OPDO administrations are under restrictions and getting moved to Finfinee and Adama. The Tigray defense force is fully in charge of Western Oromiyaa.

Public torture continues in Qelam Welega and Dambii Doloo. Amboo is already under Tigray defense force as OPDO abandoned Amboo people about a month ago and the Tigre Agzi is in charge of all Ambo, Gudar, inciini, Jalduu, Gindo and Gincii. The OPDO is nowhere to be found since Amboo massacre, source said. Beating people up has continued on streets by Tigre soldiers.

Oromiyaa police is getting replaced on the streets by defense forces. Via Biqilaa Biyyaa

#OromoRevolution Sadasaa 29/2017 Godina Baha Shaggar Adaamaafi Naannoo isheetti Sochiin Warraaqsii FXG itti fufun daandiin Konkolaataa Adaamaa gara Arsiitti gessuu cufamera.

#OromoRevolution Sadasaa 29/2017 Godina Booranaa Taltalleetti guyyaa har’aa Warraaqsii FXG akkuma itti fufetti hiriirrii gaggeeffama jira

29/11/2017 Jimma University was totally invaded by the Agazi forces
28/11/2017 Harmaya University was abandoned by students.”

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