ONLF commando Unit of Halgan Sector, ambushed an Ethiopian regime army platoons, near Dhuhun district killing five soldiers and wounded seven others on November 8, 2016. The Ethiopian army platoons were engaged in harassment activities around the rural areas of Dhuhun district including rape, beatings and arbitrary detention.

The Ethiopian regime army increased its harassment of the Ogaden people since the declaration of Marshall law in   Ethiopia, in order to further intimidate and oppress the civilian population in Ogaden.

The Ethiopian regime army killed two young men and wounded another two in Fiiq and Garbo districts in November 7, 2016 as a warning to the Ogaden youth not join the rebellion in Oromia and other states.

The Ethiopian regime security are conducting mass detentions in Qaruud and Gudhis in East Imey, Shabelle region; Shiniile, dhanaan district, and Birqot district, after the youth in those districts expressed support for the ongoing mass revolution in Ethiopia

The Ethiopian regime has been committing grave human rights violations in Ogaden since 2007.

Ogaden National Liberation Army (ONLA)


November 13, 2016

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  1. My heart is wounded and my heart is burning with anger for revenge. My heart is crying because of the pain of this innocent looking Ogadenean. She even looks like my sister. Oromians and Ogadeneans are the same people they should fight together and strongly together to survive as two nations. Ogadaneans and Oromians have no one to save them except their concerted effort. Ogadeneans and Oromians can even form one organization and confederate state where by both people can form a sort of political union with confederated parliament and cabinet. We one and the same people who are target of Ethopian brutal and cannibalistic rule that never stop less exterminating these two proud nations.

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