7 thoughts on “Names of 1304 Oromos arrested from Robe town, Arsi and sent to Tolay military camp

  1. This is a begining, if you don’t take up arms and kill Woyane, Woyane will not hesitate to destroy the recent Oromo generation, in order to kill or at least to minimize the tide of burning Oromo nationalism.

    Something very odd, is it Oromo Liberation Fronts who are going to liberate the Oromo people, or is it the Oromo students who are going to liberate the Oromo Liberation Fronts ? The world is witnessing that the latter is practicing its historical duty, while the former remains as dormant. But why ? If not now, when then ?

  2. Jawar Mohamed kan maqaa qeerroo fi deeggertoota barreessee bittinneesse kan ummata galaafatee jiru.Koonkaa kana ok,n keessa taa’ee Wayaanee basaasa nu irraa qaba,Waan maqaa qeerro amma dura website irra galcheef itti gaafatamu qaba.Media dabarsuu qaba garuu maqaa barreessee fraxcaasuu hin qabu ture.

  3. ABOn saba keessa jiraatee, saba fakkaatee falmaa jira. Oromiyaan balloo waan taateef humni ABO eddoo hedduutti faca’ee jira. Ba’aa fi dhiya, akkasumas kibbaa keessatti. Yeroo kana humni isaa eddoo kanatti xinnaachuu waan danda’uuf murtoo inn fudhatu namootatti dhaga’amuu dhiisa. Malee ABOn hin teenye.

  4. @mormor,
    Kuunis jiraa? What is going on here? Namichi Kuun diina’amoo fira’aa? Ajaa’iba Kuun.
    Anyways, The world is disregarding the worst situsation of the Oromo people when the evil terrorist TPLF government is indiscriminately killing /torturing/burning human being alive/looting/rapping and so on…
    It is unbelievable that theIr evil actions are also extended to disabled, blind and sick Oromos.
    I hope all Oromos will wake up against these evils by throwing all resources behind WBO&QEERRANOOS. That is the only solution available and we have to stop the foolish regional politics to build the strength of the people.

  5. @mormor,
    You are right .I have say what you said..the only solution to over come TPLF is through armed struggle. Every Oromo I talked to also believe this..why the all oromo don’t March behind what we have on hand at this moment (WBO) in stead of being against and disrespect our brave Fighters . Oromo must denounce any one who work against wbo and Qeero .

  6. I hear some useless people blaming OLF / WBO sitting on warm chair, eating his/her McDonald and enjoying diaspora life . Yes it is true oromos haven’t achieved the freedom we all have been crying for as fast as we wanted. Speaking the truth, it is WBO’s weakness for not bringing oromos freedom, it is those useless dreamer , do nothing oromos, power monger leaders for weaking our struggle. Look when Qeero and WBO are fighting face to face with fully load TPLF, some activities and elites are talking unrealistic topic ‘Oromia after TPLF’. Mee ree’e’en foon haatatuu ‘ jedhee oromos. We are talking about post tplf of oromia/Ethiopia while life of our people being destroyed on daily basis, like our hero Bekele Gerba and his likes are suffering in prison while the diaspora elites are longing for power and criticizing our fighters and the losers are climbing their hands . I am almost sure they never contributed anything to strengthen our armed force. If we continue our critisizm we gain nothing , if we railly behind our fighters, (WBO /Qeero ), oromos freedom is faster than we think. Don’t expect reports and strategy of WBO on media . It does work that way in armed struggle, but for sure OLF is advancing .I came to notice, how strong OLF is . OLF came thus far fighting enemies from inside (useless talkative , do nothing and power monger oromos ) , and outside (TPLF- the stronger military force backed by Western donners ). WBO is determined and lives in the desert bush. Don’t criticize them Period ! Any one who calls him/herself an Oromo and yet insult OLF /WBO , oromos must denounce them and consider them agents of TPLF. If there is any other stronger oromo armed force with a clear political stand, we must embrace them (let them unite). This OMN media must coordinate with our armed force ti advance our cause rather than being against our fighters.we are watching thus media, the money comes from us (oromos ) and yet the this media lately became weak, just reporting how many oromos are dying . They don’t even report what ILF us reporting . Learn from ESAT. Qeroo, the Oromo people in side the country and WBO are asking in one loader voice ‘support/ qawee .. period ! Oromo get United locally and give your money and time . Let us shorten the evil act of TPLF and suffering of our people then we talk ‘post tplf. The urgency is stopping the suffering of oromo life, the rest follows it.

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