5 thoughts on “OMN: Ezekeil Gebissa In Conversation With Rene Lefort On His Latest Article On Political Crisis In Ethiopia

  1. Rene is disgraceful. He has been bought up by the TPLF. I have collected evidence already that he was paid to work for TPLF. The purpose of interviewing a TPLF employee is unclear for me. It is better to interview Abay Tsehaye. Ezkiel has good connection with the regime, he is in the process of converting OMN TV to ETV

  2. Mr. Lefort’s analysis looks like an insider’s reflection on the TPLF regime. It’s not fundamentally different from the analyses of the retired TPLF generals like Tsadikan. In short, Mr. Lefort is clearly pro-TPLF in making his recommendation-perhaps an adviser to the regime. His recommendations are disarming to the opposition groups.

    We need to assume the opposition groups are worse than the TPLF thugs to accept Lefort’s recommendations of putting all eggs in the TPLF basket as the solution to Ethiopia’s political crisis. Although his reflection of the opposition groups being weak and inherently undemocratic may have grain of truth, reforming and strengthening the opposition groups may be easier than relying on the TPLF thugs as the solution to the predicament the TPLF regime created. Moreover, the “strong-man syndrome” is not the political culture of all people in Ethiopia. It’s Abyssinian political culture.

  3. This is disgusting ! To give a forum to a man who is aTigre-phile ! shame on Ezekiel Gabissa for giving a forum to a guy who call the Bushoftuu Massacre ” the Bushoftuu event” for him the butchery of Oromos byTigre government is an event! ,Ezekiel gave an opportunity to this Old Vichy at Mid-year OSA conference in London where he chaired his babblings for an hour how the Tigre Population feels besieged, therefore opposition forces need to understand their predicament or vulnerability!

    I believe Ezekiel is out of bound for cavorting with anti-Oromo demagogues who still maintain a love affair for old Abyssinian culture and history. These sort of individuals have been swallowed by the dust bin of history… have been left behind in their thinking and utterances !

  4. Ezikael ,
    Let me remind you , what you already know , almost all Oromos in and out of the Oromia are looking how to get armed because this thugs (TPLF) will never leave power and will never stop killing us, if not by power . Simple. Like I said in my previous note, TPLF has no clue what peaceful struggle means.They have no such a phrase in their dictionary apart war, force, and killing .Oromo people are dying in a closed door right now as I am typing this note. OMN and you are just wasting your time and energy on presenting things and news that depresses and discouraging oromo people . Rene is a biased tplf agen , why you have to talk to this person, waist OMN air ( we pay money for OMN). We learned nothing from the interview except that he is on the side of TPLF. Instead why don’t you interview OLF leaders (the hope of oromo people). Why don’t you bring oromos together to rally behind Our fighters , OLF AND QEEROO BILISUMMA. you guys are talking and organizing leadership ‘post TPLF’. talking post tplf is not an urgent topic for oromos unless you loss your mind now is the question if survival for my beloved oromos. Please I beg you and Jawar to use your talent and energy and our support to strengthen our fighters to dismantle this tplf and take of their York of off our people shoulder. I know you might say I am not political organization, then please stop talking irrelevant topics that irritates the suffering oromo people . Omn stop telling us the number of our dead only tell us something up lifting news ( ask olf from the battle field ).

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