the Oromo struggle for freedom of oppressed people in Ethiopian empire will be your tomorrow’s debit to leave with us in free Oromia

7 thoughts on “Message to Habesha Elites (Educated, drawers and others)

  1. At this stage all sides are a bit cautious. We have to keep in mind that the 25 years rule of TPLF has created deep suspicion between Amhara and Oromo. That is also the very reason that TPLF stayed in power. So you may find some writers from both sides writes something that don’t bridge the gap between the two largest groups. Rather they are helping TPLF continue its oppressive rule. Even in the ongoing Oromo revolution, some Amhara Uni students have been victims. This all adds up to the rift between the two groups.

    Political organizations and community groups should work together to create better understanding and forge united front. We shouldn’t dwell in the past or swayed by few none constructive commentaries. We have much bigger problem at hand. We need to concentrate our energy to overcome our current quagmire.

  2. Great message and a concise note it is, Dhala Oromoo. Jiraadhu. Jarreen kun gurrii issaanii durruu waan dhagayuu mittii, haa ta’u irra deebiannii itti himuun waan gaaridha.

  3. Ilma Oromo:

    Thank you for your bold and clear message. If you are Fayyis Oromia(I am just suspecting some of your wordings like Oromia =Ethiopia, which actually doesn’t mean same for most Oromo), this is my first time to side with you as this is the only time I see determination & bold message from you.

    It is the bold and heroic move by the Qubee generation that remaking Oromo history and struggle.

    Oromo have been kind and accommodative of all GIGOs from Amahara for long, but not at this critical time. Our people are still giving them the necessary protection in Oromia regardless of what position they have. But, when they are openly waging non-cooperation and silence towards Oromo struggle, this when we should make clear strategy as to how to handle the issue with them. Promo is not alone in this struggle, at least in principle. All the South oppressed people are with the just Oromo struggle. Therefore, since they have no history of supporting Oromo cause for the very beginning, their silence or non-cooperation doesn’t’t matter, as we are shaking the highly equipped TPLF Agazi bare handedly without their involvement.

    You better give that advice to your relatives that are sitting out there and waging non-cooperation. Amahara students have been seen to go to classes when Oromo students are being massacred in a daylight. No any habesha discuss about the seriousness of the issue with Oromo or show support when Oromos are continuously staging demonstration in the bug cities of America and Europe. They rather try to make an attempt to drag the Promo struggle, Oromoo blood that is spiling day in & day out as a commodity to call it #EthiopiaProtests without showing even a solidarity with Oromo demonstration.
    Therefore, you need to work hard in supporting the just struggle and facing the common enemy practically, not through press releases only in order to create working environment with Oromo for the future.

  4. During derg regime, most of the elites and students, mainly those from Amahara ethnic group, were against TPLF and EPLF struggle. Compared to current regime, nations and nationalities of Ethiopia gave more support to Mengistu. Many writers and thousands of fighters from any source of the country did not stop TPLF and EPLF. The same thing is happening and will happen-mixed reactions will continue and have no end in sight. Every time we get comments from any writer against revolt in oromia or elsewhere, if we take it as the view of all the people, it is far from truth.

    People of the north or groups from the north are also fighting injustice as the way they believe in. The Oromo people is the largest ethnic group and can recruit more than the current regime army. As I said in my previous comments, our struggle is backed by majority of Ethiopian population. Like us, nations and nationalities of the country from small to big have army and have been fighting injustice. Whether Amahara students or students from any other ethnic went to class while oromo students were protesting will not stop the struggle and the desired outcome. Students have no means to challenge the regime and any armed groups after all.

    Ethiopian people are diverse which means that the way we react to injustice varies. The key point is to what extent resistance we make or any other group make sense or attract nations and nationalities of the country. Representatives of nations and nationalities, from west to east and north to south, aired out their support in different ways. Talking much about students went to class, especially those from the north, doesn’t hold water unless the intention of this writer is to create further gap which has been created by mercenaries in the past.

    Put aside students from other ethnic groups, you will find students from Oromo that will go to classes. The same is true about writers from any corner. Whatever opinion he/she reflected, nations of the country will continue fighting injustice in different ways and as the way they believe in. In my opinion, it looks on the surface your writing is for Oromo, but when you flip it, your view intimidate other ethnic groups wherever they are living. It smells, unless you support us, you will not live in peace with us. This is not our way. We believe that we have adequate human resource to topple the regime with less support from other ethnic groups as long as we are committed and logistics are available.

  5. jimma thank you.
    Somebody has to ask themselves when you point one finger to others, you will point the four to yourself.
    1997 they were killed infront of our eyes. Did we demonstrate with them, no.
    Either us or them can live in the old cave. When unjustice happend on innocent people salaughterd in Bedanno, it is not to create good will among us. Now it is for all of our interst to work together instead of sinking together.
    akkum makmaaksii jedhu.

    wula(balbala qilleenssii) itiin si seenu ufirra cufii

  6. There is a lot to learn from the matured comments made by Abdi & Jimma. It’s to the betterment of our society if our commentaries reflect realities on the ground without being too emotional. Personally, I wish if every one from all directions revolts whenever any peaceful citizen get killed or detained for his/her political opinion.

    Like it or not people in Ethiopia know very little about what is going in different regions. They were taught not to think beyond their kebele/vicinity. When the Wolkaity people in Gonder protest against woyane, nobody supports them even from Gonder itself let alone Oromos. Now Oromos revolt from everywhere; do we really know the level of understanding that exists in other regions?

    It’s very inconsiderate of the circumstances under which people are living in the current Ethiopia if we generalize and label them as Woyane supporters just because they are silent. If they don’t understand what the master plan is about & how it affects people, I don’t think they have that much to protest against. And, don’t underestimate woyane counter propaganda. It’s the Oromo youth responsibility to make others aware of their struggles and its purpose. If we keep hunting and killing scared kids who happen to go to class, trust me it won’t help our cause. It may even backfire, certainly it’ll embolden woyane.

    To end the suffering our people whether under one nation or different nations. Let’s do our share by being constructive, free from emotion and accommodative. Hatred breeds hatred, no body gain nothing from death & displacements of people.

  7. It is good opportunty for all who confess Ethiopian unity and agains. it It is good opprtunity for all Oromo. it is good opportunity for Oromo Ethiopians to assess themselves again again:It is good opprtunity for Those Oromo nationalits who clearly and outstandingly defend their out look for almost quarte of a century. Any Oromo nationalist who sow his nationalistic value now gathers the reaps. An Oromo and Oromia shadowed by Abyssinians as Ethiopian and Ethiopia now beyond any bias and prejudism. The alpha andomega of any Abssinian rulling klass (elit) polcy is Oromian resources. not the wel- being of Oromo.They love our land but they hate us. The y wish us death,but cursed ourlife and happiness. when the cry and shout new ETHIOPIA; NEW Ethiopia, it is new Ethiopia in which crept , weak, poor, ignorant sick Oromo will live. Our people smarted all bunches of political organization inside and out to be heard at international community,yes this hardly won voice will be fruit ful in the coming years to come. A people that defedned that country for almöst over acentury started to defedn it self, wether Abyysinians like it or not we will raise Peoples’ army that will liberate all people once for all.This is Oromo Revolution in the horn. let them hide themselves when the time is reap,let them shout when the Oromo people victorious by the help of the ALMGHTY and true sons and daughters. The time is reap for Abyssinians to stand to gether, but thier greediness will not allow them to stand together, yes they are in confusion and disarray where to stand, Some one at his grave who found himself in confusion will die once for all in confusion. Abyssiniasn are in confusion to take stands, because they live and dream in false hood. People that kill fear will dismantel kleptocracy and kleptocrats by them selves. It is up to you to join or not to join Oromo revolution to make it Second Ethiopian REVOULTION: weyane should go wether you like it or not. The wild beast is dancing in our sleeping room to day me tomorrow you, get up to hunt down the beast in your sleeping room.

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