An ancient migration out of Africa has left a lot of questions - such as which path was taken by our ancestors. New research may have just answered that question. (Photo : Zephyrance Lou)
An ancient migration out of Africa has left a lot of questions – such as which path was taken by our ancestors. New research may have just answered that question.
(Photo : Zephyrance Lou)

(Tech Times) — A new study has found that humans may have first migrated out of Africa through Egypt — not Ethiopia, as was once believed. Genetic analysis of people living in Ethiopia and Egypt today has revealed that ancient people carried out a migration through Egypt long ago, headed toward the north.

Ancient humans first evolved in sub-Saharan Africa roughly 200,000 years ago, according to the best scientific research available. Their exodus from Africa took place between 70,000 and 130,000 years before our own time. The route these groups took has however been a subject of intense debate for decades. It is not even certain whether this mass migration happened in a single event, or came in waves.

“Two geographically plausible routes have been proposed: an exit through the current Egypt and Sinai, which is the northern route, or one through Ethiopia, the Bab el Mandeb strait, and the Arabian Peninsula, which is the southern route,” said Luca Pagani from the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute and the University of Cambridge.

The genomes of Eurasians were found to be more closely matched with Egyptians than Ethiopians. Analysis of the DNA shows that modern-day residents of Asia and Europe split from Egyptians 55,000 years ago — 10,000 years after branching off from Ethiopians. These populations departed from the genetic tree of west Africans 75,000 years before our own time.

This provides evidence for the theory that most early humans left Africa by traveling through Egypt, and not Ethiopia.

“The most exciting consequence of our results is to have unveiled an episode of the evolutionary past of all Eurasians, therefore potentially improving the knowledge of billions of people on their deep biological history,” Pagani said.

Modern-day Israel would have been close to the path taken by ancient migrants along the northern route. An archaeological find made in that nation, announced this January, revealed the presence of modern humans there 55,000 years ago. All modern-day humans, except those living in Africa, contain some trace of genetic code left over from Neanderthals. Populations of those hominids would have been living along the northern route at the time in which one or more migrations may have taken place.

No genetic evidence has yet been found suggesting early humans traveled through Ethiopia on their way out of Africa. This does not mean that such a movement did not take place, and evidence of such population shifts in the distant past may be found during future research examining people of Oceania.

Analysis of the migration out of Africa was profiled in the American Journal of Human Genetics (AJHG).

5 thoughts on “Modern Humans Originated From Africa Via Egypt And Not Ethiopia: Study

  1. Ethiopia is the cradle of Man Kind aka Adam and Eve. Evolution is garbage, the likes of Charles Darwin were possessed by the devil when they wrote the most ridiculous monkey and gorilla story on top of that the “40 millions years old earth” nonsense. Adam and Eve were the first human beings, they lived in Ethiopia and the earth is 8,000 years old. If it was not for the Ethiopian Nile River, there would be nothing called Egypt!!! original Egyptians were Africans, Egypt was later invaded by arabs, turks, greeks, brits etc.

  2. This drunken person called ” Daniel ” is turning everythings upside down.

    1. ” Evolution is garbage ”

    2. ” Earth is 8000 years old ”

    3. ” If it was not for the Ethiopian Nile River, there would be nothing called Egypt ”

    4. ” Originally Egyptians were Africans ”

    1. If the evolution is garbage, tell us, how human beings have reached the taday’s stage from the first naked Man Adam ? In this matter, I believe that you have never understood the meaning of ” evolution “. Human beings have evolved from making fire plow to making electricity, from ash cooking to 3-stone cooking, from 3-stone cooking to electric stove cooking, from living in caves to living in glass towers, from gathering and hunting to making ploughs by creating the beams, the yokes, the metal tips, the leather straps, wings and steel hooks which are fixed together to make the plough a plough. From clothing themselves with plant leaves to weaving their own clothes by making looms and shuttles, from throwing stones to throwing bombs, from shooting an arrows to shooting guns, from healing themselves with the traditional medicinal plants to medical chemistry in laboratory. From walking on foot to driving cars, ridding on buses, trains anf fly by planes etc. etc. So, try to find out the real meaning of the word ” Evolution ” than being entangled into the ” Darwinism ” .

    2. Tell us which creationist has told you that the earth has been created 8000 years ago.

    3. Is Egypt not Ethiopie the land of Cush before the Arabs invasion as you have put it ? Do you think that Ethiopia has created the Nile River ? In this case, you have to know the exact meaning of the words ” Ethiopia ” and ” Egypt “.

    4. I agree with you, Egyptians were light skinned and black skinned Africans. The light skinned were Pharaos, Barbers and Copts whom we usually call Egyptians and the black skinned were the Nubians and the Samaras who are seen very rare today.

    To conclude my piece of comment, Daniel, evolution which you hate is taking place every second, minute, hour. If there is no evolution, the father who procreated you cannot help you to grow up to the maturity. Evolution means, changing, developing, metamorphosis, mentally or physically improving etc. God gave man wisdom to use it on his own way of survival. Therefore, man can use his wisdom to improve his living standard. Man can use his wisdom to explore his surroundings, man can use his wisdom to research his past and future.

    The Holy Bible and the Holy Qur’an command us not to do bad thing to the fellow creatures and the enviroment. But they don’t tell us not to cross the red trafic light or not to touch the electric high voltage. In this case we have to use the wisdom which our Almighty God has gave us. Therefore, science or researching is not a sin/haram as Mr. Daniel puts it, rather it is a way of improving human beings knowledge.

  3. The only Monkey/Gorilla Charles Darwin wrote about was the now Humanoid Daniel. Discrediting
    Darwin for turning him humanoid and telling his story, Daniel possessed with his fears/difficulties is now bashing and trashing the great man. What exactly turned Daniel’s brain upside down to this extent to write what he wrote? I wouldn’t say it is the devil that possessed him, but the ignorance that is built in him.

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