(NPR) – Just a few months ago, Bekele Gerba was languishing in a high security Ethiopian jail, hearing the cries of fellow prisoners being beaten and tortured. Now, the 54-year-old foreign language professor is in Washington, D.C., for meetings at the State Department. His message: The Obama administration should pay more attention to the heavy-handed way its ally, Ethiopia, treats political opponents — and should help Ethiopians who are losing their ability to earn a living.

Gerba is a leader of the Oromo Federalist Congress, a political party that represents one of the country’s largest ethnic groups. With estimated numbers of about 30 million, the Oromo make up about a third of Ethiopia’s population.

Bekele Gerba visited Washington, D.C., to bring his concerns about Ethiopia to the State Department. The photo was taken when he came to NPR for a radio interview. Mahafreen H. Mistry/NPR

In 2011, Gerba was arrested after meeting with Amnesty International researchers and sent to prison on what he calls trumped up terrorism charges, often used in Ethiopia against political dissidents. In court he made remarks that have been widely circulated in Ethiopia and beyond: “I am honored to learn that my non-violent struggles and humble sacrifices for the democratic and human rights of the Oromo people, to whom I was born without a wish on my part but due to the will of the Almighty, have been considered a crime and to be unjustly convicted.”

Gerba was released from jail this spring in advance of President Obama’s July visit to Ethiopia. A soft spoken man, who seemed exhausted by his prison ordeal and his numerous appearances at U.S. universities and think tanks, Gerba tells NPR that Obama’s trip sent all the wrong messages.

“He [Obama] shouldn’t have shown any solidarity with that kind of government, which is repressive, very much authoritarian and very much disliked by its own people,” Gerba says.

Since Ethiopia’s ruling party and its allies control all of parliament, his party doesn’t have a voice, he says. What’s more, he says, his people are being pushed off their land by international investors.

“The greatest land grabbers are now the Indians and Chinese …. there are Saudi Arabians as well,” he says, adding that many families are being evicted and losing their livelihoods.

Gerba says those who do get jobs are paid a dollar a day, which he describes as a form of slavery. He is urging the U.S. to use its aid to Ethiopia as leverage to push the government to give workers more rights and allow people to form labor unions.

Gerba’s case has been featured in the State Department’s annual human rights reports. He describes himself as a Christian who believes in non-violence and says he spent his four years in prison pouring over the sermons and speeches of Martin Luther King and translating them into the Oromo language for a book that he hopes to see published. The title: “I Had A Dream.”

Bekele Gerba is not sure what he will face when he returns home from the U.S. When he was jailed, his wife, a high school teacher, lost her job. His family has struggled financially and psychologically.

“Nobody is actually sure in Ethiopia what will happen to him anytime,” he says. “Anytime, people can be arrested, harassed or killed or disappeared.”

Still, he plans to return home next week. He’s expected to return to his job at the Foreign Languages Department at Addis Ababa University.

68 thoughts on “NPR: Ethiopian Prisoner, Bekele Gerba, Urges U.S. To Put Pressure On His Country Over Human Rights

  1. I think Obbo Bekele Gerba is a different brand of political prisoner. Given the sufferings he endured, he is less bitter and very calm. If I were him, I would curse the TPLF/EPRDF regime and individuals who made me suffer 24/7. He has a different take of his suffering. He takes it as a learning curve and as a source of determination to change the unfair political system without being bitter about his suffering. It’s very uncommon approach and his determination is amazing. He sees optimism in his political suffering and the sufferings of multitude of others. Salute him!

  2. I get shocked when people blame the failure of their policy on the USA. Baqqala looks as if he was hired by the USA and USA failed to honor the promise. If he pecked his hope of winning imperial election on the USA, he has to blame his political naivety. He assumed getting political power in this Empire is about talking smooth and sweet. He should forget about politics of election in this empire and go back to his teaching profession where he best suited. Baqqalaa style of speech and presentation is does not inspire confidence and he looks like he is begging. He is not inspiring at all. I feel asleep by his speach. This man is wasting his time. I advice him to go back to his family and stop lying about empty promises. We know better than him about the politics of power in this empire.

    1. USA is support a regime he believes is unjust and repressive, and if you do not see that it means something is wrong with you. Or, anyone who happens to think different than you mus be wrong. I think he is great, far better than the cry-baby victims mentality. Embarrassing was seeing former “fighters” crying on TV like crazy …

  3. Good to have a man of this caliber in this days. hawwinee please stop !! We do not even know you. You do not have a name yet. Please stop insulting or disrespecting a person who give up himself for our cause. Thank You Obbo Bekele Gerba !! Thank you NPR for airing !!!

  4. @ Senayt

    Why would USA hire him against their known beloved employee (TPLF)? Why would you agree with some one like hawwinee, who do not even like some one like bekele who legitimatize your election by participating? or is that what people talking about you on this page is right?

  5. @hawwinee barii,

    It seems that what you want to hear/know from Bekele Gerba is what you want only and not what he wants to say or do. Why are you harsh on him? If you believe you and him are different individuals, so are your opinions. What he is telling us is what is in his mind and what he wants to do for his people and country. As far as I am concerned, I don’t see anything wrong with that.

    Let us all give Bekele Gerba the chance to say what is in his mind. We may dislike he approached the US government to put pressure on woyanes/TPLF regarding human right violations in Ethiopia. We like it or not, the USA is the big boss and woyanes/TPLF do things the way they are instructed. Appealing to the big boss may or may not work, but Bekele Gerba must try it first to find out. Even if we consider the regime in power as an “enemy of the people” and the USA an as an “allay of our enemy”, as Nelson Mandela once said it, “You negotiate with the enemy and not with a friend”. I think, that is good politics.

    I always said and I repeat. Bekele Gerba is one person I see Nelson Mandela in him, if you know what I am talking about. Nelson Mandela and his comrades obliterated South African Apartheid system and liberated their people and country from white domination/rule through peaceful struggle. If Nelson Mandela did it, why can’t Bekele Gerba? All he needs is our genuine support, encouragement and determination.

    Let us not rush to judge others superficially and discourage them from the start every time they try to do something good. We must give Bekele Gerba the chance and support to prove himself.

    If I am wrong, I stand to be corrected.

  6. Readers,

    Do you see who jumped in to rescue hawwinee barii? Senayt, of course!!! I don’t have to tell you why she/he did that, but the reason is out there and speaks for itself.

    Senayt’s action reminds me an African adage that goes like, “The witness of a rat is another rat”.

    May God/Allah give us the wisdom and courage to do the right thing!

  7. I believe peaceful struggle can work but not in utopia you need armed struggle as well as peaceful struggle specially when the enemy is in bedded inside your community for long time and on top of that is very much a minority, there is that fear in their heart that if they give up arms they will lose every thing because of their minority status. To compare S.Africa or US with utopia is wrong because the level of wealth and knowledge of white oppressors in those countries was much higher and they have options unlike poverty stricken habasha who lack both of these things and for them giving up arms and trying democracy would be a disaster. I have a dream that people like Gerba who is “Christian pacifist” will continue turning his other cheek until the day of judgment and his people will also suffer with him if he waits for the merciless crusader from Tigray to finally repent and change their ways.

    1. albaati, give your self explanations after explanations for being not able to defend your own backyard. You must be really dumb to rationalize your painlessness with courage of your enemy–

    1. Guutaa

      Peaceful struggle is suited against people who have conscious or sense of fairness but habasha have non of that and your beloved Gerba has no chance like Mandela or Martin luther.But for the sake our people I hope you are right but I doubt it.

  8. I listened to Bekele Garba’s interview on npr. He did a great job. He spoke very well, to the point. I am proud of him. No one among all of us has a moral high ground to criticize him. It is his inelieneble right to choose a peaceful strugle for freedom. But it is also our right to use all forms of struggle to the right of self determination. I strongly disagree with mr.Garba when he tries to impose his way on the rest of us by preaching as if his way is the ONLY way. Bakala STOP that. Thanks

  9. most of u are not understand what peaceful struggle means. stopping to pay revenue is peaceful struggle, demonstration on the face of ur enemy,blocking high way road boycotting wayane product,be silent don’t talk with enemy, disturbing tplf meeting,peaceful struggle is not only election.
    hawine u have personal problem with bekele.yoo senytin hiriyya taate male oromo oromodhaaf komenti akkasi hinkenu jechi inni mana murti kangaroo dura dhaabate ja’e qoftinu kabajamu qaba akka seenatille jecha dhaloota dhalootatti dabruudha.galatoommi Baqale koooo.

  10. My fellow countrymen/women:

    Let me briefly re-iterate what Whitestar and JA tried to let us understand. Some of us wish woyanes/TPLF regime (or called Habesha, Abyssinian, Utopian, etc. rule by a few of us) disappear just like that miraculously. Some of us wish the regime vanish through armed struggle. Some of us also wish the regime is brought down through peaceful means of struggle. And yet, some of us wish regime is changed through civil disobedience or mass protest. Others go for a combination of two or more. I believe, none of them is new and all are means of bringing change in governments. The challenge/problem is how to make the right choice of means of struggle and bring the desired result to the needy people.

    The other thing that we all should keep in mind is this. It is unfortunate that none of those means of struggle are without their own short comings. Here are a couple of them, with my own apprehension and doubt. Coup d’etat and armed struggle never guaranteed our people with freedom, justice and democracy. Derg and woyanes/TPLF regimes are prime examples in this regard. On the flip side, as Whitestar put it, peaceful means of struggle is dysfunctional in our case, because the regime in power lacks civilized mannerism and understanding to wage peaceful struggle against it. Rather, peaceful struggle against the regime is like God sent gift or a means of struggle already made dysfunctional through our own making too. I can go on putting my ideas on the others, but I leave that to readers at this moment.

    Let us all have our own opinions and ideas as there is no harm done with that. But, never dictate those ideas/opinions yours on others under any circumstance. More importantly, let us first educate each other the essence of our struggle and the means and reach on a consensus. “My way or the highway” is a disastrous decision doomed to fail from the start. I also like to extend JA’s advice to Bekele Gerba to other fellow men and women in the same boat.

    Please, let it be known that I do partially share JA’s stand/disagreement on Bekele Gerba.This is my opinion to which I am entitled to.

  11. but I don’t believe in America.when the power of oromo people unit America will come to us but has no interest to give u libration.resently when America media write about Ethiopian election from opposition they only write about semayi part I fear that b/c they think that amara Unitarian elites stronger than oromo nationalist. nuti oromo kana hunda beeyne kalatti argame hundaan walqabanne qabsa’u qabna WBO wara danitati TPLF oromiya keessatti bobaafte barbaadesu qaba OPDO akkuma waan hinjirretti fudhadhu isii gata olullee tigreen huma hintatu kanbira itti fidi namni waan nyaatu dhabee jira bakka olubarbaada oromoon akka duromtus hinbarbaada sababninis sare isaan jaladeemtu dhabanka.
    1.WBO wara ija TPLF tahan oromiya keessa barbadeessu.
    adeeffanoo kana daldatoonni oromo harka qabani.alagaan akasitti yero African boss namtich ja’an sanis ni dhufa.

    1. Mario, we are on the same page at least this time.

      Mr Garba has done his part and continue to do what he believes in no matter whether or not some of us agree or disagree with his method. Those who belive armed struggle is the only option available need to show us some bullet flying at this brutal regime. Simply sitting in our comfort zone, and barking armed struggle for 24 long years has not produced anything as of now. Even though the argument of Abyssinian regime would never open the space for democratic governance is valid point, we should never close the door on peaceful means either, and continue to push as much as possible. Especially, when you have someone as determined and courageous as Mr Garba, we should never discourage such individuals, but rather support him/them with everything we have at our disposal. Doing something is way better than doing nothing no matter how small it might be, and this man is determined nationalist who has given his life for oromo cause and should be appreciated/supported.

      Now, for those who think the only way forward is armed struggle please continue your armed struggle, but try to produce something tangible. Stop crying faul whenever someone other than your group actually does something that advance oromo cause no matter how small it might be. We do undestand your point, but when you have been doing nothing, but embarking on division, regionalism, and nepotism for the past 24 years, then one has to question your credibility. Credibility, and honesty is a must at every level of any organization, and if an organization lacks these quality elements then people lose interest which result in the death of an organization. Please stop barking and start doing what ever it’s that you belive would help advance oromo cause.

  12. ani akka waan fula fulatti walitti hasynuttiin isini waliin hasahu fedha.I never want to make confusion don’t oppose peaceful struggle for example if I have 1000birr I will give 800birr for armed struggle 200birr for peaceful struggle this is my opinion that create awareness preparing for civil disobidance this will save solider life.so don’t separate peaceful struggle and armed struggle this is my opinion. GALATOOMA.I love my nation I love human being. I love u Beqale I love u WBO akka yero Lagasa Wagi tahi biyyoon itti ha salphatu leel.

  13. tullu ittumadhiisi wa’ee isaa matadure kanarratti hamariannu dina nu iddu seenuuf yeroo hi kenina akka nama maraateti ha kopha isa hasahu.

  14. Bakele Garba is the most decent oromo thinker and nationalist. I believe this whole heartedly. He is naturally a patriot, but not a politcian. If I offer my humble advice to him he MUST know his audience when making a public speaking. Other OFC leaders have made many visits among the diasporas. They had no problem. We all suported them. Gave them encouragement politically and financially. Why we observe this problem now? I really think his friends (specially one who inrodced him on osa) is misleading him. Just my opinion.

  15. Obbo Bakela, thank you so much for your inspiring speech and powerful messages on different occasions. Diplomacy should be one of the focus our struggle needs to accomplish and continue working on. So, I appreciate your effort to do what you can within this short period of time. Your dedication, determination, and leadership quality has been proven that you’r ready to lead our nation. Jabaadhu, waaqayyo ammoo si waliin haata’u. Nus si waliin jirra, jabaadhu (jabaadha).

  16. One Million five hundred thousand Ethiopians mostly Orthodox Christians including many educated diasporas that moved back around the same time Tesfaye Gebrekidan the (DERG) were overthrown are still in prisons of Ethiopia for expressing their political views . Eventhough the former Prime Minster Tamrat Layne was found guilty on many charges the people he thrown in jail are still in jail. My dad Meles Zenawi said he cann’t reverse time eventhough he tried to pardon many he found them to be too disgruntled and risky to set free.

    Many of the initial transitional government members are still in jail because of their political views, labeled traitors by Tamrat Layne.. Even Abate Kisho (the former Southern Nations, Nationalities, and People’s Region President in the 1990’s to early 2000) claims to be sabotaged by Hailemariam Desalegn and Roman Tesfaye .Abate Kisho is currently expressing fear for his life .

    The now Prime Minster Hailemariam Desalegn and his wife Roman Tesfaye Sabotaged Abate Kisho from 1990’s to 2001, then Hailemariam Desalegn replaced Abate Kisho as the President of SNNPR according to sources close to them. Abate Kisho was removed from power on corruption charges but he says his deputy Hailemariam Desalegn and his wife Roman Tesfaye were responsible. .

    In 1988, Hailemariam received a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering from Addis Ababa University. He subsequently worked as a graduate assistant in the Arba Minch Water Technology Institute (now Arba Minch University). After two years of working in this capacity, he won a scholarship to Tampere University of Technology in Finland, where he earned a master’s degree in sanitation engineering.Upon his return to Ethiopia, he served in different academic and administrative capacities, including the dean of the Water Technology Institute, for 13 years. In between, he also earned an MA in Organizational Leadership at Azusa Pacific University, California, USA.
    Born in Wolaita, Southern Ethiopia, Roman Tesfaye holds two master’s degrees in Economics and Leadership. Served as economic advisor of South Region’s administration and worked as high level official in Ethiopian Women’s Affairs Ministry and Ethiopian Human Rights Commission. Currently, she works for African Union (AU), according to reports where her husband Hailemariam Desalegn also served as the Chairperson of the African Union from 2013 to 2014. All Orthodox Ethiopians need to be careful because Roman Tesfaye who is Eritrean is ready to get rid of Orthodox Ethiopians.
    . All Orthodox Ethiopians and Muslims need to be careful because Roman Tesfaye who is Eritrean is ready to get rid of Orthodox and Muslim Ethiopians.

  17. The weirdest part, the TPLF/EPRDF regime arrested Obbo Bekele Gerba, who is committed and believer of non-violence, as a proponent of and supporter of violence. It says a lot about the regime. Ethiopian political culture is an embodiment of violence. It is the most militarized political culture that live on violent control of the people. The change in the barbaric culture won’t be easy.

  18. @Senay,

    For goodness sake, what has your piece of story got to do with Bekele Gerba’s NPR interview? Are you in the business of distracting us from debating the issue raised by Bekele Gerba?

    You sound some one who is an insider and has first hand information on what PM Hailemariam Desalegn and his wife, Roman Tesfaye have in their store for Ethiopian Orthodox Christians and Muslims. If Roman Tesfaye’s plan is to get rid of ” All Orthodox Ethiopians and Muslims”, what is to be left? How is the riddance to be conducted, through ethnic cleansing or genocide with tor without collaboration of woyanes/TPLF? If that is true and you are the son of Melse Zenawi, why is the riddance a concern to you in the first place? Is your dad telling you all that garbage from his grave?

    Senay, I don’t think your crap-talk can even scare a rat, let alone “all Christians and Muslims”. I don’t buy your news and I don’t think any one with cool mind does either.

    Behold, behold, behold! Woyanes/TPLF are in deep S***t and are in a campaign of massive fabrication, disinformation and deception!

  19. some foreign olf agents are behined the recent violence attack against the amharas in northern shewa. The oromos peasants were told ,they are dominated economically by the new comers, amharas, in their native area . As aresult, houses of the new comers converted in to ashes and the new comers escaped for their life, some of them were killed and attacked. The narrow minded olf and olf agents inside opdo have been engaging to inflict conflict between people who are living together peacefully for centuries.

  20. pls my fellow oromo gentle man and ledy don’t give response to senayt his writing is an indication of hopelessness of tplf cadre on our social media.don’t writer one word about we don’t care about them we care about our freedom.

  21. This is not about religion where decency is the criteria to judge people. This about standing up firmly for ones own right and country. This about not begging what rightfully belongs to you but is about taking what rightfully belongs to you. Baqala Garbaa wants to institutionalize begging our for our right instead of taking up arms and kick the ass of Ethiopian army and get what belongs to us. What did he achieve since 1995 through his party? They have been lying to the Oromo nation about the possibility of winning election but it has never happened. While the resources are in Oromia and the electorate in also there, what is the need for him to wonder in America. If he is serious about the winning election, the voters who can help him win election are in Oromia not in USA. He he could not get any support and money for Oromos in Oromia for election this is why he is running here and there to collect some few dollars from Oromians hard earned money. If he sure about what he is doing is right, I advice him to go back and work on the voters for the voters are not in the USA. He is in the USA, because he could not get what he wants in Oromia. Does he think, Genera Taaddasaa, Mammoo Mazamir, Baaroo Tumsaa, Elemoo QIlxuu, guddinaa Tumsaa, Waaqoo Guutuu, Nadhii Gammadaa, Lammeessaa Booruu, Argamu DInqaa, Buruysoo, etc were foolish when they picked strong fight against Ethiopian colonial rule in Oromia? I kknow the cowards do not iinter into hard fight. I still want him to stop lying to Oromians about election in Ethiopian empire. Deep in his heart he know what he is doing does not bear fruit but wants to insist on it because he has no gut for tough actions and he knows what he is doing does not need a lot of hard work and sweat, even can earn him some money if he plays election drama for the USA and wayyaanee. Shame on him and I want his children to be removed and put into the custody of brave family because this man can make his children beggeres and coward.

  22. This is not about religion where decency is the criteria to judge people. This about standing up firmly for ones own right and country. This about not begging what rightfully belongs to you but it is about taking what rightfully belongs to you. Baqala Garbaa wants to institutionalize begging for our right instead of taking up arms and kick the ass of Ethiopian army and get what belongs to us. What did he achieve since 1995 through his party? They have been lying to the Oromo nation about the possibility of winning election but it has never happened. While the resources are in Oromia and the electorate are also there, what is the need for him to wonder in America. If he is serious about winning election, the voters who can help him win election are in Oromia not in USA. He could not get any support and money from Oromos in Oromia for election this is why he is running here and there to collect some few dollars from Oromians hard earned money. If he is sure about what he is doing , I advice him to go back and work on the voters, for the voters are not in the USA. He is in the USA, because he could not get what he wants in Oromia. Does he think, Genera Taaddasaa, Mammoo Mazamir, Baaroo Tumsaa, Elemoo QIlxuu, guddinaa Tumsaa, Waaqoo Guutuu, Nadhii Gammadaa, Lammeessaa Booruu, Argamu DInqaa, Buruysoo, etc were foolish when they picked strong fight against Ethiopian colonial rule in Oromia? I know the cowards do not inter into hard fight. I still want him to stop lying to Oromians about election in Ethiopian empire. Deep in his heart he know what he is doing does not bear fruit but wants to insist on it because he has no gut for tough actions and he knows what he is doing does not need a lot of hard work and sweat, even can earn him some money if he plays election drama for the USA and wayyaanee. Shame on him and I want his children to be removed and put into the custody of brave family because this man can make his children beggers and coward. If he think the USA is his God father and can put him in office, this mans naivety does not have limits. He does not inspire Oromian youth for action, therefore, he must be shown the door from Oromian affairs and be put in classroom. Baqalaa Garbaa really knows what he is doing will never bear any fruit but do it because teaching is a boring profession .

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    1. Hawwinee barri,

      I am sorry to say this but you are very naive, and clueless when it comes to any politics, especially oromo politics which is very complex. your points are valid, but it all filled with emotions, and no rational in your arguments what so ever. If oromo national liberation movement is as simple as you put it, then we could have been liberated long time a go. First of all, you have failed to understand how many forces has been working against oromo national liberation movement both internal and external. You are way simplistic forgetting that when few oromos are talking about liberation, there are millions always siding with the Abyssinian government and this is historical fact. You also failed to understand the impact globalization, westernization, and being materialistic all had on oromo society in this 21st century.

      We know the heroes you have mentioned above had all died for the liberation of oromiyaa (biyaa oromo), but guess what? they are the few out of millions. If millions of oromos rallied with those heros you have mentioned above and fought the enemy, then we could have been liberated by now. The fact on the ground and what you are talking about are very much incompatible. You forget to take into account the fact that millions of oromos are poor, and millions are uneducated. If you are uneducated, and poor at the same time, then anything can steer you away from your cause, and this is exactly what we are witnessing today when you look at OPDO, the oromo Generals in TPLF army and so on.

      It’s in this very complicated and complex political atmosphere, that obbo Gaarbaa has taken upon himself to advance oromo cause in a way that he believes could bring about some change or relief to oromo nation. This man has been jailed and also recently beaten up while on the campaign for 2015 election. Unless you are enemy with hidden agenda, or you have actually done better than he has then you have zero moral ground to criticize someone of his caliber. You know, people have made many attempts to get something moving with respect to oromo national liberation movement, but yet what we have gotten over the past 24 years is nothing but bickering, infighting, fragmentation, regionalism, and nepotism. At some point, it’s human nature to gravitate toward something that shows movement, and i am afraid obbo Gaarbaa’s train is at least moving even though, it’s not toward the direction we would like it to move. Anything is better than stagnation or inpass, and people are looking for anything that could possibly make oromo life a bit better.

      Simply opposing obbo Gaarbaa could never be a solution for oromo nation. What could be a solution is doing something greater than or bigger than what he has done thus far. Healthy and credible competition that gives oromo people both hope and choices could awake the sleeping giant. As of now, we have very limited choices, because all we have seen is nothing but bluff. if you would like to compete the space is wide open, and please lead the way and do something that would take the momentum away from obo Gaarbaa, and we all are willing to follow you to the promise land. Bluff has no place in oromo society any longer, you must show something by action not empty rhetoric.

  23. hawwine I don’t know why u can’t understand reality Bekele not said I can overthrow tplf by election u are reading only what u write ur not understand the reality of oromo ur not creating OLA rather than OLA in the jungle for 40yrs did something but can’t accomplish its mission. our people should have full information about OLA ure running to insult hero and heroin of oromo people. u want to kick utopian arm in us playing with Ethiopian arm not play foot ball to kick Ethiopia arm in the diplomacy one of the best tool to win wayale.read my response if have 1000birr I will give 200birr for peaceful struggle 800birr for armed one.


    I think, you are stepping over the line now. I understand your concern and frustration. But remember we all have parts or roles to play. I am for all forms of struggle, peaceful and armed. I hope you know the 11th commandments of Ronald reagan, ‘ let no oromos speak evil about other oromos’ . The contextual translation is from me. I also appologize to obbo Bakale Garba on behalf of some unpleasant comentators.

  25. @hawwinee barii,

    Woyanes/TPLF jailed and tormented Bekele Gerba to break his spirit and deplete his energy and dash our hope of having him as one visionary leader.

    It sounds that you are out there to finish what woyanes/TPLF started. Bekele Gerba has survived so far and will survive all the harsh treatments of woyanes/TPLF to lead us to victory.

    Hawwinee barii, you are one Devil’s advocate. Please leave Bekele Gerba alone.

  26. Hawiinee Barii is an emptomy of the problem in Oromo politics. His likes are the reason why there is lack of unity among Oromos. They live on cursing Oromos with imagined or real differences. Who wants to live in a country ruled by the likes of Hawinnee Barii? It will be terrible experience.

  27. I think Hawiinee Barii enjoys taking extreme positions and tends to oppose new developments. Don’t forget, he vehemently opposed the creation of OMN. He is obsessed with controlling and rejecting things he cannot control. If he has the dream to be a leader, few people, if any, follow pig-headed individuals, who’re obsessed with controlling everything. True leaders lead; they don’t control everything. Obsession to control everything is also an indicator of an absolute dictator.

  28. What HAWWINER BARII, saying is not a bad thing he is simply saying do not show your soft side for tplf or others instead organise your people young and old women and men and fight this fascist tplf. Do not give more time for tplf and tell the truth if we do not start fighting tplf will be there. That is that HAWWiner BARii is saying. Do not turn against each other. We know Obbo Bakela, paid price for Oromo people. Those who incarcerated him also will pay price when the right time comes. Our people must uprise and must fight if you want to survive.

  29. “Thou shall not speak ill of any fellow oromos” Adaptation by myself, qouted from Ronald Reagan. Mr. Garba has the right to wage a non-armed struggle. Others also have equal right to take up arms and defend their God given right. So what is the problem ? Our difrences shouldn’t be exploited by our internal and external enemies. We like to say to certain DUULAAS : Hands off Oromo national libration front !

  30. I know we are not opposing each other we are on discussion mari’atani bulchan male maratani hin bulchan.nama oromof jecha hoojata jajabeessu qabna male dina lamaffa itti tahu hin qabnu.jecha jira.armed struggle the best solution I admired OLF decision to leave utopian parliament for ever.but create division.

  31. The worst nightmare for a nation is when coward is praised and the brave is forgotten. I feel very sorry when Baqqalaa Garbaa is praised in the presence of Taddasaa Birruu, Elemoo Qilxuu, Mohee Abdoo, Badhoo Dachaasaa and etc. I feel very sad when somebody who was “imprisoned” only for four years is praised over somebody who paid the ultimate price for his nation.What do these gallants sons of Oromia feel if they are to hear when we praise Baqqalaa Garbaa? What about people like obbo Ibsaa Guutamaa, Abbiyyu Galataa, Mulugetaa moosisa, who were in prison for over ten years? What about Oromo sons and daughters who were in Wayyaane prison for over ten years? I know for some of you they do not make sense because they were not imprisoned while begging for power from Ethiopia but imprisoned while trying to snatch what rightfully belongs to them from Ethiopian colonial rule. I know few of you who praise Baqqalaa Garbaa do not care about thousands of Oromians who are languishing in Ethiopian colonial prison because they were caught fighting for Oromian independence unlike Baqqalaa Garbaa who wants to beg for power from Ethiopia in his own father land. I know those who praise Baqalaa Garbaa are Ethiopian colonial agents who do not want strong Oromo who can pick a strong fight against Ethiopia. These few people who are praising Baqalaa Garbaa because isworking to keep Ethiopian unity against Oromian cause for inpendence. You like it or not, those who want us to praise Baqqalaa Garbaa are those who do not want Oromo people to fight for their freedom but beg for left over and power from Ethiopian colonial rule. Those who want us to praise Baqqalaa Garbaa are those who want Oromo people not to pick up the fight but die yawning for power. Those who praise Baqqalaa Garbaa are those who want to promote begging and cowardice among Oromians so that they stay in slaving Oromians.I know those who praise Baqqalaa Garbaa are those who do not want to see Oromians who can stand up and die while fighting for independence. Do you know the biggest contributors for Oromoo opposition forces in Ethiopia are die hard Amahara’s in ORomia?

  32. @hawwinee barii,

    Do you really want Oromia to be independent through armed struggle? Then, why don’t you do it yourself. Please do not expect anyone to dot it for you. Instead of accusing and calling names all those who want to do their utmost and free their people and country by all means, why don’t you show us how to do it first and then we will follow you with great hope and determination?

    Woman, you have a serious problem. Almost everybody told you it is your choice what means of struggle to use and free our country. Instead, you chose to insult, denigrate, verbally abuse and bad-mouth all those who differed with you. Are you okay?

    Hawwinee barii (Ms. know-it-all), it is very funny and amusing when you accuse Bekele Gerba’s admirers and supporters by writing nonsense such as, “I know those who praise Baqalaa Garbaa are Ethiopian colonial agents who do not want strong Oromo who can pick a strong fight against Ethiopia”.

    Please forget all those you called, “colonial agents”, “die hard Amaharas in Oromia”, “independence beggar Oromos”, “coward Oromians”, blah, blah, blah, for a moment and prove us you can be our visionary leader and liberate us. That is what we are lacking and not individuals like you who bash and trash all those who try to do their best in the harshest environment one can live and fight.

    May God/Allah give us the wisdom and courage to see into ourselves first and others next!!!

    1. Mario the moron

      Get some manners, if you have anything to say about the issue of peaceful VS armed struggle then discuss the issue without resorting to personal attacks because if you try to misbehave like idiot which you are BTW, we will not tolerate such habasha chauvinistic behavior. We know where you stand politically so stop the pretending like you care about Oromo or any other non amhara ethnic group. You are nothing but a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

  33. Mario,

    Din’t get mad at Hawwinee. I 100% share his concern. Your issue and hawwinee’s criticism of Bakele is compeletly diferent. Your concern is the armed struggle issue. Just know this. WE BELIEVE OUR ISSUE GETS A FINAL SOLUTION ONLY BY ARMED STRUGGLE. THIS IS TRUE FOR ALL NATIONS IN ETHIOPIAN EMPIRE. THANKS.

  34. JA, Hawwinee,
    Do you seriously think simply barking armed struggle from your comfort zone would liberate oromiyaa? you have been doing this for the past 24 years, and where did you get with it? People are not interested in empty hot air any longer, we need action on the ground and you guys have failed to deliver anything. The only thing you have delivered thus far is division, fragmentation, lie, and deception and we are sick and tired of that type of good for nothing rubbish. No one has denied that the ultimate determining factor to get rid of any occupying force is simply bullet. But yet, you guys have not delivered any bullet that could dislodge the TPLF beside making nosies when ever there is an event. For you to actually walk up from your deep sleep, someone like Baqqalaa Garbaa has to do something or say something. Other than that your bogus armed struggle has not produced damin thing thus far.

    Why are you guys waste your time on this man instead of buying bullet and gun, and then using it against our enemy the TPLF? let me guess because you are both incapable and incompetent, but yet when someone competent and capable comes along, you guys are ready to attack with your usually hot air from your fox hole hide out somewhere in the West. I bet you could never set your foot on oromiyaan soil, and actually organize/mobilize and fight the enemy that you claim to be fighting. You just sit your ass behind your computer and bubble up year in and year out because that is what cowards like you do. You do not even undestand an struggle as to start somewhere and obbo Garbaa is doing exactly that. Finishing what he started with Independent oromiyaa State is what you need to focus, but that is too difficult and complicated right?

    Everyone is leaving your train because your train has been frozen in place for the past 24 years. You guys never cared for the oromo nation but the donation you collect from diaspora refugees every summer that is all you care about and your fear is if everyone get on board with Baqqalaa Garbaa’s train, then your fund would dry up. That is why you are barking like hungry dog instead of focusing on the armed struggle you are crying about for the past 24 years, but failed to produce anything. We are sick and tired of useless dumb ass psychotic individuals like you guys. Attacking an individual like Baqqlaa Garbaa will never make you nationalist, but rather make you suspicious because you sound like an enemy operative right now. Dividing the armed struggle camp is not enough for you so now you are attempting to distort and cause some sort of division and doubt among the peaceful means camp. If you are smart and competent you could have used both camp to the oromo nation advantage, but since you are coward and dumb, you chose to attack everyone that makes an effort to do something for oromo nation. (Godhoota yoo iti himman hin galeef tana akkam goona jaraana)

  35. If there is a precious gift for wuyane on this planet earth, it is abandoning armed struggle and accepting their deceitful ‘peaceful ‘ struggle. It is the sweetest music for their ears that makes them happy so that they continue to rule with out any resistamce. That is why their PAID AGENTS are trying to discourage people not to fight them back. Now the time has come when all people in the 4 cornners will target this minoriry group and pay them their due. ARMED STRUGGLE!!

  36. We are united. Wuyane came by gun , it has to go by gun. We are united against wuyane. Our right matters! Wuyane has to go. Amharas, Oromos, Gurages, Tigires, Afars, Somalis, the Benishangules, Sidamas , Hdyas and kambatas all are united. The neighboring countries likr Eritrea, south Sudan, Somali and Djubutis are ready to get rid of wuyanes. The Biritish and Americans are showing signs of disowning Wuyane. The time is ripe. People are ready to replace wuyane. G7 and OLF HAVE DECEDED to lead the revolution.

  37. @Kijiibdota tana

    I, usually, don’t like to get involved in personal tiff/spat between individuals. Instead, I would prefer to contribute to discussions based on ideas.

    In this instance, however, I was compelled to say a word or two to the aforementioned low-grade & subhuman scoundrel creature after reading his comment on the topic under discussion.

    Kijiibdota Tana; you aren’t defending Ob. Bekele Garba as you purported it. Because, Ob. Bekele doesn’t need any defence from anyone, let alone 2nd rate rascal of your kind. His action and deeds can defend and shield him from any unreasonable attack. Remember why the colonial-TPLF thugs jailed him. They claimed he is member of OLF and he was trained by OLF commanders. Later on, on his trial, when he was asked to apologize in the kangaroo court, he flatly refused to apologize. He has proven to Oromians and the world that he is a man of principle and is willing to die for the cause he believe in if need be. So Ob. Bekele is a herculean Oromian whose action speaks louder than anything else. He also says his method of his struggle is nonviolent. He made is political calculus. That is his choice and he has the right to make his own choices. Nobody is going to argue against that.

    Hawine Bari, JA and others believe that nonviolent struggle alone wouldn’t work in TPLF world. The evidence for their believe is in front of the world to see. Because the only language the TPLF understand is if you speak in their own language and reciprocate their action. Hawine and her colleagues are absolutely spot on that. Further, I don’t think there is any Oromo who believe that the TPLF is going to hand our country back peacefully.

    My issue with you, Kijiibdota tana, is that you aren’t defending Bekele Garba. Your sole aim is attacking OLF and its supporters using Bekele Garba defence as a camouflage. It’s poor psychology on your part. Because, your scribbles are so transparent. So you thought by pretending defending Bekele Garba you have a chance to attack the OLF or what you called Shane.

    Why-oh-why? Why are you so virulent, bitter and hostile to the OLF? Do you feel better about your achievements you made in your life so far, because you abuse OLF and its supporters? It looks you are poisoned and diseased inside and cocooned with poison from outside. Why such venom? You are belching sulphurous outputs to the air and to the cyber-space.

    Your facts by which you abuse the OLF aren’t facts. There are your factoids. Hence there is no need to rebuttal you factoids as they are factoids. It looks you live in la la land.

    It looks like, I’m guessing here, the reason why you are embittered and sour is that you have been chased away and evicted from the OLF, one way or the other, and you are refused to get back in. So that made you so poisonous. That in turn made you become a dog full of rabies in the brain.

    You scribbles were comical were they not so offensives and disgusting. Your dysentery and diarrhea are pouring out of you via you mouth, nose and eyes instead of you exhaust pipe. You are abhorrent and repulsive being. You are dragging the genuine conversation & differences of opinion Oromians are having through sewerage. You are sub-human and low-grade being who doesn’t understand decency and civility in public discourse. You are degenerate, venal, debased and diabolical being who is offending the sensibilities of our ethics.

    The OLF you are bad mouthing, using different alias on cyper-space, and its leadership are leaders of top-flight politician with unimpeachable character and dedicated supporters. You are wasting your time with sulphurous breathe. You are boneheaded TPLF automaton zombie. You are a coward who couldn’t face up to anything. I’m sure if you see TPLF thugs on the street you will run in the opposite direction instead of taking down one of them. You are foulmouthed chicken. Everything you said here says more about you that the OLF or its supporters. You are disgusting.

    So stop playing to the gallery and get help for the syndrome you are suffering from, which is “the peacock syndrome”. You are teetering on the nervous breakdown and you need to get help soon and move on.

  38. Mosisa,
    Spouting garbage year in and year out did not get you anywhere idiot. I am not saying (peaceful means) alone would liberate a nation dummy. what I am saying is hiding behind your computer and attacking an individual that apparently making an effort in a way that he believes might bring about change is simply useless/nonsense. You and others you come to defend have had a chance for 24 years to make difference in oromo national liberation movement, but you have failed. Why not accept your failure and allow people to do what ever it’s they can to make difference? why bark on cyber space when you could be buying gun and bullet, and then getting busy attacking the enemy? oh let me guess? that is too difficult and you are incompetent/incapable of undertaking such a task.

    As i siad previously, you guys always come out in a drove when there is an event created by someone other than your bunch of good for nothing group. Do you ever know how to create an event on your own beside reacting to others? oh yeah there are bunch of fabrication that pops out every summer simply to fool the diaspora refugees in order to collect some money, so that you can fill your big belly. That is the type and only event you guys have able to create in the past 24 years. Why it’s always some one else’s fault when you guys fail or unable to deliver on the empty promises that you usually make every year?

    When are you guys going to take responsibility for your action and stop attacking/blaming others? i guess never because that is your job that is what you do to confuse and abuse oromo national liberation movement as you have done over the years. Do you even realize people are abandoning you at the moment or you are too dumb to even notice that? Do you seriously think people are going to put up with your empty hot air year in and year out sir? oh hell no wake up idiot simply spouting garbage is not going to get you anywhere sir. You and the rest who do nothing but bark “armed struggle” need to either put it up or shut it up. You cannot fool people or simply fabricate your way to bilisummaa.

    Where have you been for the past 24 years and what have you done to advance oromo cause? where you busy dividing and fragmenting oromo national liberation movement camp or were you actually arming thousands of army that could have liberated oromiyaa? which one have you embarked on sir? Isn’t obvious that you and your group have embarked on destroying oromo national liberation movement sir? It’s really absurd to suggest anyone who expose you and group is either enemy or mentally sick. Guess what it’s insane to do the samething over and over again and expect different outcome, and that is exactly what you guys have been doing over the last 24 years.

    Simply sitting in your comfort zone snoozing and then all of a sudden when someone does something in the name of oromo coming out and barking should never be your trade mark, but sadly that is your trade mark. We are sick and tired of rubbish subhuman like you guys, you are disgrace to oromo nation and every one is aware of this fact. you are nothing but laughing stuck who happen to be both incapable of producing anything and incompetent to lead or led by others. I wish you shut your mouth and focusing on doing something that might help save one oromo life today. (akka saree duutu fi akka harree dhufuun alat mali gootanis mali goochu dandettus yaa harrotaa).

  39. Obbo Mosisa, please don’t respond to this ‘gentle’ man’s unnecessary talk. The topic was about armed struggle. Some believe in capitulation. God bless them . Milions believe wuyane have to be removed by armed struggle. I personally suggest OLF, G7 and ONLF MUST FORM a united force against wuysne fascist minority mafia group. Their current agenda is to creat divisions between OROMO and AMHARA. WE MUST SHOW THEM BY FORMING ALLIANCES TO DEFEAT THEM.

  40. kijjibdot tana thank you very much. ur talking from my heart. hawwine angoo barbaada tanaan baqala sirra hin tuqu yoo dandeeti qabate garu nama dadhabadha malif yoo jate wa’e qabso hasawa jira male qabsawoota wal madalchisa hin jiru.I’m sure u can’t lead your family if you are in jungle with OLA I will never be a member of your brigade because such a foolish man cannot be successful in every thing.

  41. Final solution ARMED STRUGGLE!


    Freedom and democracy to the nations in
    The ethiopian empire.

  42. abe wbo,

    Yes I am foolish in the eyes of Ethiopian cannibals because they know their left over can’t buy or deceive me. I am foolish but not coward who begs for what naturally, historically and legal belongs to him. I am foolish but I know what the fundamental interest of Oromia and how to restore and defend it.

    For those who praise cowards and beggars of power and right form Ethiopian colonial and cannibalistic rule in Oromia instead of fighting like a man and take what is theirs, let me educate you if you are praising Baqqalaa Garbaa out of ignorance.

    Lets assume Baqqala Garbaa wins presidency in Ethiopian election. Do you .know, if he wins election and becomes the president of Ethiopia, he is going to take an oath of office holding Ethiopian constitution high over his head. In this Ethiopian constitution, the boundary of Ethiopia is defined as to the east, Somalian border, to the south, kenyan border, to the North, Eritrean border and to the west, sudan border. So, when Baqqalaa Garbaa takes an aoth of office, he takes an oath to defend and protect Ethiopian constitution. Therefore, the same way Minilik, Haile Sillassie, Mangistuu and wayyaanee is doing, Baqqalaa Garbaa is going to kill and crash Oromians who fight for independence in the name of defending and protecting Ethiopian unity. This is a fact that you should directly look into the eye when you support Baqqalaa Garbaa, all Oromo peaceful opposition political parties for that matter. If you continue supporting these parties knowing what the consequences of supporting them are, you are buying yourself a rope for Ethiopians to hang you for ever. This is the fact no body can escape.

    1. one ur comparing Lenco lata with bekele garba is it right to compare them shortly.hin arin mee yaa hawwine ani akka kiyyatti sila ati ango qabate nama yaada kee hin qabne hunda lafara fixa.utopia is not my country I fully support armed struggle.ur saying division of OLF false we cannot ignore regionalism,religionalism.I am saying armed struggle right way there cane be another way for others.

    2. one ur comparing Lenco lata with bekele garba is it right to compare them shortly.hin arin mee yaa hawwine ani akka kiyyatti sila ati ango qabate nama yaada kee hin qabne hunda lafara fixa.utopia is not my country I fully support armed struggle.ur saying division of OLF false we cannot ignore regionalism,religionalism.I am saying armed struggle right way there cane be another way for others.ur separating oromo in different factions leaving us objectiveless people. until juhar start oromo first campaign you are waiting each other how can grab a power because of this oromo struggle is paralysed.one new generation campaign start u are becoming opposer by saying omn abadula TV ur failed.

    3. Hawwinee,

      Lets assume Bqaalaa wins election as you put it and accept the constitution of Abyssinian empire as it’s currently written. To get there he has to go through a process of organizing/mobilizing the mass by being in the hear land of oromiyaa. So, are you telling us that during all this process (that could take years from now) you and your exclusive private club of OLF faction would sit idle and watch the show with out taking advantage of the situation? My friend, you see this is precisely what we are talking about here. You guys are incapable and and incompetent to produce anything tangible except attacking and defaming those who make an attempt to make a difference in oromo life by any means possible. You are confirming what we have suspected all along that you and your group are dead fish. Your forte is simply barking and attacking other who make an effort for what ever reason that going on in your messed up psyche.

      Any confident or competent organization/faction would have taken an advantage of any situation to achieve what ever they have set to achieve, and never cry faul about what others are doing. Since you guys have failed miserably in every aspect of oromo national liberation movement, you have to find some scape goat to cover up your failure. There is also another aspect to your disorientation behavior, and that is money. In order for you to continue to collect money from diaspora refugees, you have to continue to act as if you are at least still exist by making noises. You are telling people you have an army that is winning the battle while oromos are being evicted from their ancestral land in mass, and killed in broad day light. you canot even invent new lie but rather continue to use the same old lie of claiming “we have killed two TPLF forces and confiscated one AK47” for 24 long years. Worst yet your news only pops out close to the summer, and then disappears until the following summer.

      Then after you have collected your yearly donations which is some times around (July-August) you go back to your hybernation hole until next year. This trend had continued for over 20 years. You guys are so dumb that you cannot even realize people would find out your sinister deeds. Then when someone like Baaqalaa Gaarbaa comes along and does selfless deed of giving up everything including his life for oromo cause by organizing and mobilizing oromos across oromiyaa and make an effort via (peaceful means) you come out in droves ready to attack and bite. You guys are one lost soul that will never come to a grip with reality on the ground in oromiyaa. You still think this is 1991, when in reality that was 24 years a go.

      Both you and your prive exclusive club of (OLF/shanne) had been frozen in place and lost direction. You guys somehow think in your twisted mind that OLF is your prive club when in reality OLF is an organization that millions of oromo nationals identify with and will continue to be an organization of oromo mass. Anyone who confront you or your twisted ideas is a threat to OLF, as if OLF is your exclusive private club. Instead of showing what you are capable of by action on the ground, you guys opt to simply bark at people and attack them as if your armed struggle is being waged in cyber space.

      what we are saying is that if you are brave,smart, competent, and capable as you claim to be, then please show us some thing on the ground in oromiyaa and stop your usual garbage in and garbage out, because we are sick and tired of your nonsense. If you are incopetenr, incapable of delivering things that struggle ask for then don’t run around and bubble up let those who can do something for their people do it. Armed struggle requires some serious ground work which include organizing and mobilizing oromo mass in oromiyaa and actually leading the struggle from the heart land of ormiyaa not by remote control from Eritrea.

      Your faction/exclusive private club had been proven to be incapable and incompetent to lead or being led by others and this is the fact that many oromo nationalist can testify to. The destruction of oromo national liberation movement had been spear headed by your group and to this day that destructive behavior is self evident. The cyber foot solider like you and others who simply spout garbage with out making any sense are hard at work barking at anything that moves. If you guys do not stop this behavior and come to your sense by correcting your bad/ugly, and destructive behavior then your are doomed. I feel sorry for you as you will be abandoned and soon become irrelevant as far as oromo national liberation movement concerned. (Rabbi akkanat Ilmmo nama nama gaddi hin goodhin, kun abbarssa malee eebba miti, akka nama rabbii ykn waaqqnii abbree isin goodhe yaa afuuftoota kana)

  43. omn started by oromo diaspora staying in Western country for 40yrs you couldn’t open one OLF TV.u should have understand I am not opposing olf.but I can tolerate others adea.support each other what we call peaceful and armed one the best solution for mebut you have a right to ur way.our common vision to see independent oromia.

  44. @Hawwinee Barii.

    I don’t have words to say; thank you so much indeed. You are the true Oromo son. You said all; the perfect one and you’ve got it and smashed the core point.
    Thank you again!!!!!!!!

    1. this a selfish behavior valueless.writing propaganda like tplf by opening different email bakalcha bari,hawwine bari kkkkkkkkk just another oromo tplf.oromo the nation of the truth even milinik can’t change reality dependent behavior of oromo.

  45. Non armed, nonorganized and nonlibrated mind doesn’t get us any where in the Ethiopia empire objective reality. Nonarmed struggle wouldn’t have stopped the Hitler nazis of Germany, the fascist Italian Mosoloni and the europian colonialists. The oromo struggle can’t be exception. That is why wuyanes are busy 24/7 demonizing armed, Organized and mentally librated group struggle. There are circumstances where peaceful struggle can be effective . But it is imposible under wuyane sistem. Final solution armed struggle.

    1. shortly I am not opposing armed struggle.living under colony of habash G.Tadase aware our people us there under colony of habasha.see mamomuzamir history maca tulama under habasha gov the the source of armed struggle.if you have working brain .I’m saying don’t kill time by opposing each other.throw your toward enemy not toward each other simply.there is no 100% perfect thing in the world.

    2. my final comment on this issue.come and go house to house kill oromo opposition part that is your objective.constitution constitution what doe this it is not holy Quran or Bible you are 100% right other 100% wrong.thank u.

  46. @ Abe Wbo,

    Thanks for your effort to contribute to the dicusstion. My conclusion is also by quoting president Obama from his remarks on nonviolence. “The nonviolence practiced by men like Gandhi and King may not have been practical or possible in every circumstances ” Thanks !

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