To All Peace Loving People -Worldwide United Tigreans Association Press Release

An Open Letter to All Peace Loving People

An Open Letter to All Peace Loving People

To the Government of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia:

To all media outlets inside and outside Ethiopia;

To all opposition parties inside and outside Ethiopia; 

To all Ethiopians and Ethiopian origin in Diaspora; 

Ethiopia is known for having over eighty different ethnic groups. As Ethiopians we see our diversity in culture, language and other differences, as great assets.

Worldwide United Tigrean Association (WUTA) wants to build understanding and a healthy relationship with other Ethiopian ethnic people, while actively fighting to stop hate against any ethnic group at it roots. We have made it our mission to STOP ethnic HATE.

We urge all political parties to promote their policies and proposals without resorting to ethnic divisions. We must not hate!!

“The old law about ‘an eye for an eye’ leaves everybody blind. The time is always right to do the right thing.”   

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Let us all do the right thing!   United, let us make Ethiopia, the best home for all!!

The ethnic equality and the right of all citizens of Ethiopia to freely move about, to employ or be employed, to start a business, own property, to dwell in all Ethiopian territory as they please, is a legal right granted for all Ethiopian citizens. This should be clearly understood by all citizens, of all ethnic background(s), and all political, religious and civic organizations.

Dr. Martin L. King Jr. has said it better.

“We must come to see that the end we seek is a society at peace with itself, a society that can live with its conscience.”

WUTA strongly opposes any political party or individual(s) that glorify ethnic hate by contributing and playing a role in any form.  We, Ethiopians reject ethnic hate with the strongest terms possible.

Dear Ethiopians of all ethnic background,

Our organization, Worldwide United Tigrean Association (WUTA), was created after we saw a rise in hate messages on social media and other media outlets.  Our mission is to filter the ethnic hate being broadcasted by individuals on all forms of media outlets and counter challenge it, correct it, and replace it with common courtesy and respect toward one another.  Instead of hate, we can promote understanding at all times, while promoting peace.

We realize without honest, fair and timely correction of hateful propaganda, hate will continue to grow.

We believe people who stay quiet are as guilty as those who promote hate.  This shouldn’t happen under our watch. Never!!

We strongly believe in freedom of speech. Freedom of speech helps a country develop its democracy faster. It is a vital tool to combat corruption and help bring accountability. Freedom of speech also helps people have honest dialogue freely by which they can promote justice and equality for all so that Ethiopia is prosperous.

There is no way democracy can develop at the speed we desire without responsible journalism.  It is why we also request all media outlets to practice the journalism code of conduct to the best possible way. That will help speed up the development of a truly vibrant democracy.

We have seen what fake news has done to the American democracy.  Case and point; a conspiracy theory about Hilary Clinton running a child sex ring out of a pizza place was reported. A gun man then went there, fired a rifle inside the Washington, DC. restaurant, taking the law into his own hands.  All that was based on a conspiracy theory by a fake news outlet.  If the Government takes action against that particular news source, no one in their right mind will say freedom of speech was compromised.  And we further believe that website was shutdown.

We share a country with tremendous potential for a great tomorrow. It is why we all should learn from the history of yesteryear and participate in the opportunity that today provides to secure all the possibilities for tomorrow’s bright future for the children of Ethiopia who endured so many sufferings for so long already!!  Let us create new opportunities for peace, understanding, and positive thinking about one another.

We have competitor countries that are competing with us for our natural resources; countries that are working day and night to make us consumers, instead of producers and laborers, instead of employers.  We have to direct our effort into winning the economic war to eliminate hunger and all forms of poverty driven ills. We need to work together to compensate for the lost opportunities of the past and unite to eliminate all hardships and, especially, ethnic hate. Hate is one of the diseases we have to cure. All people must help to cure this sickness.

At the end, we must say, “Enough is Enough!”  Hate is a disease that benefits no one. We all must work hand and hand to make Ethiopia a success story once and for all.

Let us think Ethiopia first.

Former President John F. Kennedy of the United States of America once said “Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country.”  Can we ask ourselves, as Ethiopians, what we can do for Ethiopia?… From now on forward?

We ask that we celebrate our oneness. We are all Ethiopians for God sake. But we also ask that we celebrate our uniqueness and diversity.

You see, Ethiopia is like a quilt, with different colors, sizes and textures in its making. These differences are what make Ethiopia rich in culture and unique in nature.  We should be curious about the uniqueness we Ethiopians bring to each other. It is the source of our wealth that should make us proud. That is why we should embrace our differences and move forward in harmony. No one ethnic group can complete Ethiopia without the rest of the Ethiopian ethnics.  It is all of us together that form that beautiful quilt called Ethiopia.

We must not allow anyone to impede Ethiopia from progressing forward however, we must also point out its weaknesses in order to enable it to change course and make necessary corrections to expedite its drive to achieve all the wishes of her children.  We all must help our country move forward to great things.  We believe our organization can help in one important area…that is by building bridges between different ethnics and by communicating the genuine good wishes, as well as, harmonious ethnic relationships amongst all.  Thus, we ask all peace, loving people of Ethiopia to help us by joining hands to discourage ethnic haters and encourage all Ethiopians to build trust amongst one another; respect our differences, and celebrate our oneness.

The good news is…facts on the ground tell us that the great majority of people of all ethnic background have love and respect for each other.   There is also more good news than bad in terms of ethnic cooperation, rather than not.

However, the bad news is that very few and we mean very, very few “haters” still have the ability to manipulate technology and broadcast hateful messages that are very destructive in every sense, as if, we as people are immersed in an ocean of hate. Ethiopians are better than that!

We are witnessing what hate is doing to our moral comfort. It is embarrassing!!  We must stop the rhetoric of hate at its roots by fighting back.

“There comes a time when silence is betrayal.”

Martin Luther King, Jr.

We must stop hate because of the following:

A- It is dangerous, and very destructive to our peace, unity, and growth.
B- It is morally Un-Ethiopian, as it is morally wrong and ethically bankrupting.

The above items are some of the reasons why we have come up with rules that we all should engage ourselves in.

We humbly ask all peace loving people to respect the following guidance as a starting point to show our cooperation in keeping our country safe for all. We owe it to ourselves and the next generations to come.

We also kindly ask all people to help us help the “haters” to come to their senses and support our cause to promote understanding amongst all peoples. This is our obligation.

1- Stop all ethnic insults on Facebook and any mass media.
2- If you are news media, we respectfully ask that you do not promote ethnic hate, rather respect and follow the journalism code of conduct by being ethical.
3- If anyone has a political issue, it is wise to address it in other effective and civilized manners at your disposal.  Please refrain from using ethnic hate as your tool to make your point.
4- Help assist in building peace and respect among the people.
5-If you see any person or organization promoting hate; you must act to discourage the actor or actors to stop it in a peaceful manner, because, you have a moral obligation to do so.  We will contact anyone or any organization who promotes ethnic hate and expose them.


“We must live together as brothers or perish together as fools.”

Martin Luther King, Jr.

We are also in the process of discussing the above issues with lawyers and law enforcement agencies to legally deal with those who are in the business of promoting hate for their gain.   All Ethiopians should discourage this madness.

We invite all to join us in promoting good citizenship.   If you want to help, make suggestions or have a concern please write us at the above e-mail address. We appreciate any and all opinions.

May the almighty, who protected our forever beautiful motherland, Ethiopia, be with you in all the good things you do.

Thank you and peace and love!!

Our organization assures you; we neither support nor oppose any political party. We will work with any organization to promote peace and love in Ethiopia and among Ethiopians around the world.

We are thankful for all who are making positive contributions to help us move forward!!

Thank you.


Berhane Alemayoh

On behalf of all the Board Members, and members of WUTA

Sorce: zehabesha

Worldwide United Tigreans Association WUTA

Dallas-Fort Worth Branch

Worldwide United Tigreans Association (WUTA) was formed on August 21, 2016.

The purpose of the organization is to protect Tigreans from hateful individuals, hateful organizations, hateful media outlets that promote hate by broadcasting poisonous messages against the people of Tigray and other ethnic groups, through social media, television, radio, print, and other methods, only to promote their narrow minded, political agendas at a price of all the good, decent and peace-loving people of Tigray in particular, and Ethiopians in general.

Our organization does not endorse or oppose any political party.

We also are not affiliated with any religious or political group of any kind.

We will work with any one individual or group(s) that follows our core principal.

Our members come from all walks of life. We are an equal opportunity organization. Anyone Can be our member as long as she or he respects our principled mission.

Our organization also respects and doesn’t interfere with our members’ choice of any affiliation(s) with other organization(s), whether it is political, religion or any other association.

WUTA knows and understands that mutual respect with all ethnics is an absolute necessity.

WUTA’s mission is to promote peace and love for all.

God bless Tigray, And God bless our beloved mother land Ethiopia!

29 thoughts on “To All Peace Loving People – Worldwide United Tigreans Association

  1. The WUTA failed to recognize the massacre committed by TPLF Woyane. Short of condemning the gross violation of human right in Ethiopia, they stated they will respond in kind what ever attack on them is carried out.

    The WUTA are TPLFITES who are drunk with the blood of pregnant mothers, children and the elderly.

    The WUTAs are TPLFites thugs with an attempt to confuse the people which has identified them already. The WUTA an/or TPLF donot represent the people of Tigray.

    The hatred propaganda is carried out by TPLF with the goal to scare the Tigrean people to be able hide at this critical time after many genocidal activities has been committed.

    Futile effort by TPLF thugs to scape from Justice !!!
    Justice will be served on due time !!!

  2. The tigre association should write to their own goverment the tplf which is responsible for genocide in Ethiopia, crimes against humanity, ethnic cleansing, land grabbing, war crimes against the Oromos and Amharas.

    It is rediculous that the tigres are still ignorant or do they thing the other Ethiopians who are victimes of the the tigre regim cares or forgot. The tigres must leave all regions of Ethiopia and move back to mekele where they belong.

    Leave Ethiopia, Oromia and Amhara land before it it too late.

    Good bye tigre.

  3. What do you think about ethiopian government? Are you supporting or rejecting while they are killing people? Your government started, no one hate no body, yes if UR supporter yes UA with the killers, so help your self.

  4. What a bull shit!! They did not say a word about the root cause of what they describe as “hate”, the massacre/genocide they are committing against other peoples of Ethiopia. They are also trying to intimidate us the law…Do they even understand what justice means. This is a good evidence to the fools who think Tigre public is any different from TPLF.

  5. Just understand: it is hate against Tigree but not hate by Tigree!

    Killing and jailing and totruting by Tigree is acceptable as their objective!

  6. Since the mass killings of innocent people began I have not seen or heard any Tigrean persons,proffessionals and intellectuals protesting against the government action or showing any sign of solidarity with ethnics groups which has been systematically targetted and victimised my the security forces.
    My Question is where have you been for more than a year now?Don’t forget the more than twenty five years of utter brutalities,extra-judicial killings,unlawful arrests,forced disappearances of people who committed but only victimised just for belonging to oromo ethnic group.Inaddition don’t forget the total economic exploitation of the oromo people,and you Tigre nationals hugely benefited at the expense of the other Ethiopian nationals.
    Please explain every things to your brothers and sisters who are committing genocide and stealing our natural resources.
    If you are serious it’s high time for you people to join oromo people and others to engage in peaceful protest and stop working for the brutal regime now.
    Thank you.

  7. What’s your core principles? If you don’t stand for right for the right thing, if you can’t say wrong when someone is killing someone, when your government killing people, if you don’t say stop it, what’s your principles? You think that the fight is needed, because of people are silent for a while? Instead of this trash to, just write to your government that you that you are against what they are going.until that there is no room for you guys in ethiopia, believe me when I am saying this.

  8. Mr. WUTA, Why did you fail to denounce genocide have been committing on Oromo, Amhara, Ogaden, Gambela etc people by your dictator TPLF since come to power? What kind of non-sense and fake document? Why you Tigre people like to fool other people? Indeed the hater and killers are your dictator group which organized by your people name. If you are genuine, you were start to by denouncing the killer group which organized by your name and committing genocide.

  9. Dear Berhane Alemayoh of Tigiray origin, good to hear at least some thing from you guys and that silence cannot rule all the time. It is really important to come out of a shell and breathe out at least to show your presence at this junction of time when the political situation of Ethiopia has become tense. I can understand the worry of ”hate” on your people which you experienced on the social media that became a push factor for you to come out and speak out for your people.

    You stated that you should never watch hate under your own eyes and the purpose of your organisation is to protect Tigreans from hateful individuals, hateful organisations, hateful media,,,,

    It is true we should all dislike ‘hate’. ‘Hate’ is what we should all hate basically. In the Ethiopian country of over 70 nations and nationalities and nearly 100 million population it is a constitution that should have bound all together in which every body should respects each other. All human beings are equal before the law according to the good law and constitution of Ethiopia. It is now long time Berhane since the law has been broken and the rights of the entire majority of the population has been violated. What is amazing here is that it is the TPLF led government of Ethiopia, the government that was supposed to be the guardian of the people, the government that was supposed to treat its people fairly and equally. that is mistreating its own people illegally.

    People are uprooted from their land in the name of investment. You may know better than me all about this at this moment. People are arrested, tortured. killed. made to disappear, looted, women raped. This has no precedence so far. The Amharas and others are killed in abundance without due process of law.

    Do you watch how the Oromos are being treated in their own country at the moment? Did you come out so far and say some thing about all this? I think it is good if you come out and condemn the TPLF government for the atrocities it is committing on the peoples of Ethiopia and the Oromos in particular which you even did not want to mention in your statements of ‘preventing the rights of the people of Tigray”.

    I support you and join you in denouncing hatred of any kind on any body and not only on Tigray people. But as you are committed to prevent hatred onTigreans please also commit yourselves to prevent the TPLF’s hatred of the Ethiopian peoples and especially the Oromos. The TPLF massacres the Oromos because it hates them. Do you think killing Oromos and others is loving them?

    I do not think you came out and condemned what the TPLF has done on others in Ethiopia so far. Please, say to the TPLF, ”Do not commit crime on others. Do not hate others.”

    What do you think happened to your people by other nations and nationalities in Ethiopia? Nothing, as far as I know. May be you are simply scared. Some people may condemn the Tigreans because you did not join others to condemn the TPLF when it is killing others. I am not part of the face book and similar social media. But others who are taking part might have said some thing which might have offended you. The solution for this is not to take people to court as you mentioned but easily to try to convince the TPLF to stop hatred on others which is a root cause for the hatred you are talking about. Is the court you are suggesting the TPLF court or the one at the HAGUE?

    It is shame that you set up a human right organisation for the people whose government is already oppressing others and who have upper hand in the Ethiopian politics and economy.

    I don’t think it is as simple as that for one ethnic group to arrest , uproot and kill the indigenous people and exist for long in power. Instead of preventing the so called rights of Tigreans as if you were invaded it is good to advice the TPLF not to kill others in their name and to stop these atrocities once for all. That is what we are expecting of you and nothing else.


    “We must live together as brothers or perish together as fools.”, they quote
    Martin Luther King, Jr.

    Have they ever lost a single word on the massacres and mass incarcerations being perpetrated by a political PARTY of their name back home??!

    This shows how a bigoted and mentally retarded bunch they are ! They just proved why they not only as a group but also as a people do not deserve any figment of respect!

  11. Sir, revenge is inevitale. Do u think the Tigreans will get away freely after commiting this genocide? Do not be foolish. Time will come when each of u Agames will pay back. U surely know this.

    I tried to read ur junks but couldnt find a point. I conclude ur garbage will not make us forget what the wild Tigreans did to Oromo, Amhara, konso, ogaden and gambella. Wait for ur turn! Do u remember about the DDT story which Isayas spoke about?

  12. WUTAs,are you trying to fool Ethiopian peoples by camouflaging yourself as peace loving group and condemning hatred against agames. No way you can fool us. We have been deprived of resources, rights since the agame groip came to power using gun. When we protest against your thiugs action their resppnse was extrajudicial killings, torture, raping underage children mothers, mass aresting, didappearance. Your thugs are taking this actions not because we invaded the fertile land Tigray, but we stood for god given rights. That is stop looting our resource, stop grabbing our land,stop arresting dissents, stop torturing our your primary duty should be telling your thugs to get out of our affairs and go back to the “blessed land of Tigray”. Your preaching about love is totally hollow. No body listens to you until your thugs are totally cleared from Oromo land Gambela land, Amhara land Somali land etc.

  13. WUTA, your sincerity is good as the fake paradigms of democracy in Ethiopia. As Civility is an alien concept or notions to you, forgiving TPLF will be ravaging and a nightmare that incites a severe traumatic events towards the basic human decency. One way or the other, what goes around comes around, and just get ready and be man enough to receive your turn.

  14. Just one long sentence from this write up sums it up what is the objective of it. There you have it and please read on:

    “The purpose of the organization is to protect Tigreans from hateful individuals, hateful organizations, hateful media outlets that promote hate by broadcasting poisonous messages against the people of Tigray …”

    “Protect Tigrayans”, right? Why at this time in our history? Woyanes, when it fits them, they used our basic social assets, i. e., differences, diversity and unity to divide and conquer and rule over us as desired. When that ugly policy of theirs is backfiring and failing them miserably, they are now writing an open letter to beg for mercy not only Ethiopians, but also the entire world community. I call this, the joke of the century.

    You rationed hate politics to every individual and family for nearly half century. You preached it and practiced it. You used it to dominate, subjugate and oppress others and put yourselves on top of others. Please stop telling us what we should love or hate. If you like to know, we hate what you love and love what you hate. We hate your open letter, because you love it. We love what you and your regime denied our people and country.

    The time is not for showering us with begging or quotations from Marin Luther King Jr., but be accountable and face justice in its entirety for all crimes you committed against other Ethiopians. Short of this, it is a NO THANK YOU for your open letter. This is nothing, but my personal unmovable stand.

  15. the United Tigrean do not understand how other Ethiopian not only hated but murdered by their brother in Ethiopia. why didn’t you mention about the massacre of Gambela, Oromo, Konso and Amara? where were you for the last several years when many Ethiopians were crying for peace and equality?
    before you start accusing Ethiopian individuals or Media please ask yourself what you have done in your part to stop the murder of other ethnic people by your Tigre brothers. no one hate you as much as you hated those peace loving Ethiopian people. you do not carry for any one else except your own Tigre people. think what you have done to save the life of Ethiopian youth who are shot dead by Agazi?

  16. All the comments above touched upon all possible points I could think of. I know there isn’t much I can add. Let me see if I can remind Ato Berhane Alemayoh some points.

    –The very first hate speech I know was heard from a Tigrean lady in Arizona on facebook. She threatened, cursed, belittled, and said all sort of bad things to Oromos and Amharas. At the time, the video was circulating on facebook like a wild fire. How come the so called ‘WUTA” didn’t say anything back then?
    Never mind I get it! At that time the organization was not formed because that kind of hate speech is fine because it didn’t threaten the “superior ethnic” the Tigreans.

    — I understand you word above “Our organization does not endorse or oppose any political party” Just to point to you where to look first about HATE and HATE speeches: We all remember the speeches the late prime minister Melles Zenawi used to pitch in as he likes. such as the inter-hamweyi (Rwanda genocide) card he pulled out when TPLF was scared of loosing one of the so called “election” I think that was in 2005???. PLEASE remind yourself who was first to HATE and for the HATE speech. Not to mention, what this year Abbay Tshaye and Seyoum Mesfin repeated.

    –In this over 14 months resistance against apartheid in Oromia, even though Tigran security and military forces have killed more than 1,500 unarmed people, Oromos did NOT do anything harmful to civilian Tigreans. Can you imagine, what would have happen to a single Oromo in Tigray if OLF killed few Tigrres in other parts? I’m glad there are not that many Oromos in Tigray. If there are, there may be very few of them.

    My suggestion to you, Ato Berhane:
    1. Please assure the good people of Tigray that our issue is with the TPLF killers not with ordinary citizens;
    2. If you have access to the TPLF thugs who are bent to looting our land and in the process who do not hesitate to wipe us off the planet using the modern weapons they got, tell them there definitely be the day of judgment.

  17. Martin Luther king stood up for the opressed . While WUTA tacitly supporting the TPLF and its evil crime , WUTA invoked his name multiple times. It is a stretch when one tries to lecture the victime all the while klinking to any good name they can get. John F. Kennedy was also mentioned multiple times. WUTU should read again and learn from these heros who stood for truth against all odds. So not sure what this writting is all about but am afraid the disagreement would continue as long as the Tigreans push for complete dominance by displacing people using the government machine as tool. If WUTA and others who claim to be oeace lovers need true change, they should weigh on the few that control piwer and inflict unforgetable heavy pain on the rest of Ethiopia. Do not forget the saying what goes around —. The chicken may come home to roost etc. BO GIZE LEKULU

  18. No one expect any good from collection of banda tigre fascist agents of tpfl wayane they are all wayane agents. How on earth those animals they are taking about peace now. Have they ever understood what the meaning of peace what a lairs. We never heard any word from them on the massacres of irracha the mass killing of Oromo people. Do they think they will get away with it for ever without retaliation? Every Oromo will never forget that and they know in the right time. Any tigre who are now considers themselves like prim- mister and enjoying the killing of innocent all Ethiopians. They will pay heavy price when the right time comes. Down, down tplf down, down wayane.

  19. WUTA shame on you I didn’t see a word you mentioned a thousands of Oromos have massacred by your Nazi mafia group called TPLF. As an Oromo I never forget those Oromos massacred by TPLF mafia group on their own land.

    Let me make some thing clear for you and for the mafia group you’re supporting, it would be better for you to leave Oromia as soon as possible. Don’t even think you can go away with the Oromo blood, the genocide you commit on my people, the properties you looted all you’ve to pay back.

    The worst is yet to come you keep killing our civilians but we haven’t started killing the Tigree civilians yet. We the Oromo people decided to either remove the TPLF mafia group from our land or die all of us. Don’t even think especially the Oromoo struggle will stop by killing and mass arrest, this struggle will continue until we remove this mafia TPLF group from our land.

  20. If Ethiopian Review is a good sample, Tigreans spend more time in insulting and spreading hate against Promos, Amhara’s, and Gurages than the reverse. Get your acts together first before you blame others.
    More importantly, Tigreans must start by advising TPLF to stop killing, torturing, imprisoning, etc. Innocent people. There is nothing that leads to anger and hate more than losing the loved ones. TPLF leaders kill our relatives. There is no genuine peace jesture that comes from a group that fail to criticize killers.

  21. Is there collective lapse of judgement on ayyantuu editors part?

    How is this piece worth publishing on ayyaanntuu? This is wacky?

    This is the most insulting piece for Oromians. The Tigres are decimating our nation, and yet are ostensibly asking as not to hate them? In fact, this letter is for them a joke on the spilt blood of our icons? This is grossly offensive letter to Oromians?

    I wander on what matrix, editors of ayyaantuu, decided to publish this garbage written by elementary school kids.

  22. Stupid Tigre Shiftas. Where have been when Woyane savages killing children daughter women? I am not Oromo or Amhara but when you kill innocent people I have serious problem. Mercenaries bandits have no moral authority to talk about hate or any other issues. What else do you know other than blowing bridges and robbing banks?

  23. SHAME ON YOU WUTA! This is organization is created by TPLF. It talks about hate but there is no single word that talks about mass killing by TPLF. We are busy working on how to end the war which has been declared by TPLF on our people so that we have no time to talk with this stupid group.

  24. The WUTA is claiming to denounce hate and promote mutual respect but they are condoning genocide that the TPLF is currently implementing against Ethiopia. If you are a Tigrean and turn blind eye to what TPLF is doing you are one and the same. How come you denounce hate speech when you do not stand up against genocide?

    1. We Tigrians need peace with everyone. Because peace is easy. But if anyone wants to war with us we can also make war the easiest. we’re not just saying that…its fact !

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