3 thoughts on “OBS TV: Qophii Utubaa Maatii, Aaddee Foolii Gorbaa (Haadha Kolonel Haayiluu Ragaassaa)

  1. The owner of the ”media’ himself is an opportunist, OPDO member/supporter who has been manipulating the Tigre colonial system for his personal growth. No independent Oromo media such as: Urjii, Seife Nebalbal, Dagim Wonchif, Oromo Voice, Risaa etc had survived and flourished in that empire. all had been eliminated long time ago by TPLF dictators.

  2. Colone Hayilu’s sacrificial death will be rewarded only and only by the birth of liberated oromia by the brave fighters like himself otherwise it is an insult to talk about him on colonial media. Opdo pls leave our mother alone.Long live mother foli for being instrument to rise such brilliant and courageous son of tulama oromo.

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