By Ibsaa Guutama  | Gubirmans


Some fifty years ago few Oromo youth initiated freedom movement that laid down the national Kaayyoo and paid heavy sacrifices but registered significant achievements. The movement is now taken over by legitimate owners, the Oromo people, making the road to its goal shorter than ever. Thus Oromo liberation movement that started rolling almost five decades ago has now accelerated its speed and is shaking the empire system from its roots. The August 6 grand people’s assembly that took place with exemplary discipline in over 200 urban centers including Finfinnee, defying brutal enemy war machine gallantly with crossed hands, is a witness of maturity and viability of Oromo liberation movement. All the assembled carried placards with slogan “Oromiyaa belongs to the Oromo” and demanded for the occupation army to leave Oromiyaa. Oromo plight has started to be taken seriously because of the persistence efforts made by Oromo revolutionaries. The march towards freedom will continue with more vigor. Crossing the hands is a symbol of peaceful intention showing the world that they are not aggressive or expansionist.

Nonviolent and armed struggle are two methods of struggle universally known. This time Oromo protest has chosen the first; many supported it full heart while there are those that have reservations. There is no country that achieved result only with nonviolent struggle. In India there were armed resistances. (Quit India and INA) in addition to Gandhi’s method; In US there were others (Malcom X and the Panthers) opposite Martin Luther king. One side has contributed to success of the other. In Oromiyaa there is OLA opposite to the present peaceful protest and there is no guarantee that more violent struggles are not reactivated if killing the unarmed continues. The Ethiopian government is slaying unarmed children that marched to express their opinion peacefully. It is a time for all Oromo to be in rage and expose and condemn TPLF’s crimes by supporting the protestors. All might have difference of opinion but praising the martyrs and encouraging the remaining heroes have priority over individual preferences and debating on the mode of struggle.

The enemy is identified as TPLF not EPRDF. Except for TPLF all other member organization of EPRDF are taken as fake or make-believe ones by all others. Why didn’t non TPLF members feel ashamed when taken as minions of the Tigrawayi? For how long would they shame themselves and the society from which they sprouted before they could claim their legitimate position? Though they do all the dirty jobs of massacring their people for TPLF, they had never been considered as equals with TPLF but as its running dogs. Can they ever say enough is enough for all that despised them and roar with lion’s heart of their people? Galtuu! Gimgamaa will be after you at all times so that you don’t become over due in their system. Sooner or later you are going to be humiliated and eliminated by a dying organization. Therefore why not die fighting against slavery and injustice with your own people? TPLF is a weak organization led by corrupt individuals not that TPLF youth that fought its way to power long ago; its days in power are now numbered.

The latest mass uprisings are a no confidence vote for the so called government of Oromiyaa and rejection of colonial rule by TPLF. In all places they flew high the resistance flag which scares all Oromo enemies because of what it signifies. Waaqaa willing it will fly over Finfinnee, the bellybutton of Oromiyaa soon. There is no Oromiyaa without Finfinnee and Finfinnee without Oromiyaa is stinky stagnant pond. Those that want to separate Finfinnee from Oromiyaa are those who don’t realize the stench. The initial resistance movement started with clear declaration of relations between Oromiyaa and Ethiopia. The two as separate entities can live side by side in peace and harmony, respecting each other’s rights. No one of them has moral or legal justification to claim owning the other. Forces in open conflict with TPLF are now colonies and Amaaraa people. All have started to declare solidarity for each other’s struggle putting more pressure on TPLF. But that should not be mistaken as implying rolling back old colonial relations, which is already dead. New political relations could be formed only based on freely expressed will of all peoples.

Oromo had never been taken as equal beings with their colonizers. This should not be considered as strange if it reoccurs now. Many, never to be forgotten treacherous instances have passed in their history. Looking back to the life and death of the great General Goobana Daaccee in comparison to his peers from the Amaaraa like Daargee, Waldagorgis, Tasammaa and others is only an example among many. Similar practices are observed even to this day. Despite that, some decadent Oromo activists are failing to learn lessons from their past. They try to misguide the youth by being examples of confusion rather than clarity; vacillation rather than commitment; hesitation rather than determination; and submission rather than rebellion; dependency rather independence. That led to lack of critical understanding of issues in every public forum. Clapping of hands and standing ovation for all side shows lack of principle.

The disparity between treatment of Oromo protest and Amaaraa protest are also rooted in history. The regime had disarmed the Oromo all that was left from past regimes. But Habashaa were not disarmed. Ethiopian laws, be them those concerning culture, language, administration of justice or land holding system or human dignity has never seen Abyssinia and Oromiyaa with one eye. There are those who try to compare apple and orange concerning these disparities. Oromiyaa is a colony to be exploited mercilessly and oppressed for the purpose. Amaaraa are the people that supplied leadership for vanguards of colonial campaign. To be politically correct, Oromo activists must try to compare Amaaraa with Tigrawayi from the colonizing group and Oromo with peoples in the colonized group. Otherwise it leads to blaming the people for own lack of understanding the nature of the empire state. Just like Oromiyaa and Amaaraa are different countries objectives of their struggle are also different. Their similarities may be that they are struggling simultaneously against abuse from the same source. Their difference is that Oromo is struggling for sovereignty and independence lost long ago; Amaaraa are fighting against trespassing and marginalization.

The conflict between Amaaraa and Tigrawayi is traditional; one has to accept supremacy of the other whenever defeated and participate in a subordinate position. Minilik’s moving on his knees in front of Yohannis IV carrying a heavy rock on his back begging for mercy from him is an instance for this. The objectives of cruelty against fellow Habashaa are different and so equal treatment is not to be expected by Oromo. History of their struggle, traditional, moral and religious codes makes Habashaa relations unique. Conflicts had never been solved peaceful but by force for they are ever authoritarians. For this reason TPLF could use all arsenals in its depot to suppress any Amaaraa threat. If what is done to Oromiyaa is repeated in Amaaraa they must watch out TPLF is the cruelest enemy. It punishes not only the present generation but also the next one by culling children who are brilliant in their classes and young men that have potentials to provide leadership to their people. That was not new for the Oromo for all colonial regimes did that.

TPLF is operating with two options; one is to rule the empire as long as it can and the other is to form independent Tigray Tigriny Republic. For the later to annex Wolqayit and the surrounding fertile lands Gondar claims are indispensable. Grudge of feudal past might have also caused the conflict. Referendum could be suggested as possibility for conflict resolution; but TPLF has administered Wolqayit since coming to power and could have settled more Tigaaruu putting Gondoree at disadvantage. Therefore the traditional way to settle scores they started seems the only solution to get back Wolqayit, if they believe it worth the sacrifice.

Oromo struggle is now at a critical point. All those that have interest in Oromiyaa are trying to sabotage it through flattery, deception and open war. Among Oromo elites there are ones that do not understand severity of the situation but see things only from their self-aggrandizement. For this reason they are seen trying to trick and push the youth to colonizers trap. Such distorters are now mushrooming in an amazing rate. Their difference with OPDO is the choice between Habashaa masters. They are feeble minded opportunist saboteurs that run away when their people are on the threshold of victory. Whichever side they join their fate will not be better than Goobanaa’s if not worse; they may end as simple mercenaries. In both Amaaraa and Oromo movements they are losers and opportunist Nafxanyaa and Oromo elites that are making the most cacophony. Oromo can defend themselves from outsiders. They are the insiders that had been obstacle to their freedom and development by inviting enemies from the region and from across the sea.

Baqqala Garbaa and his comrades as well as Oromo that died in thousands and millions that are languishing in prisons and refugee camps are not suffering to hogtie the Oromo and sell them to their colonizers. It is for freedom. It is only the Oromo people that decide on own fate by using the universally recognized right of nations to national self-determination. That is the first and only destination towards which all Oromo organizations worthy of the name have to work. That demands independent Oromo national organizations; though everyone has the right to choose sides it should not be at betrayal of comrades and disadvantage of the nation. Any political relation with aliens that does not have clear national mandate remains individual relation as disgusting as TPLF PDOS.

It is a cardinal principle of Oromo tradition that no right of any human being should be abused. The Amaaraa are protesting against the harm they felt is being inflicted on them by their cousins, the Tigrawayi. They have historically common codes of operation though reneged by TPLF. Therefore the abuse they are protesting for has to be seen in that context. TPLF has of course betrayed them. The Oromo sympathize with them because they are fellow human beings and neighbors. Commotions should not be taken as a chance to create confusion and obscure our focus. Oromiyaa is fighting for independence from empire system the Habashaa created in unison. Because the two components of Habashaa leadership clashed on interest, the kaayyoo of Oromo liberation is not going to change. Because Habashaa media said, “Oromo Ethiopians”, the identity and demand of Oromo and their struggle will not change by strike of a magic wand. For Oromoo and Amaaraa creating understanding, to bring peace and calm for their people is beneficial rather than troubling each other with false history. They are facing a more genocidal enemy than they previously know. So better find a way of tackling together and discuss later how to live as good neighbors. This is to be done people to people not by unelected stray individuals. But neither Oromo nor Amaaraa freedom can be brought up for negotiation.

Oromo protest reflects Oromo aspirations that is why it did not carrying any other symbol except banner with two red borders. As once an Amaaraa person commented, “It has nothing that smells Ethiopian”. Would media or Oromo collaborators’ pungent smelling perfume change the odor? Come what may Oromiyaa has refused to be dominated again. Such deafness to listen to Oromo demands would only aggravate the volatile situation in the region. It does not seem Gondoree masses are shading their blood for lost Nafxanyaa Empire but for their own denied rights, freedom and land. Placard held showed compassion of the people but using it as propaganda tool could distort its message.

The Oromo protest is a part of the liberation struggle. Everyone that stands for justice and peace can support Oromo protest as fellow human beings not as “fellow Ethiopians”. The Oromo need no chauvinist advice on what and how to handle their struggle or be intimidated by their hullabaloo. People fighting for their freedom can cooperate for exchange of information about the common enemy and other matters. But they should not try to meddle in each other’s affairs. Oromiyaans are in rage; any misunderstanding could lead away. Therefore all those who want to form smooth relations, must recognize and respect Oromo rights to own identity as they respect theirs. Unless problems gripping the Ethiopian empire are solved peacefully and amicably, turmoil hoovering over the region can be uncontrollable. Approaching it in good faith by all concerned alone could avert it. Every people have a country that needs consolidation and development. They are those that perform this aspect democratically that can push for pan-Africanism or Horn unity.

For Oromo elites in alien camps and still uphold Oromummaa (if that is possible?), to create solemn understanding on basic elements or safuu of Oromummaa may help. Then only, could there be a distinguishing thread between them and others during the liberation struggle. Wherever they are, there must be certain values that emanates from Oromummaa to be religiously adhered to. The youth that are dying and maiming are crying “Oromiyaa for the Oromo!” not Oromiyaa for anybody else? The truth should not be hidden under demagoguery or distorted to fit alien interest. However multiple our obstacles may be we shall overcome with determination. First the Oromo have to be empowered to decide on their destiny with their free will to enjoy tranquil democratic life. That is the mission of the liberation movement. That is the objective of youth protest. Let us not steer others stew when ours is burning. Long live free Oromiyaa!

Honor and glory for the fallen heroines and heroes; liberty, equality and freedom for the living and nagaa and araaraa for the Ayyaanaa of our forefathers!

Ibsaa Guutama
August, 2016

Waggoota shantamman tokko dura sochiin walabummaa dargaggoo yartuun eegalame kaayyoo sabaa diriirsee wareegama guddaa baasus, jija boonsaa galmeessee. Amma sochichii abbaa saa, ummata Oromoon dhuunfatamuun karaa itt galaa gahu gabaabsee jira. Akkasitt sochiin bilisummaa Oromo kan naannaa kurnan shanii konkolaachuu eegale amma arreeddii saa shaffisiisuun sirna empayeraa hundee raasuutt jira. Yaa’iin ummataa naamusa fakkeenya tahuun magaalota 200 ol kan Finfinnee dabalatu keessatt maashinii diinaa hamaa utuu hin sodaatin jannummaan Hagayya 6 hiriire, raga bilchinaa fi waaraa tahu sochii bilisummaa Oromoo agarsiisa. Hundii hophiyaa dhaadannoo “Oromiyaan kan Oromooti” jedhuu fi waraanni roorrisa Oromiyaa keessaa bahu kan gaafatu qabatee yaa’e. Iyyannoon Oromo galati warraaqxota hin badinii sirinyaan fudhatamuu eegalaa jira. Dhiichi gara walabummaatt tolfamu si’ayinaan ittuma fufa. Harka qaxamursuun mallattoo abaltii nagaa akka namatt hin dabarree fi hin baballanne addunyaaf mirkaneessani.
Qabsoon nagaa fi qabsoon hidhannoo mala qabsoo bakkallett beekamanii. Yero ammaa Oromoon isa jalqabaa filatan; Hedduun garaa qulqulluun yoo deggeran kanneen wakkatan jiru. Biyyi qabsoo nagaa qofaan hobbaatii argamsiise hin jiru. Indiyaa keessa qabsoon hidhannoo, (Quit India fi INA) kan Gaandiin gamatt turani; USA kan Martiin Luther King gamaas (Malkom X fi Panthers) turani. Garri tokko milkii isa kaaniif gumaachee jira. Oromiyaa gama sochii moormii nagaa WBOn kan jiru yoo tahu, yoo ajjeechaan kanneen hin hidhannee itt fufe qabsoon rukuttaa caalaan akka hin geenye iggitiin hin jiru. Motummaa Itophiyaa daa’imman Oromoo harka duwwaa yaada ofii nagaan ifsachuu mormanii bahan qalaa jira. Oromoo hundi aariin bahee yeroo itt mormitoota deggeruun yakka Wayyaanee kan itt saaxiluu fi balaaleffatu. Hundi yaada adda addaa qabaachuu dandaha garuu durfannoo qabu jabduu dabankufoota faaarsuun gootota hafan jajjabeesuu malee, mala qabsoo irratt nokkorroo gaggeessuu miti.Diinni TPLF jedhame malee maqaa EPRDF garagalee kan laale hin jiru. Jarri miseensa TPLF hin taane. yeroo akka galtuu Tigrawayitt fudhataman maaliif qaaniin itt hin dhagahamu? Hanga yoomiitt ofii fi saba keessaa biqilan salphisu? Yoomallee hojii xureessu akka saba ofii fixuu faa TPLFif hojjetan kan ilaalaman akka isaan walqixxeett utuu hin tahin akka saree jala kaattuutt. Gaf tokko, kan tuffatan hundaan “Gahe egaa” jedhanii onnee leencaa ummata saanii keessa jiruun barooduu dandahu laataa? Yaa galtuu! Akka sirna sanii keessatt yeroon sitt hin dabarre gamgamaan yero hundaa si fana jira. Barbaannaan gamgamaa malees si ari’’uu. Dhihoo haa tahu eger salphinaa fi haqamuu jalaa hin baatu. Yoosoo, maliif ummata kee walin garbummaa fi dabaan lolaa hin duutu?Kaka’ii tuutaa dhiheenyaa, mootummaa Oromiyaa isa jedhameen, siyi hin feenuu fi bulcha TPLF koloneessaan nurraa badii jechuuf kan tahe. Bakka Hallett alaabaa diddaa diina Oromoo hunda baaragsu balaliisaa turan. Yoo Waaq jedhe handhuura Oromiyaa Finfinnee irratt balali’uun saa fagoo hin tahu. Oromiyaan Finfinnee malee hin jiraattu; Finfinneen Oromiyaa malee haroo ciisaa ajooftuu dha. Jarri Oromiyaa irraa Finfinnee addatt baasuu fedhan kanneen ajaan sun itt hin dhagahamne. Sochiin diddaa duraa hariiroo Oromiyaa fi Itophiyaa gidduu labsa taliila tolche. Akka ofiinjiroo adda addaatt walcina nagaa fi atoomaan mirga walii kabajanii jiraachuu dandahu jedhe. Isaan keessaa kamuu isa biraan kiyya jechuuf mirga hin qabu. Humnooti gurguddoon TPLFin wal lolaa jiran ummatoota Oromoo fi Amaaraatii. Lachanuu ifsa qabsoo walii deggeruu kennuun TPLFiin dhiibbaa guddaa jala galchaa jiru. Sun, akka hariiroo kolonummaa darbe duubatt deebisuutt yoo fudhatamama tahe dogoggoraa. Hariiroo haaraan barbaachisaa yoo tahu, fedha ummatoota lamaanii bilisummaan ifsame irratt hundaaween tolfamuu dandaha.

Oromoon koloneeffatoo saanii waliin akka walqixeett ilaalamanii hin beekani. Duubaatti deebinee seenaa Abbaa duulaa guddicha Goobana Daaccee hirooyoota saa Amaara tahan akka Daargee, Waldagorgis, Tasammaa fi kanneen biraan walbira qabnee yoo laalle hedduu keessaa fakkenya tokko tahee argina. Haaluma walfakkaataatu hanga hardhaa itt fufee jira. Sun tahees hisatooti Oromoo bososoon tokko tokko, kan darbe irraa barachuu dadhabaa jiru. Fakkeenya, taliilaa irra joonjessaa; dudhamaa irra daddaaqaa; murataa irra mamaa fi didaa irra sarmaa tahanii dargaggoo karaa irraa ceesisuu yaalu. Kanaafi kan yabboo ambaa hunda irratt qayyabannoo qeeqaan kan hin mullanne. Laallibati garbummaa fi birmadummaa gidduu addummaa jiruuf ejjennoo taliila dhabuun gara hundaaf harka rukutu, olkahanii ishooyee jedhu.

Hanqinni mormii Oromoo fi kan Amaaraa gidduu hundeen saa seenaa keessaa ka’a. Bulchichi, Oromoo hidhannoo kan bulcha isa duraarraa hafan hunda hiikkachiise. Habashaan garuu hin hiikkanne. Seeroti Itophiyaa kanneen aadaa, afaan, bulcha qajeeltuu yk qabiyyee lafaa yk ulfina namaa Habashaa fi Oromiyaa ija tokkoon laalanii hin beekan. Namooti hanqina kanaaf “apple fi burtukaana” walbira qabuu yaalan jiru. Oromiyaan kolonii gara laafina malee bolqamuu qabduu, kanaafi hacuucuun barbaachisaa kan tahe. Amaarrii kallacha duula koloneeffataaf hoggansa kan dhiheessani. Walbira qabuun yoo feesise, hisatooti Oromo malbulchaan sirrii tahuuf, kan yaaluu qaban murna koloneeffataa keessaa Amaara, Tigrawayi waliin, Oromoo fi koloneeffamoo kan tahan wal bira qabuu dha. Kana malee ofii uumaa finnaa empayeraa qayabachuu hanqachuun ummata komachuutt geessaa. Akkuma Oromiyaa fi Amaarri biyyoota adda adda tahan akeeki qabsoo saaniis adda adda. Kan itt walfakkaatu roorroo madda tokkoo irra gahaa jiruu, yeroma tokkott mormii keessa jirachuu dha. Garaagarummaan jiru, Oromoon mo’ummaa fi walabummaa bara hedduu sarbameef qabsaawaa jiraa; Amaarri daraboo duriin timjiin itt darbamuu fi aangoo irraa moggeeffamuun wal lolaa jiru.

Wal dhabdeen Tigrawaayi fi Amaara gidduu waan dudhaati; tokko yoo moohamu olhaantummaa isa kaanii bareefii jalummaan qooda fudhata. Minilik dhagaa ulfaataa duddatt baatee Yohaannis VI dura jilbaan deemee araara gaafachuun kanaaf fakkeenya taha. Hammeenyii Habashaa irratt raawwatamu adda waan taheef walqixeett ilaalamuun hin eegamu. Seenaan qabsoo saanii, maqiin dudhaa safuu fi amantee fi hariiroo Habashaa wal keessaa, Habashaa adda tolcha. Ofaangessoo waan tahaniif waldhabdeen humnaan malee nagaan matumaa furamanii hin beekanii. Kanaaf TPLF dorsisa Amaara irraa dhufu gad qabuuf meeshaa kuusaa saa keessa jiru hundatt dhimma bahuu dandaha.

TPLF filmaata lamaan deema; tokko empayeritt hanga dandahutt bulchu yoo tahu inni kaan Republika Tigray Tigriny walaba ijaarrachuu dha. Isa duubaa kanaaf, Wolqayit fi biyyoota naannaa shee Gondor kiyya jedhu sutachuun waan bira hin darbamne. Gadoon fudal darbe waldhabdichas uumee taha. Referendum waldhabdee dhaabuuf akka furmaataatt dhihaachuu ni dandaha; garuu TPLF Walqaayitiin arfacha jaarraa tokkoo caalaa waan bulcheef Tigaaruu hedduu qubsiisuun Gondoree anjaa dhabsiise taha. Wolqaayitiin deebifachuun, wareegama gaafatun wal gitaa amannan furmaati tokkichi jiru karaan dudhaa jalqabame qofa.

Qabsoon Orommo sadarkkaa yaachisaa irra jira. Kanneen Oromiyaa irra fedha qaban hundi yoomuu caalaa saaduu, daguu fi warana banuun hankaaksuu yaalu. Gurguddoo Oromoo keessaa kanneen haalli hammam hamaa akka tahe hin hubatin, akka isaanitt tolu qofaatt waa halle ilaalaa jiru. Kanaaf yoo dargaggoo gowwoomsuu fi kiyyoo koloneeffataatt dhiibuu yaalan argamu. Jarri akkasii hamma nama maalalchiisutt akka commee yaa’aa jiru. OPDO waliin garagarummaan qaban gooftolii Habashaa keessaa filachuu irratt. Gara kamiinuu haa filatanii, hireen saanii caalaa hamaa yoo tahe malee, kan Goobanaa irra wayyaa hin tahu. Sochoota lamaan Oromo fi Amaaraa keessatt waca kan heddummeessan jara dhabduu fi ayyaan laallatuu Nafxanyaa fi gurguddoo Oromootii. Oromoon kan alaa itt dhufu ofirraa facisuu dandaha. Keessa beekettiitu diin godinaa fi gabra gamaa itt harkisuu bilisummaa fi guddina saaniitt gufuu tahaa jiraate.

Baqqala Garbaa fi jaallewwan saa, akkasumas Oromoon kumaan ajjeefamanii fi kumkkummi hidhaa fi mooraa baqataa keessatt gidiraa argaa jiran guraarammi irra gahaa jiru Oromoo futrichoo hidhanii koloneeffataa saaniitt gurgurachuuf miti. Birmadummaafii. Hiree saanii mirga sabootaa ofiin murteeffachuu bakkalleen beekameen murteeffachuu kan dandahan ummata Oromoo qofaa. Dhaabota Oromoo kan jedhamuu dandahan hundi, kan hojjechuu qaban gara gala sanaatti. Sun dhaabota Oromoo sabaawoo walaba tahan gaafata; yoomallee abbaan garee filachuuf mirga qabaate, kan jallewwan ganuu fi sabicha anjaaa dhabsiisuu tahu hin qabu. Hariiroon malbulchaa halaga waliinii kamuu, kan wakkalama sababaawaa ifaa hin qabne hariiroo abba tookee qofaa fi akkuma kan TPLF PDO jibbisiisaa tahe hafa.

Mirgi ilmaan namaa kamu akka itt hin roorrifamne akeeka muummicha dudhaa Oromootii. Amaarrii mormaa kan jiran miiddha eeessumoo saanii Tigrawayiin irra gaheefii. TPLFiin haa dabsamu malee seenaan maqii ittiin hojjetan qabu turani. Kanaaf roorroon isaan mormaa jiran barwalii sana keessatt ilaalamuu qaba. TPLF ganeeraanii. Oromoon mormii saanii kan mararfatu ilmaan namaa fi ollaas waan tahaniifii. Burjaajiin akka carraatt fudhatamee joonjee uumuun xiyyeeffannoo keenya dimimmiseessuu hin qabu. Oromiyaan walabummaaf sirna empayeraa Habashaan waliin uumaniin lolaa jirti. Qabeen lamaan hooggansa Habashaa fedha irratt wal dhabaniif kaayyoon bilisummaa Oromoo hin jijjiiramu. Qubqabsiisoti Habashaa “Oromoo Itophiyaanota” jedhaniif eenyummaa fi gaaffiin Oromoo, akkasumas qabsoon saanii hariirtii ulee falfalaan hin jijjiiramanii. Oromoo fi Amaarri karaa itt ummata saaniif nagaa fi araara buusan faluun, seenaa sobaan wal jeequrra wayyaa; qacefixaa kanaan dura arganii hin beeknetu isan qabe. Kanaaf, ammaaf karaa waliin dura dhaabbatan faluun, booda akkamitt olloota gaarii tahanii jiraachuu akka dandahan mari’achuu dhaa. Garuu dursee bilisummaa Oromoo haa tahu kan Amaaraa, dhoofsisaaf dhihaachuu akka hin qabne beekamu qaba.

Mormiin Oromoo, hawwaa fi fedhii ummata Oromoo waan calaqqisuuf alaabaa mogge lamaan diimtuu malee mallattoo biraa hin qabanne. Akka qeeqa Amaara tokkoott “foolii Itophiyaa, Itophiyaa jedhu hin qabu”. Urgooftuu xiraawaan qubqabsiisotaa fi galtuu Oromo fooliisaa jijjiirsisuu dandahinnaa? Kan fedhe yoo dhufee, Oromiyaan lamuu gadqabaa fudhachuu diddeettii. Gaaffii Oromoo dhaggeeffachuuf duuduun akkasii haala dhoowuu barbaadu godinicha keessa jiru ittuu hammeessuu taha. Tuuti Gondoree mirgoota, bilisummaa fi timjii itt cehameef malee empayera Nafxanyaa baddeef dhiiga ofii lolaasaa kan jiran hin fakkaatu. Hophiyaan qabatanii hiriiran gara laafinaa ummatichaa agarsiisa, garuu akka meesharkaa hololaatt dhimma itt bahamuun akeeka saa irra sigigaachisuu dandaha.

Mormiin Oromoo qaama qabsoo bilisummaatii. Kan qajeeltuu fi nagaaf dhaabbatan hundi “jara Itophiyaa” jechuun utuu hin tahin akka ilmaan namaatt Oromoo deggeruu dandahu. Oromoon maalii fi akkamitt qabsoo ofii akka gaggeeffatuuf gorsa ofirrootaa hin barbaadu waca saaniitiinis hin nawuu. Ummatooti birmadummaa ofiif qabsaawan, waa’ee diina waloo fi dhimma biraa irratt iyaatii wal jijjiiru dandahu. Garuu dhimma keessaa walii seenanii borcuu hin qabani. Oromiyoon aarii irra jiruu; walqayyabachuu dhabuu xiqqaan, walirraa cituu yeroo dheeraa uumuu dandaha. Kanaaf kanneen hariiroo wal hin quuqne barbaadan, Oromoon eenyummaa saatt mirga qabaachuu, akka isaan kan saanii beekaniifitt beekuufii qabu. Yoo rakkooleen empayera Itophiyaa qabatanii jiran nagaa fi jaalalaan xumuramuu baatan burjaajiin godinicha irra marsaa jiru kan too’atamu hin danddeenye tahun ni mala. Kan dubbiin ilaaltu hundaan qulqullummaa garaan yoo itt dhihatame qofa irraa dabarsuun dandahama. Ummatni hundi biyya ijaaruu fi miseessuun irra jiru qabaa. Kanneen sana demokraatummaan tolchantu tokkummaa Afriikaa yk Gaanfaaf dhiibuu dandahani.

Gurguddoon Oromoo, mooraa halagaa keessa jiran yoo ammayyuu Oromummaatt amanaan (dandahaminnaa?) eegalee bu’uuraa yk safuu Oromummaa irratt qayyabannoo waloo uummachuun, ni gargaara taha. Yoo sun tahe qofa kan yeroo qabsoo bilisummaa kana haadi kanneen biraa waliin addaan baaftu jiraattu. Eessayyuu haa jiraatanii seexaan walii ulfeessan Oromummaan irra kaahu hang tokko jiraachuu qaba. Dargaggoon du’aa fi fafataa jiran “Oromiyaan kan Oromooti” jedhanii iyyaa jiru malee Oromiyaan kan eenyuutuu hin jenne. Qaaqa guddachuu yk akka fedha halagaatt galuuf, roga dhabsiisuun dhugaan dhoffamuu hin qabu. Jalqaba, Gufuun nu fulduraa hagam tahanillee kutannoon irra haanna. Oromoon fedha ofii walaba taheen hiree saanii irratt akka murteeffatanii, jireenya gammachuu demokratawaan basha’aa jiraatan aangeffamuu qabu. Ergamsi sochii bilisummaa sanaa. Akeeki mormii dargaggoos sanuma. Hankeenyaa gubataa jiru bulluqa orma sochoosuu haa dhiifnu. Oromiyaa walabi haa jiraattuu!

Kan keenyaa gubataa jiru kan orma sochoosuu haa dhiifnu! Oromiyaa walabi haa jiraattu!

Ulfinaa fi surraan gootota kufaniif; bilisummaa, walqixxummaa fi balchummaan kan lubbuun jiraniif; nagaa fi araarri sabichaa fi Ayyaana abbooliif haa tahu!

Ibsaa Guutama
Hagayya 2016

Ibsaa Guutama
Auguust/ Hagayya 2016

1 thought on “Multiple Obstacles Shall Not Stop Oromo Struggle | Gufuun Baayyatus Qabsoon Oromo Hin Dhaabbatu

  1. Ob Ibsa

    Thank you, Sir, for your eloquent & seminal piece.

    It’s because of great Oromos like you, the jewels in the crown of Oromo patriots and nationalists, that our national struggle for liberation is where it is today. I admire towering Oromians who dedicated their lives and their work to achieving the goal set for our nation unswervingly; come hell or high water. Not only that; you also perform your duties without deviation or hesitation in full speed and with such style and panache.

    I concur with everything you articulated. I hope every Oromo pays attention to what you expressed. As you and other pioneering Oromo patriots keep educating us the national struggle has its goals. We want to be sovereign. No power in the world is going to deny us that; it’s only a matter of time.

    As we can see, after recent Amhara uprising particularly in Gonder, the dominant conversation on mass media has become the so called “unity” between Oromos and Amharas. This conversation is encouraged especially by Amaras media outlets and personalities. They have also Ethiopianist Oromo outriders/escorts.

    They see the Gonder uprising as the rebirth of Ethiopian empire. In their eyes, after 25 years of TPLF rule, Ethiopia empire has become the mysterious Egyptian phoenix. For those who don’t know the legendary Phoenix bird please read about her. But to give you the foretaste; she is a bird who died and rose up again and lived forever through her descendants. That is her mystique &magic.

    What Ethiopianists Oromos forget is that Ethiopiawinet is a carapace for Amhara rule and domination. Whatever camouflage they use they have always default position, which is that Oromia will always remain Ethiopian dominion, which is anathema to Oromians. For me, it’s always a mystery as to why so called educated Oromo Ethiopianist couldn’t notice this.

    Oromo as a generous nation has no problems with Ahmara or Tigre per se. It’s the colonial system we are fighting against. It’s the subjugation and cannibalistic Tirge Empire that eats our people alive that we want to get rid of.

    I said to Amharas; good luck and best wishes in your endeavour to get rid of this cruel regime from your country. Keep at it till victory. I hope you don’t give in easy. So far, Oromos have kept the flame burning for the last 10 months.
    Also; for the matter of historical accurate recording, please remember, it’s the Oromos who showed you how to stand up to TPLF and encouraged you to get rid of your fears and have a gut to fight TPLF. The Oromos did it empty handed with overwhelming odds against fascists machine gun wielding killers. I just wonder what the consequence could have been if the Oromos were armed as much as the Amharas. So give credit where it’s due
    Finally, I say to all Oromos please heed Ob Ibsa’s reasoning and articulation, keep reminding yourself and others the original goal for our nation. The choice we face isn’t between Amhara or Tirge. But it’s between colonialism or freedom. Please let’s avoid confusing the upcoming generation and march forward together to freedom. We don’t need to create any commotion among Oromos.

    Ob Ibsa; Sir; wishing you, as always, long life with excellent health and fitness.

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