An Open Letter to Oromos (Only) Who are Still Under the Abyssinian Mental Slavery

By Habte Dafa

Mental slavery vs mental liberation

To secede is/was never the hypothesis of the Nation of Oromia. But reclaiming the Democratic Republic of Oromia is/was the proper paradigm starting from its occupation by the Abyssinian invading forces. Since then, yes, the Abyssinian did not only have changed the names of the Oromo vicinity replacing it by their colonial names, but they tried to erase the proud spirit of Orommumma in every humanly possible facet. Now, watching those Oromos who remained under the Abyssinian mental slavery, I am really ashamed by those who are more Abyssinian than the Abyssinians themselves, by trying to prove that they are the die-hard colonial Ethiopians by bashing and condemning the overdue independence journey of the Nation of Oromia. On the other hand, the Oromo people’s invaders do not trust them even if they swear million times that they are their trustworthy slave. Therefore, TPLF had imprisoned them even with all the unflinching Oromo Nationalists, and are keeping them locked-up till they submit to them totally. Therefore, what is preventing them from going all the way for the independence of Oromia? What will they lose except the colonial chains?

The truth remains, the journey for any National struggle is measured by how resolute and uncompromising the people are when it comes to their freedom. We are currently witnessing the boiling wave that resulted in irreversible enormity of TPLF that produced the unwavering resistances of the Oromo Nation for their freedom. The Oromo freedom generation are are beaming on TPLF the hurricane of dedications to liberate Oromia once and for all. Yes, we (me and you) have a choice: 1) to stand with our Qeerroo/Qubee generation and help them to achieve their overdue goal of liberating Oromia, or 2) remain propagating how to save the dying colonial empire while isolated, or imprisoned by the TPLF- Abyssinian regime on power.

What every walking soul of the Oromo citizens needs to realize is that the old hymns of the colonial Ethiopia, is gone forever and the sun had already set upon it. It will never come again, believe me. Therefore, we need to wake-up and grasp the reality before it would be too late, this is a new era and new ways and methodologies of National struggle.

Overall without much vouching idealistic and unrealistic goals, I chose to be realistic and to stand with the Oromo Nation’s Freedom generation and do all that I can do to see the determined, selfless and unflinching sacrifices our young generation will not be in vain, but should and will succeed in decolonizing Oromia.

Oromia shall be free,



6 thoughts on “Open Letter to Oromos Who Are Still Under Mental Slavery

  1. Habte Dafa,

    as usual you are ignorantly arrogant! I am not against your Birmaji position, but I hate your side-kick against the Robale politicians! To me both Birmajis and Robales are genuine Oromo freedom fighters. The onlyOromo, who can be considered as mentaly enslaved are those working for the oppressive Abyssinian regime against the Oromo liberation movement. The Robale politicians, who are now suffering in Habesha prison deserve our respect. If you want to comprehend what I mean by Birmaji, Dullo, Horata, Michile and Robale politicians as well as Gadaa politicians, read the following:

    “Five Types of Nationalists in Oromo Community: Birmajis, Dulos, Horatas, Michiles and Robales!

    No question that different types of Oromo nationalists (Ethiopianists like Haile Fida, Referendumist-1 like Marara Guddina, Federalists like Leenco Lataa, Referendumist-2 like Daud Ibsa and Oromianists like Galaasa Dilbo) fight for freedom/bilisummaa of the Oromo. There is no difference on the cause of freedom between them in Oromo liberation movement. Giving these five positions the respected names of five Gadaa parties, it looks like the following:

    – Pro-Ethiopia Robales strive to achieve transformation of Abesha dominated Ethiopia to Oromo led Ethiopia; i.e Ethiopia without Gadaa Oromia, but being equivalent to Great Oromia ( ).

    – Pro-Referendum-1 Michiles prefer to persue referendum on federal Union vs integrated Ethiopia; i.e Ethiopia with or without Oromia.

    – Pro-Federalist Horatas opted for self-rule of Oromia within shared rule of Ethiopia ( ); i.e Oromia within Ethiopia.

    – Pro-Referendum-2 Dulos are ready for referendum on independent Oromia vs federal Union; i.e Oromia within or without Ethiopia.

    – Pro-Oromia Birmajis want to see an independent Gadaa republic of Oromia ( within the UN; i.e Oromia without Ethiopia.

    Currently, the sixth type of nationalists (Pan-nationalists), who entertain the above five moves and try to coordinate the five Oromo positions on a common denominator (freedom from the existing system of domination) are emerging. Actually, Baaro Tumsa used to promote this form of nationalism, that is why he concentrated on “the Oromo getting power in Finfinne palace (which is equivalent to freedom) by any means possible. Such nationalists represent the wholistic Oromo agenda of freedom from the sytem of domination and the post-freedom types of sovereignty being divided into the above five party positions. According to Pan-nationalists, now, the five blocs in our community can work in unison for Oromo freedom and then leave the decision on the three types of post-freedom sovereignty (integrated Ethiopia, federal Union & independent Oromia) for general Oromo’s public verdict.

    Unlike the Atse-Negus culture of the Abesha, which is dictatorial “my way or highway”, Gadaa community follows democratic Abbaa-Gadaa culture of the Oromo, which accepts the above mentioned five positions of Oromo politicians. All Oromo nationals agree on agenda of freedom from the TPLF. But Oromo politics is not mono-dimentional, it has 5 post-freedom party-politics: 1) Birmajis believe in independent Oromia, 2) Dulos promote referendum on independent Oromia vs federal Union, 3) Horatas opt for federal Union, 4) Michiles prefer referendum on federal Union vs integrated Ethiopia, & 5) Robales want integrated Ethiopia. So, in short, Oromo community is Gadaa community respecting all these five party positions! The sixth type of nationalists (the Gadaas) dare to represent this inclusive community position. Which of the five parties can prevail will be seen in a future democratic atmosphere after freedom from the TPLF!

    For now, till the day of freedom from TPLF, this constructive and inclusive approach of the Gadaas (Baaroo Tumsa’s principle) is imperative: “We, the Oromo, must capture state power by any means necessary; in order to do this, we must clandestinely organize all sectors of our society; it is the responsibility of the young educated Oromo like you, to disseminate the spirit of Oromo nationalism when you return to your respective communities; we can only change the deplorable condition of our people by being tolerant to one another and reestablishing a necessary Oromo national unity; in this way, we can build a strong organization, capture state power and take actions that facilitate fundamental social transformation.”

    May Waaqa help us act in tokkummaa (unity) for bilisummaa!


  2. Is any body who could be able tell me the meaning of Ayssinya. Who are Abyssinians.

    Are we occupied by Arabs. Now I heard OMN is going arabic, could some one explain.
    Thank you

  3. Habte thank you for articulating the underpinning issues that kept us under colonial occupation. I struggled why people can’t liberate their mind ?. One need to be resolute in is quest for liberating his mind before commencing the journey to work on liberating Oromia. One of the renowned Oromo scholar Professor Assafa Jatalaa has written a book about the colonization of mind and how to reclaim Orommuma. You can google to get a copy that you can share with some of these colonized mind to read and liberate themselves.

    I feel we need to campaign on liberating Oromo minds by the same level of determination as the armed struggle to liberate Oromia. Here in Europe TPLF has dispatched an army of Oromo’s with colonized mind trying their level best to undermined every diaspora Oromo effort to support the Qeeroo struggle to liberation movement. We can only liberate Oromia with liberated mind. Some of these colonized mind hide behind religion and swear the humiliation of Oromo people has nothing to do with them. It is shame in twenty first century when we have access to stream of knowledge to educate ourselves and liberate our mind, there are Oromo with higher academic credentials who work tirelessly to keep us under colonial yoke. Despite the opportunities to at least read and understand the plight of Oromo nation, they chose to bow to their colonial master and when to talk us to democratize Ethiopia where Oromo nation will be given some marginal role to play that they will spare for him. What is also depressing the very men and women you would think will be the forerunner with the liberation idea are shuttling between Europe and America to talk us down and when to baptize Oromo once again with the Ethiopia identity and values. We therefore should be mindful of these propagandist (Ethiopian nationalist ) ( nayfanyan ) amongst us and fight them with the same determination we fight TPLF .

  4. Habte Dafa can contribute what he can like every Oromo individual or group.
    Leave him alone to write what he blieve can help Oromos.

    The Ethiopians, including the mega-majority Oromos life is dramatically transforming itself from settlement farming life into warriors life. Therefore, all peoples of that country, especially the determiner Oromos must learn how to hold the swords, spears, and AKs 47 to face the death which has confronted them.

    We have full theory which overflew the container, but we are lacking the above practice of sword dancing which can send a chilly signal into TPLF’s back bone.

  5. Slavery comes in different forms. I am not that surprised by the ones Habte dubbed Ethiopianist and Gada Politician corrected him in a lengthy lecture. Worst are the ones who are quick to point finger to others and are quick to speak their masters’s language before they speak theirs well. Willing to give credit to those who are oromo first before any religion, to spare myself from the arrogantly stupid phrase.

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