The Ogaden National Liberation Front ( ONLF) sends its condolences to the Oromo people and the families of the victims massacreds at the Irrecha cultural and festival at Har-sadi Lake, near the town of Bishoftu, Oromoia.


ONLF and the Somali people  in Ogaden strongly condemns the Ethiopian regime led by TPLF who are continuously committing crimes against Humanity and ware crimes in against innocent civilians with inpuniy and appalling savagery in front of the world.


The ONLF and the Somali people in Ogaden  re-iterate their unwavering support for the all peoples in Ethiopia in their quest for justice and the exercise of their full democratic rights. In particlar, ONLF considers the the Oromo martyrs as theirs and share the pain of the Oromo people.


For the last twenty years, the TPLF regime has carriedhundreds of massacres and detained hundreds of thousands of Somali people in Ogaden and had placed aid and economic embargo, using startvation and rape as a weapons of war.


ONLF calls all democratic forces in Ethiopia to come together and create a common platform and a road map in order to act together and bring genuine, represenative democratic change in Ethiopia that recognises the right of all nations in Ethiopia.


Finally, ONLF calls upon the international community to stop ignoring the deterioting situation in Ethiopia and act while it is still possible to effect a peaceful transition to genuine democracy and self determination in Ethiopia.


Issued by ONLF

October 4, 2016

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