Three Woyane travelers claimed the lost money. It was wrapped up with Ethiopian Airlines official bag

(National Helm) — Two Chinese migrant workers found $356,246 cash in airport and returned it to three travelers from‪ Ethiopia. The migrant workers who were working on a construction project in southern China‬‘s Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport Friday found a white paper bag containing bulks of US dollar bills unattended.

The workers reported the situation to the police and later on met three Ethiopian travelers who came to claim the lost. The migrant workers’ move won lots of praises after the story went viral.

4 thoughts on “Migrant Workers Find $356,246 In Chinese Airport, Return Cash Back To Owners

  1. That is how more than $26 billion left the country. God is good!!! This helps the world to have some ideas of how Ethiopia has been looted dry over the last 25 years.

  2. The Woyane ex-Customs administration head Minster Melaku Fanta and his wife who was a military Colonell were both fined millions of dollars for accepting bribes from AYER BAYER electronics importers that smuggle in electronics and other merchandize without paying any tax

    and just last week the FINFINEE police raided electronics warehouses and shops in Merkato , Addis Ababa finding 9.5 billion dollars worth electronics that entered the country without payment of any tax, the business people routinely go to China to bring in electronics for sell the recent raid in Merkato made them so nervous they are throwing away the evidence thinking the Addis Ababa police got power all the way to China but when they found out it didn’t they claimed back their money.I know because I got a neighbor that started going to China few years back with just 10,000 dollars in his pocket now he is a billionaire .

  3. This is an example of money laundering by TPLF thugs and their relatives. Surely, such large sum of money cannot leave Ethiopia without full knowledge of TPLF thugs & spies.

  4. Any source for the information? As it is a big crime to hold and found this big money in cash while travelling; can you post any reference to this information?

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